How To Hang a Dartboard

How to Hang a Dartboard

For the avid dart player, or even a total beginner (like me!) nothing is more important than having the perfect dartboard setup. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to figure out how to hang a dartboard properly as most people just wanted to get started ASAP and pound a nail into the wall because they … Read more

Must-Know Dart Terms & Terminology

Darts Terminology

Darts is a popular sport that consists of several players who throw sharp missile-like objects at a dartboard or target. Those who play darts are oftentimes referred to as (dartists) and seek to achieve the highest possible score. You score points according to the place where your land. While there isn’t a specific core principle … Read more

Best Electronic Dartboards

Best Electronic Dartboards

Electronic dartboards are great for players at all levels. This includes children, casual players, professional players, and playing with the family. Providing hours of entertainment, the majority include a huge choice of games and variations and can be played by several players at once.While they are a great addition to the home, purchasing a low-quality … Read more

What Are The Best Apps for Darts Scoring?

Darts Scoring Apps

Are you starting to play more darts and want an app to make it easier to score your darts game at home or at the bar? We have you covered – we are reviewing the best apps to make things easier for you and help you have more fun while playing. Usually after people play … Read more

Dartboard Height And Distance

Dartboard Height And Distance

Darts is one of the fastest-growing games in the world, with currently over ten million frequent players in the United States today. And now you want to join them?We’re assuming you’ve bought your dartboard, some darts with super slick personalized flights and a brand new mahogany cabinet, you’re all ready to go! But… where are … Read more

Fun Dart Games

Fun Dart Games

A dartboard is an excellent addition to any home or commercial lot – everyone loves to throw some darts, and people of all skill levels can join in on the fun. That being said, the traditional 01 dart games can sometimes become repetitive and less enjoyable if you’re playing someone who’s of a different skill … Read more

Dart Finish Tables

Dart Finish Tables

A dart finish table, otherwise known as a dart checkout chart, is an extensive table detailing how to finish your game of darts.When playing a 301, 501, or any other number finishing with 01, game of darts you’ll be able to finish once you reach a score of under 170. Dart finish tables are very useful … Read more

How To Play Cricket Darts

How to Play Cricket Darts

Playing darts is fun, but do you know what’s also exponentially cool – cricket darts! Cricket darts is a popular way to play darts in America. It has a bunch of strings, including that the rules are very simple and the game gives beginners more of a chance against stronger players. The aim is ultimately to … Read more

How to Score Darts (Comprehensive Guide)

How to Score Darts

It is always satisfying to see your dart hit your target on the dart board. However, when you are just trying it out alone randomly, you will look around for appreciation and get nothing. So, the real delight in dart games comes from making your opponent experience your victory. Dart games can get really boring … Read more