Best Lighted Cornhole Boards (2023 Update)

Best Lighted Cornhole Boards

Introduction Cornhole is a simple-looking game with strict rules. It requires specific boards and bags to play the game. The American Cornhole Association has laid out the specifications of the boards and the regulations for the game. The game comprises of two components – boards and toss bags. In a professional game, Cornhole boards are … Read more

Engage Pickleball Paddles Reviews [2023 Update – Top 7 Comparison With Our Ultimate Top Pick]

Engage pickleball paddle reviews

Engage Pickleball is a renowned manufacturer of some of the best pickleball paddles out there. One of their celebrated brands is Encore. They are made with all the high-grade materials you can think of. People love Encore paddles because of the build quality they offer and how comfortable it is to play with. In this … Read more

ProLite Pickleball Paddles Reviews [2023 Update – With Our Buying Guide]

ProLite Pickleball Paddles Reviews [2023 Update - With Our Buying Guide]

Ask for experts in the pickleball industries, you’ll hear one name from everyone. That’s Pro-lite sports. Pro-lite sports have been in the game (no pun intended) for more than 30 year nows! Thinking about how new the game is? Let’s dive deep in our Pro Lite pickleball paddles review.  This company has been keeping the spirit … Read more

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews 2023 (With Our Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best Pickleball Paddle Review

Pickleball is one of those games that you would casually play to mimic another better-established game but the game itself suddenly became a popular, smaller version of the other game. Keep reading our Best Pickleball paddle reviews. Apparently, Pickleball was discovered when a family was bored and wanted to play badminton and could not find the … Read more

Cornhole Terminology

Image concept for Cornhole Terminology

So you have recently got a liking for Cornhole, bought a set of cool platforms and are all caught up with the game’s rules. All that’s left to do is invite your friends and start playing. But wait, are you familiar with the game’s terminology? If not, then you are not all ready to play. … Read more

Complete Guide to Pickleball Terminology

Pickleball Terminology

Pickleball has been growing in popularity in recent years but it was actually created in 1965 in Washington State. It became popular because it is like tennis but on a smaller court and with less expensive equipment. So it is much easier and cheaper to install a Pickleball court in your backyard. Pickleball is played … Read more

Best Cornhole Bags

Best Cornhole Bags

Cornhole is one of the popular games across the US. It first came into existence in 1883 and has been a popular lawn game since then. The American Cornhole League is the official league which has established formal tournaments across the country. The game of Cornhole is incomplete without proper cornhole bags. The correct bag determines … Read more

Bocce Ball Terminology

Bocce Ball Terminology

Like all the other sports we cover on our site, Bocce has a lot of terminology. And since Bocce was created/invented in Italy, it can at times appear even more difficult to learn the lingo and terminology. But if you take a few minutes to learn some of these terms, you will understand the game … Read more

Croquet Terminology

Croquet Terminology

Croquet is a marvelous way to relax and make friends in a vibrant and sociable sporting community. However, there’s more to croquet than meets the eye. While the sport may appear simple at first glance, becoming a skilled croquet player involves a keen tactical ability, strategic planning, and precise skill. Many new players find the … Read more

How to play Bocce ball – Rules of Bocce

How to Play Bocce Ball - Rules of Bocce Ball

Bocce balls. The word alone takes us back to a better and simpler time. Playing bocce on the weekends with good company and cold beers was the real deal. Sadly, we don’t see that many people, especially the kids, playing bocce anymore today. It is SOOOO easy, a super social, relaxing and fun game. Why … Read more

The Amusing History of Croquet

History of Croquet

How much do you know about the game of croquet? In this sport, players use a mallet to hit balls through hoops (also called “wickets”). It’s played outside on a grass court. During the Victorian era, croquet was all the rage. Unusually, both men and women played it together. These days, there are different kinds … Read more