Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review (2023 Update – Read This Before You Buy)

Bowling is a super fun activity and the fun increases to a great extent when you have your hands on the right equipment. We know how intimidating it can be to find the right bowling ball with so with many different variants available. Well, don't worry! You have come just in the right place and that's what this Storm Timeless Bowling Ball review is all about.

The storm is a star brand in the world of bowling balls. They have absolute revolutionized the bowling industry without a shadow of doubt and Storm Timeless bowling ball is an absolute gem. Storm collaborated with the bowling ball Maestro Jason Belmonte and created this beast of a ball.

So, if you’re looking for that perfect bowling ball to rock the alley this season, then keep reading.

Our Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review

The Storm Timeless is not an average Joe, it’s a pro-level bowling ball that’s an absolute animal on the alley. Part of a reason for this lies in the revolutionary R2S coverstock which you might be familiar with if you’ve played with the Storm Hy-Road, Frantic, or IQ Tour balls.

Thanks to the R2S hybrid reactive coverstock, this ball has a powerful backend hook. A hybrid coverstock basically is a mix of a solid reactive and reactive pearl coverstocks. The former tends to have a smoother and more predictable backend reaction, while the latter usually uses most of its hooking power at the end of the lane, which makes the backend motion sharper.

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What this means for this ball is that it is going to deliver a middle-ground performance between the two coverstock types: it will have a pretty long and straight front-part trajectory and quite a sharp backend hook.

Symmetrical Dual-Drive core

The Timeless features a unique Dual-Drive core. The build of the Dual-Drive core is quite interesting as it has a core inside a core! The purpose of this unique design is to ensure a faster rev rate and a higher level of energy transfer to the pins. Again, what this means is that this ball is going to be very aggressive at the backend.

High RG Differential

The Storm Timeless bowling ball has a low RG of 2.54 and a high differential of 0.051. While these aren’t the best numbers in Storm’s arsenal when it comes to hooking potential, they make perfect sense with the hook action profile of this ball.

If the RG was lower and the differential higher, this ball would likely tend to hook earlier. And given that the Timeless is all about a strong backend, it probably wouldn’t be good if its RG was pushed down lower and the differential brought up higher.

Gorgeous Design

When it comes to looks, the Storm Timeless bowling ball is quite a beauty. The ball’s calmer color scheme involving a storm of pearl black, solid blue, and pearl platinum colors suits its character quite a bit. This ball may seem calm along most of the lane’s length, but it actually makes quite a “storm” in the backend!

Citrus Fragrance

One of the most unique features of this ball is its citrusy aroma. If you’re having a hard day and want to divert your mind to the bowling alley, then the Timeless may help you freshen up. The fragrance may seem like a weird thing for newcomers into the world of high-end bowling bowls, but know that it actually is a common thing in them, especially in Storm bowling balls.

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  • Citrusy aroma
  • Dual-Drive core
  • R2S coverstock
  • 3 color variants
  • Superb hook potential
  • Suited for advanced players


  • Price is on the steeper side

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Timeless suitable for both oily and dry lanes?

Ans: The Timeless is best suited for medium-heavy lanes.

  • What’s the grit finish on this ball?

Ans: It comes out of the box with a 1500 grit polish finish.

  • Does it work well for straight shots?

Ans: The Storm Timeless is designed for hooks instead of straight shots.

  • Does this ball come drilled?

Ans: No, it comes undrilled, and we suggest you take it to a pro shop for drilling it according to your preference.

Final Verdict

The Storm Timeless is a high-performance bowling ball that offers incredible backend performance. Since you’re probably a bowling enthusiast, you already know who Jason Belmonte is. He collaborated with Storm to create this ball, and this collaboration may be able to take your performance to new heights!

In the end, the Storm Timeless is an incredible bowling ball with the added bonus of beautiful design and soothing fragrance. It's an excellent ball for the advanced players who are in search of their perfect companion to destroy the pins this season.

The price for this thing is quite up there, but if you’ve been long looking for a bowling ball with a powerful backend action, the Storm Timeless may be a good option out there.

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