How to Bowl with Nails: Important Things You Should Know

When you have a social life and parties to attend, you can’t go out with chipped or broken acrylic nails. What can you do, though? Your love for bowling makes you come back every other week! Despite your      passion for maintaining long nails, you find yourself returning to the bowling alley, ready to chip those nails again! If you’ve had enough of this annoying loop by now, you might be looking for ideas on how to bowl with nails.

So, how do you maintain two of your passions in life without compromising on either one of them? Simple, you figure out the best methods to protect your nails and learn the most effective bowling techniques that do not harm them. Sounds complicated? It’s not!

How to Bowl with Long Acrylic Nails

How to Bowl with Acrylic Nails and Protect Them?

The best way to bowl with nails is to figure out how to protect them during your bowling sessions. You need special protective gear for your nails, not to mention some techniques to keep them strong.

Nail Bags:

Nail saver individual bags come in a set of ten. They protect your fingernails from damage due to holding the ball for too long. When you are bowling, you can wear the nail bags for protection, keeping them from chipping or breaking off.

Bowling Tape:

The bowling tape is meant for the thumb mostly. It reduces the impact of a bowling ball on the nails. Still, feel free to use it for all your fingers and protect those stunning fingernails from direct contact with the ball.

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Nail Tip Tube:

A cap for your nail tips to cover them during your bowling session. The nail tip protector will snuggle the nails and keep them from losing their awesomeness! You can confidently hold the ball and swing it without worrying about chipped nail tips.

how to bowl with long nails

How to Bowl with Long Acrylic Nails? 3 Ways That Work!

Let Your Nails Get Acquainted with the Ball

If you have been bowling with long nails so far, you already know it is possible to bowl with acrylic nails. However, it’s not that easy to protect them! The nails do not only make you lose your grip on the ball, but it also hurts a lot if you are not used to bowling with long nails.

It takes a lot more than a passion for bowling and acrylic nails to combine the two successfully. The first way to make it happen is to practice constantly. Enduring the pain for a little while can make you an admirable bowler. Still, do not keep at it with the wrong techniques.

You can reduce the amount of pain and successfully learn how to bowl with long acrylic nails by changing your bowling style. Start with a large bowling ball to practice with your nails. The holes will be bigger, giving your nails enough room without hurting your fingers.

No Better Way Than Granny Bowling Style

When you want your nails not to feel the impact of your love for bowling, your bowling style options get limited. If you are going to learn how to bowl with acrylic nails, you can practice some specific techniques. One of them is the granny-style of bowling.

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Throw the ball down the lane without harming your nails with this technique. The granny-style is created to protect your nails from chipping or breaking. Although the name sounds like a bowling technique for baby boomers, do not let it discourage you from using it. Protecting your nails is the main goal here (also, enjoying a bowling game with some friends!).

Granny style demands you not to insert your fingers in the bowling ball holes. Instead of balancing the ball in one hand while sticking your fingertips out, use both hands to hold the ball firmly. Now, take a wide stance and swing the ball between your legs in a parabolic motion before sending it down the lane.

It may seem like a piece of cake but try it—bowling with granny-style is not as simple as it sounds. You’ll need to practice and get better at it. Once you do, you’ll look excellent holding that ball with your beautifully manicured hands!

granny style bowling for long nails

Nails of Steel for Bowling Pros

It would be best to indulge in nail-strengthening exercises to avoid the pain and damage from bowling. And this is not a joke! Keeping your nails strong is a great way to bowl without worrying about your long nails. You can use products to strengthen your nails or try some exercises to make your nails more durable.

Some serums and oils naturally strengthen the nails, giving you a chance to enjoy bowling without losing your beloved nails. This is the case for people with long natural nails. If you have acrylic nails, there are other ways to protect them from bowling hazards.

You can use the methods we mentioned in the previous section to protect your nails. There are nail tip caps, bowling tape, and more ways to hold your acrylic nails during bowling. Instead of getting disheartened, toughen up your nails and head to the bowling alley with your friends or loved ones!

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Bowling without Breaking Your Nails

Do you have long acrylic nails that you are unwilling to part with? Do you love bowling as much as you love your nails? Watch this video to learn a simple yet effective way to bowl without breaking your nails!


How to bowl with nails is a question many women interested in the game ask time and again. They want to keep their nails looking good while enjoying a good bowling game. If you are one of those people who love maintaining long acrylic nails, this article is for you! Protect those shiny nails, and never let anyone tell you to cut them in order to bowl. With practice and dedication, you will be holding the ball with your fancy nails, rolling it down the lane like a pro in no time!

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