How to Throw Darts: Actionable Tips To Improve Your Performance

how to throw dartsSometimes even when you take full control of things, you feel a bit out of balance, don’t you? You may have done everything to be in full control but when the event finally occurs, other factors than you lead the way. Such feelings are quite common when you are playing accuracy-based games like dart games.

In fact, you may have done everything to aim correctly and hit your target right but you still cannot. You are in full control but your throw still feels like it is out of your control. How do you come out of such a state that does not seem to get better?

With practice and technique. In fact, you have to know how to aim darts and how to throw darts in order to gain that control. More importantly, you have to know when to control and when to let go of control to get the best results.

Even when you take the best aim anyone can ever take, the wrong throwing technique can land you in the loser’s board. Therefore, let us learn how to throw darts in the most effective way.

How to Throw Darts: The Correct Stance

Before you even get to the part where you hold your dart, you have to learn to stand in the right location and right way. Or else, no amount of accurate aiming or perfect throwing can help you hit your target.

  • First, Stand Right Behind The Center Of The Oche
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If you draw a diagonal line from the bullseye to the oche, the point will be somewhere around the center of the oche. This is exactly where you have to stand to a chance at maximum accuracy.

  • Secondly, Keep Your Dominant Foot Forward

You have to do this to put most of your weight on the front foot and also for balance. Placing your feet this way will help you maintain balance while you aim and also when you throw. As a result, the dart will not fly off on a different angle outside your target.

  • You Can Lean Forward A Bit

This is the part where you take control and not let go off it. Leaning forward will give your arms and body greater control over the dart.

How to Throw Darts: The correct hold

After standing perfectly in position, you have to hold your dart right. However, there is no one way of holding the dart. It depends on the player himself which style of holding he prefers.

Most commonly, beginners use the pen holding style. However, here are some tips on how you can hold your dart right.

  • Hold Behind The Center Of Gravity Of The Dart

The center of gravity of the dart is where the weight is balanced. So, if you hold at the center of gravity the dart will neither sway left or right. So, you have to hold behind this line to gain maximum advantage over the direction of the dart.

  • Place More Than Two Fingers And Don’t Apply Pressure

You will gain more stability and control over the dart if you use more than two fingers when holding it. Apart from that, you want the dart to face minimum obstacles when you throw it. Therefore, make sure you keep your grip light on it but not too light that you lose control over it.

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How to Throw Darts: The Aiming

After holding your dart, it is time to aim it. In this case, it is best to keep your target, the tip of dart and your eye-sight in one straight line. There are methods you can use based on what suits you.

How to Throw Darts: The Throwing

Finally, you are ready to throw the dart after holding it right.

  • Right Before You Throw

Make sure your elbow is at a vertical angle with the dart. Furthermore, it should face a bit upward towards the dart board when you are in your ready to throw position.

  • Keep Each Part Of Your Body Still

You have to put all your focus and accuracy on your hands or arms. This is why it is best to avoid any kind of movement throughout the rest of your body that can hamper the balance. Keep your shoulder, legs, head motionless.

  • Only Move Your Arm At First

With your aim made, start throwing the dart moving only your upper arm. This part requires much focus. Make sure you move your arm in a straight line towards your target. If your hand loses its direction then the dart will easily fly off outside the board.

Apart from that, you have to snap your wrist to accelerate the motion of the dart.

  • Let Your Elbow Guide The Rest

Right before you let go of the dart form your hands, it is your elbow that should take the lead. You will be applying some force on the dart to make it reach its target and this force will come from your elbow moving. In fact, the elbows will rise up from their position when you throw the dart.

  • Shoulders Stay Where They Are
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The part of your body that will not experience any change when you throw the dart is your shoulders.

Other than that, your back foot should also stay on the ground so that you do not lose balance when throwing.

How to Throw Darts: Practice

Even when you follow all these techniques and steps explained theoretically, you will see that you are not hitting your target. So, you will have to modify and adapt your techniques of throwing and also check the results. Count the distance you hit away from your target.

Observe your own performance by recording or a friend’s help. Also, keep track of your progress. If you are improving then it means you are using the right techniques.

But, most of all have patience because the human body itself is not stable neither is you focus so you may get different results at different times.

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