Best Ping Pong Robot (2023 Update)

Best Ping Pong Robot

Do you want to get better at ping pong and really advance your game? If you’re ready to take the leap from occasional “fun” games to really amping up your skills, then an advanced ping pong robot can be a fairly inexpensive way to help your skills get to the next level.Table tennis, or ping pong, … Read more

Ping Pong Terminology

Ping pong terminology

Ping Pong is a fun and enticing game that draws on the dexterity, agility, and nimbleness of its players. While the game may seem simple to the common observer, there is a wide range of ping pong terminology, which if learned can help you understand the true essence of the game. So, without further ado, … Read more

Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle Review

Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Swedish company Stiga is a table tennis phenomenon. They’re world leaders, competition beaters, game changers, and innovators. If it can be done in table tennis, chances are, Stiga has already done it. If they haven’t, they’re either working on doing it or testing the prototype for whatever it is in a top-secret facility, hidden somewhere … Read more

STIGA Titan Review: Affordable but Should You Buy It?

STIGA Titan Review

The right equipment can make a huge difference in your performance. If you’re seeing no improvement in the game even after consistent practice then it’s high time you get yourself a different ping pong paddle. With countless rackets in the market, finding the perfect one is indeed a daunting task. Choosing a racket out of whim … Read more

STIGA Evolution Review: The Ultimate Control?

Stiga Evolution Review

 There is this general misconception that the paddle has no significant contribution to your performance. Well, the real scenario is the paddle has a tremendous contribution to your overall performance. A good paddle will help you improve the game to a great deal. With so many different variants in the market, choosing the best paddle is … Read more

10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Review & Buying Guide

Best Ping Pong Paddle

You will never enjoy a game enough until you find the most compatible weapon to play with. Apparently, most players are introduced to table tennis at clubs or at someone’s house that features a generic hard paddle. People who have no interest in the game lose their interest even more after they play with these … Read more