How much you should spend on a pool table

If you are looking at investing in a pool table but are a little uncertain regarding how much you should spend, we have created a guide below, breaking down each of the different categories that influence the cost of a pool table.

How much you should spend on a pool table

For many people, particularly those with a budget in mind, the price can often be the biggest decider in the style of the pool table that you invest in. Ideally, you shouldn't have to compromise the quality for the price.

A good quality pool table is going to be a better long term investment as it is going to be much more durable than one that is poorly made.

Important Factors to Consider 

What material is the pool table made from?

Pool tables tend to either be made from slate or MDF wood. You will typically find that the top of the pool table is made from slate. Pool tables made from slate tend to be a lot more expensive than wooden ones. MDF (wood) is much cheaper to source than slate, hence why there is such a difference in the price. 

Slate is considered to be the best quality as it is likely to last longer than wood. As a tougher material, there is less chance of it becoming misshaped or deteriorating in quality, so you are provided with a more consistent playing surface.

The material construction of the pool table significantly influences the price. If you opt for slate you should expect to pay more but in return, it is going to be sturdier. If you choose a wooden pool table it is going to be cheaper. 

The thickness of the materials

Pool tables that are made from wood are expected to be relatively lightweight, as MDF itself is a lighter material. The majority of tournament-style pool tables are made from slate and some can use a couple of layers.

A pool table that is made using multiple layers of slate can of course result in a price increase as this material is known to be much more expensive. However, if you are looking for a sturdy, well-built pool table, it is recommended to spend a little more on your pool table. 

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The Quality

When you are investing in a pool table you expect it to be of excellent quality. However, the best quality pool tables often retail at higher prices, requiring you to spend a little more. Those that retail at lower prices are likely to have been made using cheaper materials.

It is recommended to purchase one that has been made using high-quality materials. It will be much more durable and likely to last you much longer. 

If you do have a lower budget in mind, do not be put off by expensive price tags as you may be lucky in finding a pool table that retails at an affordable price. However, as mentioned previously, you should expect the materials used in the construction of this table to be of lower quality.

The size of the pool table

The size of the pool table is of course going to influence the price and you should expect to see an increase in the price coinciding with the size of the pool table. Smaller pool tables can also be expensive depending on the quality of their build. 

The average size of a pool table tends to be around 8 inches in length with a width of 44 inches. This size is much more convenient for fitting into smaller spaces. 

Regardless of whether a pool table is made from MDF or slate, the price is still going to increase as the size increases. This is because a bigger pool table uses more materials in its construction than one of a smaller size. 

Your Skill level

Your skill level and intended use from the pool table, is going to determine how much you spend. If you are someone who is an irregular player but enjoys a casual game of pool with friends you may not want to spend as much as someone who is at an amateur level and uses a pool table at home for additional practice. 

The Brand

Similarly to most other products, some individuals invest in particular brands due to their reputable name, however, this influences the price that you are going to pay. Pool tables that are manufactured by well-established brands are going to have expensive price tags.

The majority of well-known brands have a reputation that they need to maintain, making quality products of a high standard is, of course, going to result in a price increase. It may be worth investing in a well-known brand for confidence in the quality of your pool table. 

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Other influential factors to consider 

How much should you expect to be paying for each type of pool table?

Below we have listed the different types of pool tables and the price range that you are likely to see them retailing within. Each pool table differs in price, some retailing with heftier prices than others. It is necessary to have a good idea regarding the style of the pool table that you want, to cater your budget to this. 

A Toy Table

This style of table is catered towards the needs of younger players who are practicing their skills before moving only a bigger and sturdier table. As a less sturdy table, most commonly made from artificial materials, it is only likely to last for around 3-5 years.

You will typically find a toy pool table retailing around $600-$1200.

A Basic Table

Also referred to as an economy or budget pool table, a basic table is an upgrade from a toy table in regards to the build quality and size and is ideal for entry-level players.

These are the most common pool tables found inside most homes. For this pool table to last a lengthy amount of time, it is necessary to check the quality of the materials that it is made from. Tables of this style are typically made using high-quality slate, felt, or wood.

You should expect to find a toy table retailing around $1,200 - $2000.

Mid Range Tables

A mid-range table is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a high-quality table. The price of this table tends to increase depending on the specific type and brand that you invest in.

Recommended for players at an amateur level who are looking for a pool table to practice this is ideal for those with a serious interest in playing pool. However, it can also be used by individuals who are looking to play a casual game with friends. 

You are likely to spend between $2,100 to $3,500 on this style of table. 

Custom Tables

The final option is a custom table which is commonly referred to as an heirloom table. Made using high-quality materials such as exotic woods, with intricate design details they stand out amongst the others as being an item of the highest quality and are an investment that is likely to be used by many generations in the future. 

You are unlikely to find this type of table retailing below $3,500. They are a bigger investment, typically retailing up to $15,000.

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Some pool tables are also broken down further and categorized as modern, dining, luxury, traditional, or outdoor pool tables. The price increases with each of these styles.

Essential equipment that you will need to purchase

Whilst the pool table is the main purchase some additional purchases will need to be made in regards to the equipment and this is essential when it comes to playing pool.

If you have a particular budget in mind then it is important to be aware of these purchases beforehand, as this will give you a clearer idea of the costs involved with buying a pool table. The equipment tends to be much easier to source at affordable prices. You can get some budget-friendly options that will maintain their quality for a long time.

The Cue's are essential when it comes to playing pool, you can’t play a game of pool without them. Investing in a good quality pair will make a big difference to your game. The pool balls are also crucial to the game and they can make a big difference in how well you play.

When it comes to pool balls, it is worth spending a little more to ensure that they are made of good quality and less likely to scratch or chip. However, do not be put off as you can get some affordable pool balls that aren't going to break the bank. The Racking Triangle plays a big role in a game of pool, it quite literally keeps the pool balls together during the immediate stages of the game. 


When it comes to investing in a pool table there is no set amount that you should spend and it is largely dependent upon your budget and intended uses of the pool table. It is necessary to remember that quality often equates to price and you should expect to pay more for one made with higher quality materials.

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