Best Ping Pong Table Reviews: Indoor & Outdoor (With Ultimate Buying Guide)

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing yet a very intense sport to keep your mind free from all the stress of your life. In fact, you might not want to be too social when you play and be with a very close person or family. In such cases, having a table tennis or ping pong table at your home really pays off.

Apart from that, if you want to practice without embarrassing yourself and for as long as you want to, the table at home comes to your aid again. Moreover, you may want to invite a friend over and play without waiting in a queue at the club and for as long as you guys want to in any way you like. Therefore, having your own table tennis table at home will give you a number of freedom that you won’t enjoy when using other people’s tables.

Table tennis table is not a minor investment. Apart from that, it is not an easy buy either. You have to take notice of a number of things and features of the table to make sure you end up with the best table tennis table that exists for you. Moreover, it is not just the quality of the table you need to consider but also your house, space, and other requirements. Therefore, in order to buy the perfect ping pong table for yourself, you have to gain some knowledge related to it. Fortunately, we can help you with our buying guide and the best ping pong tables reviews in this aspect.

Joola Inside 15

Our Hard Games Rating

Joola Inside 15

  • Great value
  • Easy to assemble
  • Basic but cheap & affordable

Best Indoor Ping Pong Table Comparisons

Before we dive into the detailed reviews lets take a look at our best options first.

Our Indoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

Joola Inside 15 

Joola Inside 15

Looking for an affordable (yet best ping pong table) that offers you great quality and playability with all the features that you might ever need inside a house? Then, the Joola Inside 15 might be the one for you. 

Firstly, you will be amazed at how easily you can set assemble this table. Most customers fear the assembly of table tennis tables as it can be a nightmare but this table makes it a breeze for you. However, you will require two people to assemble as it is a bit heavy.

Secondly, it has legs that have height adjusters to give you the perfect level height you need. Furthermore, these legs lock in an anti-tilt position so that you do not have to worry about the table falling. Once you assemble it with the wheels, moving it is super easy and keeping it in one place is easy too as the wheels also have locking systems in them.

You will find this table in the regulation size with three different thicknesses of which we are reviewing the 15mm one. In fact, you might receive a damaged product or a table with bad parts but one thing you will definitely be satisfied with is the playability or surface of the table. You will enjoy playing on the surface with the spin and bounce indoors and can also fold it up to practice solo.


  • A table that offers good value for the price.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • The locks work well.
  • Easy portability.
  • Good playing surface.
  • Quite safe.


  • You have a chance of receiving defected products or table damaged during shipping.
  • Not all the tables have the same quality.
  • Converting to and from playback position becomes a hassle if done too often

STIGA Advantage

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

If you are looking for a ping pong table just to practice or have fun with at your house then the STIGA Advantage is a great table for the amateurs out there. First of all, you can expect a good quality, moderately playable table tennis table unless some kind of damage occurs during delivery. Assembling this table is super easy and you can do it single-handedly if you are stronger than average but will need another to help you if you are not. The thickness of the table is a bit less than the ones at the clubs so you cannot expect the same level of bounce and spin. However, the material that builds the table top is good enough with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping.

Apart from all that, the table is quite convenient to keep for its wheels, legs and foldable build. In fact, the legs are uniform in height and well-capable of handling the weight. However, a few customers suggested that it is still better not to lean against the table. The wheels can be locked in position for safety. Lastly, the foldable build not only allows you to play in playback position but makes storing this table as compact as it can get. It turns into a vertical straight line when stored.


  • Super easy to assemble.
  • Great choice for amateur players looking for an indoor home table.
  • Conveniently foldable.
  • Compact storage.
  • Safe to use.
  • Net and posts are easy to attach.


  • High chances of being damaged on arrival.
  • Many customers complained about a drilling hole is missing on one of the legs pausing assembly for a while.
  • Quality might not totally satisfy.

JOOLA Tour 1800 

JOOLA Tour 1800

The Joola Tour 1800 is a great choice as a table tennis table if you really unleash your inner devils when you play with your friends at home. Apparently, it is good for a lot of practice as well. It has an 18mm thickness which is more or less good for an amateur player at this price. In fact, you will love the playability you get from this table because the table surface is super smooth and provides a quality spin and bounce.

The biggest concern about these tables is the damage done during shipping and in the Tour 1800’s case, it is minimum as it has lots of buffer materials to keep it protected. However, there are still a few cases when the table arrives damaged but the customer service takes good care of that once you notify them. After that, the assembly process is super easy too and there were barely any complaints about that.

The table is very sturdy and stable with its strong steel leveled legs that hold the strong table top gallantly. You can fold each of the halves for storage and also one half for playback position. However, the halves might not always meet at a point properly.

Therefore, apart from a few minor issues, the table offers great quality, strength, and playability for the price.


  • Good choice for serious amateurs with a lot of energy.
  • Great playing surface with a good coating.
  • Offers good bounce and spin.
  • Reduced damaged during shipping.
  • Easy to assemble and the net clips easily too.
  • Posts can be removed offering flexibility.
  • Easy to fold and compact storage.


  • Damage may occur during shipping.
  • A bit expensive.
  • A few defects may be there.
  • No ball holders

JOOLA Rally TL 700

JOOLA Rally TL 700

This is another great table for amateurs who want a tabletop of 15mm thickness. Although, the thickness seems to be lesser than that, the table, regardless, provides a quality playing surface that provides a great bounce and spin to the balls. Furthermore, the thick steel legs hold the table top perfectly and can be easily leveled to the required height. You know that the table is foldable but the two halves are actually totally separated. Although most customers did not complain about it, a few customers complained that the two halves do not always align.

Assembling the table is super easy as long as you receive all the parts as there were complaints about missing parts. The surface of the table gets scratches easily so you have to a bit careful when installing the net and posts. There is a spacious ball holder for your convenience as well. You can fold both sides of the table vertically and store compactly. The wheels also lock in place providing you relief from tension. However, you might not enjoy the customer service even if you get in touch with them which a rare few were able to do.


  • Great table for amateurs who want to practice hard.
  • Good quality tabletop with steel legs provide stability.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Spacious ball holder.
  • Safe for use.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Table surface gets scratched easily.
  • Complaints about missing parts.
  • Non-existent customer service.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 

Butterfly Centrefold 25

You already know that greater the thickness the better playing performance you will enjoy from the table, And, this is a table that offers the maximum thickness of 25mm. So, if you want to extend your budget and go for a 25mm table then this is a great affordable table in its range.

However, you won't regret buying it as you will be assured of the quality with its 5-year warranty. The tabletop is definitely heavy and provides consistent bounce and spin on the balls. Furthermore, the steel rails and legs support it perfectly, providing you with a very sturdy and stable surface to even lean on. In fact, the levelers let you see the table on an uneven surface as well.

You will have no concern about setting it up at all except carrying it appears fully assembled. Furthermore, it is super easy to fold and store! In fact, there is almost nothing you will be dissatisfied with except that no one gifted this to you before. The table is super sturdy, of good quality and great playability.


  • Excellent quality build and durable.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Consistently excellent bounce and spin quality.
  • Solid table top with maximum ITTF approved thickness.
  • Sturdy steel legs and rails.
  • Comes fully assembled, easy to fold and store.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Heavy.

 STIGA Premium Compact  

STIGA Premium Compact

This is another ping pong table that has a thickness which will definitely make the balls move better and in style. Apparently, it is a tournament-level table and you can buy it for your house to continuously practice for the seriously big tournaments. Although it offers so much precision and quality, it does not require much from you. In fact, it is so easy to fold with the pistons that even a child can do it alone. However, it is quite heavy so if you need to carry it then a strong man will require another to help him. But, for other movements, you get the wheels with their lock-in features to help you.

The table top itself is of high quality and a great finish. Furthermore, it is supported by heavy-gauge steel rails and legs that we all already talked about and wanted in the tables. One of the biggest concerns- assembly, is out of your way because this table comes pre-assembled. So, you have to pay a lot, yes, in thousand, but you get what you pay for, don’t you?

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  • A professional-grade table tennis table with maximum thickness.
  • Provides great quality bounce and spin.
  • Tabletop with a great finish.
  • Sturdy and stable with the steel-gauge in the builds.
  • Minimum hassle.
  • Super easy to fold even single-handedly for storage.
  • Smooth wheels.


  • Super heavy.
  • Expensive.
  • No playback position.

STIGA STS 520 Indoor

STIGA STS 520 Indoor Table Tennis Table

While this is another table which offers a thickness of 25mm and with it great playability, it is not as good as the other two we mentioned. The reason mainly is defects in the design and some other factors.

Let’s talk about the good first and as you would expect with any thick table top, this table provides the ball with a bounce and spin that makes it hard for the opponents to return the ball with. Apart from that, the build of the table is quite solid. The table top is strong and sturdy and so are the heavy-gauge steel legs and rails supporting it. Therefore, you will never face instability or non-uniform surface. The wheels do a decent job too.

Now, although there are fewer parts, the assembly is not as easy as you would expect. You have to carefully follow the instructions which are given clearly but you will still need time and preferably three people to assemble it. Apart from that, despite the finish, the table surface seems to get scratches way too easily. Furthermore, even though the foldable feature is convenient, the safety feature to keep the table folded actually ends up damaging the surface. So, you do not really expect such an expensive table to have such silly flaws.


  • A very solid build.
  • Sturdy and supportive legs and rails that prevent the table from falling under pressure.
  • Leaves the ball with good spin and bounce.
  • Has a ball holding pocket.
  • Quite durable.


  • Expensive yet not up to the mark.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • The table gets scratches easily.
  • A safety feature damages the table when folded.

STIGA Optimum 30

STIGA Optimum 30 Table Tennis Table

You do not really find a table with a thickness of 30 mm that often but it will surely provide you with a top and feel that you will remember forever. However, you should know although the size is ITTF approved and suitable for tournaments, the thickness exceeds the maximum requirement. Therefore, you can practice and have fun with it but cannot play in tournaments. This table does cost a lot but it is alright for the thickness. However, you would expect better quality from it because of the price. The parts that hold the two halves of the table together are actually plastic and you will need to replace it every two years or so to keep it going. Furthermore, the legs and the overall build does seem a bit fragile and you might have to ask for customer service too soon only to be ignored.

Apart from the few but major flaws, the table does provide you with a bounce and spin and in summation a feel that you will blissfully enjoy. The table top is itself very sturdy and will stand years of tough practice and also has a nice regulated gloss on it.


  • Provides a great feel and playability.
  • The table surface and top are top-notch.
  • The net and posts are of great quality as well.
  • Quite easy to assemble.
  • Foldable to playback and storage positions.
  • Convenient for use.


  • Not of the best quality and may not be very durable.
  • Plastic parts in crucial areas.

Butterfly Nippon 22

Butterfly Nippon 22 Table Tennis Table

Apparently, this brand claims that this ping pong table is built like a tank and we have no reason to disagree! Yes, it is actually built like a tank and will stand years of abusive tennis practice. In fact, it is 22mm thick which is higher thickness than the minimum and is capable of providing a great spin and bounce that you will make your opponent pant. Furthermore, what I particularly like is the color of this table and its surface. It looks so smooth, level and will surely be a beautiful addition to any home!

It features wooden legs that are supposed to be very sturdy and stable but there is always the concern that wood is easier to damage than steel. However, this table holds up quite well unless you are chopping the wooden legs with an ax. The wheels make it easy to move. Furthermore, you can fold it for easy storage. Assembly s not that hard but will require two people. But, what you get out of it for the price is worth it.


  • A decent thickness.
  • Quality build.
  • The table surface and the top can take abuse and is very sturdy and pretty.
  • Provides the balls with a nice spin and bounce.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • It requires two people to assemble.
  • Wooden legs might not be as durable.


STIGA STS 385 Table Tennis Table

You should be certain about STIGA’s expertise in building indoor table tennis tables since it made it to our list so many times. And, you can expect the same from the STS 385.

This is a good quality table with a medium thickness that provides you with a feel and playability expected from it. However, the assembly is not as easy and will require help from one or two people. The instruction although is quite clear. Apparently, the table top has a really sturdy surface and build and is well supported by the legs and other parts. You will definitely love keeping this beauty in your room!

One thing you should be aware of is that you cannot over tighten the legs as if you do so, it will damage the table when you keep it folded. Folding itself to storage or playback positions does not cause any troubles whatsoever. The large wheels make it really easy to move the whole table unless you are doing it on a very deep carpet. Apart from that, there was this one complaint saying that the lower surface of the table top was not made of quality material and thus, broke. These are problems you do not expect for the price you pay.


  • Brand reputation.
  • Good level of thickness.
  • Offers a good playable surface that provides a good spin and bounce.
  • Sturdy table supported by strong legs.
  • Easy to fold into any position and store or play solo on.
  • Large wheels make it easy to move.


  • Not the easiest to assemble.
  • Over-tightened legs can damage the table.
  • Cheap parts.

Cornilleau 500M Crossover 

Cornilleau 500M Crossover

The 500M Crossover by Cornilleau is a great outdoor table with a 7mm tabletop. Apparently, you will enjoy a full weatherproof performance from it without having to worry about it at all when you leave it outside forever. In fact, it has laminated surface with a reduced glare and galvanized steel legs that won’t catch rust to support the top. You will be able to fold and move it super easily with the wheels as well.

However, setting it up can be a challenge and you will require help. Apart from that, the surface produces a sound when the ball hits it. And, it is not completely rust-proof as a customer noticed rust in the galvanized legs.


  • Can be left outside without worry.
  • Easy to move and fold.
  • Quite durable.
  • Sturdy and stable surface.
  • Convenient net and clamp features.


  • Difficult set-up
  • May rust
  • Quite pricey

Our Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

As usual, let's start with the comparison chart to look at our options at a glance:

Cornilleau 700M Crossover 

Cornilleau 700M Crossover

When you are looking for a table to keep outside, you want as fewer worries and maintenance as possible. Furthermore, you need the assurance that in case an unavoidable situation makes you unable to bring the table indoors or cover it for protection, the table will pull through the hardship and be as it always was. The Cornilleau 700M Crossover does not even promise you all this but provides you with these! Sure you have to pay a lot to get it but what you get for the money is totally worth it. The tabletop is amazing with its matte, non-glare finish so your vision won’t be disturbed.

Apart from that, it is made from what you need it to be! Metal alloys for protection against the weather that too with a UV-resistant finish. You can accidentally leave it in the rain and it will only have water spots, no other change. The bounce provided by this tabletop has a nice feel and spin to it as well. You will find it easy to fold and store or play solo on too. While the legs hold the table nicely and the wheels make it very portable, you will find keeping it level a bit tough on an uneven surface. For that, it would have been better if there was a leveler in the mid-section of the table.


  • Weatherproof enough to live through a few negligence.
  • The tabletop is matte with a beautiful finish.
  • Sturdy and strong tabletop supported by the legs.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Convenient to use with the large wheels.


  • Could use a leveler in the mid-section.
  • Expensive.

Kettler Match 5.0

Kettler Match 5.0

The Kettler Match 5.0 is a table that will provide you with a bounce and feel with which you will definitely keep improving your skills. Apparently, it is a very reasonable option with its price and what it offers. The tabletop and the surface is something that everyone loves. Moreover, the table is so lightweight and convenient for use that even kids can fold it and transport it with the help of the wheels. However, one thing that even adult barely can do is the assembly as the manual is completely not clear. You will need hours and YouTube guidance to get the assembly done but once you do it the result is worth it.

Although the table is weatherproof in every way necessary, not all the tables last for long. Despite the aluminum apron and warp-resistant finish, a few customers complained that the table shows signs of warp too soon. Furthermore, the rust-resistant legs also give in to rust over time but yes, this happens a bit slow and when you are not using it regularly. Therefore, this table is great in case of performance and convenience but not completely trustable in case of durability.


  • Gives the ball a good bounce and spin.
  • Lightweight and convenient to transport with the wheels.
  • Good looks with no glares.
  • Great for casual family fun.
  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Not as durable as it should be.
  • Warps too soon.
  • Difficult assembly.

 JOOLA NOVA Outdoor 


What you will most definitely get from JOOLA NOVA outdoor table is just the right amount of bounce you need and the overall playability for an outdoor game. Apart from that, the lower part of the table is super strong and sturdy. The rust-resistant legs will definitely hold the tabletop strongly for ages to come. Furthermore, the wheels are very stable when they locked so that the table does not move. Again, when you want to move the table, the wheels do an excellent and smooth job again. Apart from that, you will be able to assemble the table super easily and it won’t take much time at all.

On the other hand, the quality of the table surface or tabletop is not at all the best. Although the foldable feature is great, JOOLA Nova does not have the best execution for this design. In fact, the pieces do not seem to align or connect properly. Furthermore, with all the necessary weatherproof finish and coating, the table paint still comes off easily with the wipe of a wet cloth! So, you cannot really trust this table in the hands of the weather now, can you? Overall, the table will live through years of abuse by children but it might not look and feel the same.

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  • Great playability for outdoors.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and stable base.
  • Convenient portable and folding features.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The paint quality is terrible.
  • The two halves do not always meet.
  • The posts are of poor quality.

Cornilleau 400M Crossover 

Cornilleau 400M Crossover

This is another great outdoor table that will provide the balls a very natural bounce amid nature with its 6mm tabletop. Apparently, you will face no problem while playing on this table. The surface is excellent and does not even glare to distract you. Furthermore, the build is quite solid too.

The table won’t give in to weight and move (Unless you are forcing it to). In fact, the wheels are quite large and enable you to move the whole table super easy even on a rough surface. Then again, it stands completely still when locked. Furthermore, the foldable features are easy to use and very convenient too.

The legs are also galvanized and very strong to hold the whole table together for years. However, this is definitely not a professional-grade table and is the only suitable for casual family or friend fun. The net system is weatherproof too so you can leave it outside without worries. While the table has proved its quality in every aspect it has not passed the test of time yet as it is quite recent.


  • Great playability.
  • All weatherproof features included.
  • The sturdy and strong base for a good tabletop.
  • Efficient tabletop.
  • Reasonable price for the quality.
  • Easy to assemble and move or fold.


  • No assurance about durability yet.

Joola Outdoor Tr

Joola Outdoor Tr

This is quite a thick table with its 22mm thickness that you do not usually expect outdoor tables to be. And, this thickness and the quality tabletop provides you with a very good bounce that you and also your professional friends will love when playing casually. Apart from that, this table is what it needs to be very weatherproof. It, in fact, has an aluminum plate surface with a weatherproof, powder-coated sturdy undercarriage. The table is capable of taking the pressure and won’t give in to any damage easily.

As for foldability and portability, it has the necessary features but what matters is how convenient are they? Firstly, the legs do not have levelers and you cannot expect an outdoor table meant to stand on grass and uneven surface to be stable and uniform without levelers. Secondly, although the wheels themselves function well and are safe, they are too fragile and inefficient for outdoor movement. Therefore, except for these few design defects, the table does well for its price.


  • Excellent quality bounce.
  • Very sturdy table.
  • Efficiently weatherproof.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Moderately convenient for use thanks to the foldability.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Wheels not efficient for outdoors.
  • The absence of levelers.

Killerspin MyT-7

Killerspin MyT-7 table

The Killerspin is a well-known name in the table tennis world and it will not disappoint you with the MyT-7 outdoor table. Firstly you get all the weatherproofing you need from it to keep your table outdoors the way you want to. You get the aluminum-plastic blend waterproof surface to play on. While the surface stays strong against any weather, most players are not satisfied with the level of bounce it provides. However, less bounce is expected from outdoor tables so if you buy it to keep this feature in mind. Apart from that, the table has a really sturdy build and it will not fall on your legs even when you apply pressure.

You can fold its two halves that are actually separate to a playback or storage position. But, you might find it annoying to take the net and posts off every time to deal with the two halves. Furthermore, aligning it might be troublesome too. Other than that, the assembly is something you can do super easily and alone too. The table is itself very durable but the wheels have parts in them which tend to rust.


  • Good quality playing surface.
  • Weatherproof in the most crucial areas.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Easy to move and store.


  • Parts in the wheel rust.
  • The bounce is not strong enough.
  • Folding can be troublesome.

Stiga Vapor

Stiga Vapor

Want to use the ping pong table in various different ways to make family gatherings more fun? The Stiga Vapor has your back covered! Firstly, it is a good quality table with a nice and sturdy build. You will find it very easy to move as it has two separate halves. However, it might be a problem if you cannot align them properly. Apart from that, the table is super easy to set. You will enjoy the playback position quite a lot. It features a waterproof blue-coated surface which is supposed to stand well through any weather.

The steel legs and rails hold the tabletop really strongly and provide you the stability you need. However, although the wheels are convenient, they are not durable. While one customer complained that the wheels broke off, other complained that the wheel got rust in places where water does not even reach. Apart from that, the corner protectors are not that great either. You cannot expect a high level of bounce from this table as it is both outdoor and not very thick. However, you will enjoy a decent bounce.


  • Very easy to set.
  • Two halves make it easier to move and fold.
  • Decent bounce.
  • Waterproof.
  • Strong and sturdy base and undercarriage.


  • Gets rust in a few places.
  • Not the most durable or flawless.
  • Wheels not of high quality.

Kettler Top Star XL 

Kettler Top Star XL

If you want the outdoor table to last through sun, storm, and snow, then the Kettler Top Star XL is something you can look up. In fact, it has a build that is made weatherproof in every possible way to make it suitable for outdoor use. You get the waterproof top that does not warp nor discolors and does not even reflect light to cause any disturbances. Then, you have the strong sturdy legs and rails to support it through any weather for years to come with their durable build. The table will never tilt even thanks to the locking mechanism. You will also find it easy to move using the wheels.

As for the playability, the table provides a good level but not enough bounce. Although outdoor tables are not meant to produce much bounce, what this table provides is still quite low. You will find the assembly process easy with the right instructions as long as all the parts are present. However, folding is easy only for adults as kids will have a hard time folding this table.


  • An actual weatherproof table that stands strong through all weathers.
  • Very durable.
  • Great quality tabletop and surface.
  • Easy to assemble alone once the instructions are clear.
  • Efficient locking mechanism.


  • Could use extra wheels.
  • The bounce could be better.
  • Harder for kids to fold.

Butterfly Playback Rollaway

Butterfly Playback Rollaway

A brand will not take responsibility for parts if the parts were not that good. So, this outdoor table is durable with high-quality parts and build that the brand offers a ten-year warranty for its tabletop and three-year warranty for the frame. Therefore, what you know is that the build is really good and even if it is not, you have the warranty to back you up. So, it has a laminate top and a rust-resistant base which makes it sufficiently weatherproof for outdoor purposes.

The whole table is just one piece that you can conveniently fold to store it by rolling it to wherever you want to store it. Although the table is very convenient to use once it is set, it is very difficult to assemble. In fact, people suggest you keep your environment as peaceful as you can so you o not start throwing wrenches. Apart from that, the table seems to have a lot of plastic parts and they are not of much good quality either. You really do not expect such parts at the price point. And, the wheels are not very durable either.


  • Warranties to back you up.
  • Overall weatherproof build.
  • Convenient folding and a moving mechanism.
  • Strong and sturdy to stand the pressure.


  • Plastic parts are made of really cheap plastic.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Wheels are not durable.

Harvil Outsider 

Harvil Outsider

The Harvil Outsider table is a great choice if you are just a beginner, have no space inside the house and cannot spend much. In fact, it comes at a very affordable price and offers you all the features to keep it unattended outside but does fall short on quality.

Firstly, the tabletop has a 4mm aluminum surface and it really puts up well with any kind of weather. However, the thickness is way too thin even for someone just starting if you are serious about continuing. In fact, this too thin surface just steals all the spin and bounce of the ball.

Apart from that, the design of the table is quite clever. The diagonal steel legs and frame support the top well but do seem a bit fragile. Therefore, you have to be a bit delicate while handling this table but you have to do the sacrifice for the lower cost. Setting the table up is quite easy but you have to careful while folding it. Because it features plastic parts and those parts do not really seem durable. Overall, This is not a great table to have neither in case of playability nor in case of quality, it just really stands the weather well for the price.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Clever design.


  • Poor feel and bounce.
  • Fragile frame.
  • Tabletop too thin.

Cheap Ping Pong Table

You might look for a cheap Ping pong table option in the market and that's what Joola Midsize is. It is a cheap, yet great option for you to go for. 

Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table

Cheap Ping Pong Table

If you are looking for the cheapest yet a good-quality table tennis table then you just found the one! In fact, this is a bit smaller in size than others and will fit anywhere you want to keep it. Furthermore, you can use for various purposes as it is just two separate square tables. Apparently, the table surface is so nice that you do not even expect it to be. It costs less but behaves expensive. It does not have any wheels attached but for the weight and size, you can carry it easily.

What you will not like is the net and clamp as most customers complained that they break too soon. Furthermore, you might need some time to find the screws for the tables as well as they seem to move freely in the package box. Apart from these, the table offers great value for the price.


  • Cheapest table yet of good-quality.
  • It offers a playable surface with a good bounce.
  • Very compact to store.
  • Easy to move.


  • The screws separate themselves from the table easily.
  • The net and the clamp are not of good quality.

Our Ping Pong Table Buying Guide

Trust me, you do not want to buy a ping pong table only to find out that it does not fulfill all your needs. And, you won’t have to go through this disappointing phase if you carefully keep each of the following points in mind:

Consider the Space Available 

Where do you want to keep your table? It will be heartbreaking if you like a table only to find out it is not suitable for the space you have chosen for it in your house. In fact, it is not just the size of the table you have to check but the space required for the players to play comfortably as well. You do not want to play with a weird body posture because you are knocking yourself against the wall while playing now, do you?

Which Type of Table do You Require? 

You will find both outdoor and indoor table tennis tables to choose from. Now, if you want to keep the table outdoors, you are exposing it to some more environmental factors than when you are keeping it indoors. It might not always rain but your table might catch a few drops before you pull it indoors. Well, you might not be able to pull it indoors at all if it is not portable. In that case, you have to make sure it has the required weather-proofing features to keep it durable and resistant to moisture.

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On the other hand, you also have to consider a few more features like the level of bounce in this case. If an outdoor table has more bounce then you have the higher risk of losing the ball and it goes too far. Therefore, indoor tables usually are thicker providing a greater bounce and glare than outdoor ones.

The size of the Table 

You could always go for the standard size of the playing surface of the table tennis tables which is 9 feet by 5 feet. Clubs and all ITTF certified tables are of this size. However, your house or the room you want to keep it in may not be able to accommodate such a size and you will need to find a smaller-sized table to still enjoy this game. In that case, it is better to maintain a proportionate length and width.

Apart from that, you have to consider an extra 1 feet for the railing and other parts of the table and 5 feet at best in both sides for the players to play comfortably in. Therefore, you will need quite a spacious room to keep a table tennis table in.

The Thickness of the Table 

This is more or less the most important and crucial consideration when it comes to table tennis tables. Apparently, the thickness of the table will highly impact the quality of your game that is the playability. The first thing you should know is that the thicker the table the better. However, do not go for a thickness exceeding the threshold. Chances are you won’t find such a thick table anyway.

In fact, the thicker the table is, the better the bounce and spin of the ball will be. Apparently, the best thickness range is from 18mm to 25mm. However, professional tables must have a thickness greater than 19mm but not exceeding 25mm.

But, the thicker the table is the more will be the cost. So, if you are not very serious about the game and you just play it for fun with your family and friends, a lesser thickness costing less will do fine too. But, if you are serious, settle for thickness greater than 19mm.

The Table Top Capacity and Durability

Now, the thickness of the table will be useless if the thick table surface is not able to handle the abuse it receives from all the continuous matches. Therefore, it should be strong and durable enough to handle the pressure the ping pong balls and the player’s strength puts on it.

Furthermore, it should be durable against the weather and playing conditions. In fact, it should be abrasion resistant and should not break easily. Apparently, it should be alright for the players to fall on the table top accidentally without causing it any harm.

The Table Surface 

As we already mentioned the tabletop should be durable and table surface is a part of it. However, the type of durability and resistance it should have also depended on the type of table it is. For example, an outdoor table which is more exposed to moisture or rain should have a top that is resistant to moisture or water. In fact, this is why although both indoor and outdoor tables are made of wood, the outdoor tables may feature an aluminum top with a laminated surface.

Apart from that, the surface must be uniform to provide the best level of playability. This is more attributable to the layer under the surface. Apparently, the smoother that layer, the better the surface will be. There should be no dents or scratches on the surface and it should not gain any too easily either.

Moreover, the able surface may come with lines, colors or prints that you prefer. Therefore, you should check that the table surface meets your aesthetic requirements.

The Legs of the Table 

You have a thick table top with the best table surface but the day you exert a bit more pressure than usual, the table collapses. If you do not want such a thing to happen, you must consider the strength and quality of the legs of the table. In fact, the legs are more or less responsible for supporting the whole table. Therefore it is best if they are made from heavy duty steel gauge and are resistant to rust. Furthermore, the bottom of the legs will provide the best stability if they are square or in any other shape that provides extra stability.

The main idea is that the legs should be able to carry both the weight of the table top and the pressure the players put exert throughout the entire game.

The Rails of the Table 

Apparently, the rails are another important part that not only builds up a table but bear some appeal in case of the overall looks and aesthetics of the table. Like the legs, they provide support to the table and are best if made from heavy steel gauge. They should also be rust resistant and should support the overall table as best as they can. The texture, color and various features of the rain also affect the overall look of the table.


You might not always want to keep the table tennis table at the same location of the house. In fact, you may need to transport an outdoor table indoors for emergency purposes. In such cases, a portable table with wheels under them become very convenient.

Apparently, the larger the wheels, the smoother the journey will be. However, make sure that the wheels are not so large that it makes the table look odd. And, they should be of good quality as well.

Storage Convenience 

If you reside in a small house, you may want to store the table as compactly as possible when you are not playing to keep enough space for movement. A foldable table tennis table comes in very handy in this case. You can just fold the table and keep it stored wherever you want to.

Playback Position

You might not always want your friends and opponents to know how well you are doing. Therefore, you will need some solo practice sessions. For these kinds of requirements, the table tennis table often features a foldability that allows you to keep one side folded and return the ball that bounces back from the table surface. This is a good feature to have.

Safety Features 

There are many ways to get injured while playing, therefore, make sure the risk the table provides is the minimum. First of all, you should have the confidence in it that it will not fall on your leg when played too harshly on. The legs and table should be strong and durable enough.

Secondly, there should be lock systems in the wheels and foldable legs so that the table does not suddenly give up its position or state causing any kind of injury. A lost game can be recovered but a bodily damage can sometimes never be healed.

The Net and Posts 

These are more or less always included with the table but might not be of the best quality. Therefore, if it matters to you, check their quality. The posts may come attached or unattached with the table. But, unattached posts will give you a certain level of flexibility that the attached ones will not. Then again, the attached posts will ease up the assembling process. Therefore, it mostly depends on your preference, which ones you need.

Accessory Holding Features 

Some tables have side pockets or sections to hold the balls for you and other accessories for you. You can look for such features if you think you need it.

Ease of Assembly 

The best ping pong table should not be too hard to assemble. Apparently, it should be easy to bring into the room it needs to be set in and then, the set up should be clear and straightforward even if lengthy. The lesser the parts, the lesser the difficulty and chances of parts falling apart.

Price and Level of Skill

I am mentioning this in one point because the level of your skill highly influences the price of the table you should go for. For example, if you are a beginner or just a casual family player, you do not need the professional size or features that cost much more. In fact, you settle for a less thick and smaller table that is cheaper but of good quality. On the other hand, if you are an intermediate or professional level, you should keep your budget high enough to bring you home a good-quality, skill-helping table.

One warning for you would be to never go for the cheapest tables available as they really lack in both quality and playability. Depending on your objectives and skill level you have to settle for a decent table at a reasonable price.

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Benefits of a Quality Ping Pong Table

You definitely would not make such a big purchase if you thought there was no benefit of having the best ping pong table in your home. So, here is a clear view of why you should buy:

  • Leisure time gets a compass: When you have a lot of free time at hand but are extremely bored and unproductive, you can just call your friends up and play table tennis on your new table tennis table. This might, later on, bring you out of your unproductive stature and make you do something.
  • Builds bonds: It might be tough to come up with suitable topics with people you like at parties or even inside your home. In such cases, you build bonds and memories by doing things together and table tennis is a great and fun place to start.
  • Makes you fit: Even though table tennis does not require a lot of movement but it still does require some. You can consider it a warm-up for your body to get active. Thus, this fuels up the energy for you to do more later on while doing some when playing it.
  • Improves coordination skills: You are observing, planning, and responding all at once while playing table tennis. Therefore, it definitely improves your skills with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a table tennis table?

Answer: The more you use the table the more often you have to clean it. In fact, you should wipe the surface with a dry cloth after you finish playing each day. Moreover, you should go for more intense cleaning every two or three months. You can make a harmless, non-abrasive cleaner to clean all its parts including the legs. Furthermore, you should also take the net off to clean it in vinegar and water.When everything is dry, you can put it all back together.

Final Words

Table tennis table is not just an expensive buy but also an important one. It shapes up your leisure time and changes the flow of people to your house. Therefore, you have to very careful when buying it. Not only should it be suitable for all the variety of people who will be playing but it should also be able to take on the abuse. Therefore, the task of finding the best ping pong table for yourself is not easy and will make you work hard. But, once you use your brain and hands to find the best table tennis table, you not look back and regret.

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