ProLite Pickleball Paddles Reviews [2023 Update – With Our Buying Guide]

Ask for experts in the pickleball industries, you'll hear one name from everyone. That's Pro-lite sports. Pro-lite sports have been in the game (no pun intended) for more than 30 year nows! Thinking about how new the game is? Let's dive deep in our Pro Lite pickleball paddles review. 

This company has been keeping the spirit of pickleball alive for the past 3 decades. People are ever grateful to this company for keeping up this game’s name when it wasn't famous.

How? Because this company has been making paddles for 35 long years! Long enough for you to call them experienced? We think so.

In this pro lite pickleball paddles review guide, we are going to talk about 6 pickleball paddles along with their features, pros, and cons. We’ll also show a comparison between the top-performing Pro-lite pickleball paddles (scroll down to see it)

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our ProLite Pickleball Paddles review.

ProLite Pickleball Paddles Reviews

Let's dive deep in our ProLite pickleball paddles review to see if this is a good fit for you. 

Pro-lite Titan Black Diamond Review

One thing no one can complain about Pro-lite paddles is that they have the most elegant looking paddles in the market. Take a close look at the Pro-lite Titan Black Diamond, it's one of the most elegant looking paddles we have ever seen. It actually goes for most of the people.

Most of the companies are so busy creating better performance paddles, they have forgotten that paddles when held in hand, should also create the attention of the opponent and the viewers. Unlike most other paddles, the Titan Black diamond has the best build quality and the best look.

This paddle has been seen holding by many tournament winners and gold medalist. It's mostly suitable for intermediate and advanced gameplay. If you're taking your pickleball paddle expense as an investment then this is the paddle you should go for. Let's take a closer look over the features to be sure.

Features of ProLite Pickleball 

  • Construction: Surface made with carbon fiber and a strong polymer core is what we find in Title Black Diamond. The surface is meant to absorb most of the shock and vibration inflicting from the ball. Thus giving you better spin and better control. The polymer core is actually one of the strongest core options. The carbon fiber used on the paddle is the same as the NASCAR racing car bodies.
  • Size & Weight: It weighs between 7.5 oz to 8.3 oz. The weight difference is according to personal preference. To set this weight measurement many people were asked about their preferences and finally, the weights were maintained. The grip size is 4 and a quarter inches and the handle is 5 inches long.
  • No Sweat Grip: Pro-lite has their own grip patent. The No sweat Diamond grip. This grip is the ones of the high end in the market. The grip feels very firm but soft and actually, it does not loosen up when your hands are sweaty.


  • High-quality materials
  • Better spin
  • Shock-absorbing surface
  • No sweat grip
  • Different weight options


  • Not suitable for beginners as a starter paddle

ProLite Chrome N-R-G Review

prolite pickleball paddle reviews

The Pro-lite Chrome N-R-G is the newest family member of the Pro-lite family. It looks nothing like most other conventionally designed paddles. It has a very unique design. So, when you're playing with it, people will surely recognize this one. Why? Let's find out.

The design is inspired by racquetball paddles. The head is tapered. While there are many elongated and blade-like slick paddles, this new design might be the next one other companies start making. Usually, pickleball enthusiasts are born from other racket games. If you're switching from racquetball to pickleball, you'll find something very familiar if you hold this bad boy in your hands.

Mostly, singles pickleball gameplay has been attracted by this paddle. Because it lets you cover a lot of area due to that tapered head.


  • Construction: It has a gel coated triple-layer fiberglass surface especially for "touch and feel" play. The core has more advanced technology in it. The core is QuadCore polymer honeycomb. It adds a great amount of power to the paddle. The core is patented by the company.
  • Design: The head is elongated but has a teardrop shape. Making it a hybrid between racquetball racket and an elongated pickleball paddle. This gives an extra edge to players who haven't played pickleball but have played racquetball before. They can easily get accustomed to this game with this paddle.
  • Edge Guard: It has a black poly edge guard. This is also another patent by Pro-lite sports. This adds a smooth but firm edge to the elongated tapered head.
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  • Best for those who want to switch from racquetball to pickleball.
  • Quadcore polymer honeycomb core
  • Gel coated triple-layered fiberglass surface
  • Good for touch and feel play
  • Elongated tapered head


  • Suitable mostly for single play

ProLite SuperNova Black Diamond Review

ProLite SuperNova Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle

A specially designed paddle for a special lady Simone Jardim who got the chance to go to the Triple Crown at 2017 Minto US Open pickleball championship. In spite of being an extra special paddle, Pro-lite decided that it should be available for everyone. It totally made of carbon fiber. It weighs about 8 oz and has a 5 and a quarter inch handle.

The supernova has another specialty. It will be best for those crossover players who are migrating from tennis because of the longer handle and tennis racket like grip. This was added to the Black diamond line as this brings out the true potential out of intermediate pickleball players.

As a matter of fact, pickleball is the least celebrated racket game in the world. That’s why companies are bound to create fusion or hybrid paddles. Because people who want to play racket sports, tend to go for the ones that are already famous. That’s why companies like Pro-lite are creating paddles like Supernova.


  • Construction: The surface is made of 100% pure carbon fiber facing up and it has the trademark patent quadcore polymer honeycomb core inside. Thus, this one is very firm but shock-absorbing, as well as great for spins.
  • Size & Weight: its 15 9/16 inches long and 8 1/8 inches wide. The grip size is 4.125 inches and the handle is 5.25 inches long. The basic Simone Jardim version weighed 8 oz but now it has variation between 7.7 oz to 8 oz.
  • No Dead Spot Warranty: Unlike other brands, Pro-lite has 5 years no dead spot warranty for this paddle. Now you can be sure that it has longevity enough for you to improve your pickleball game.


  • Best for those who want to migrate from Tennis to pickleball.
  • Quadcore polymer honeycomb core inside
  • 100% pure carbon fiber
  • Good for spins
  • Longer handle for better gripping


  • Only one grip size is available

Pro-lite Crush PowerSpin Review

Now let's talk aggression. If you're an aggressive pickleball player who wants to keep their opponents on the leash then this one is for you. Because this paddle is all about power. That's why its name is the Crush PowerSpin. It has their trademark Quadcore polymer honeycomb core and the newest technology fiber the spintac fiberglass, specially made for this paddle.

It has a weight-variety between 7.4 to 7.8 ounces. It's designed for aggressive gameplay. If you want to be rough on your opponents then this is the paddle you have been looking for. You can hit your opponents with powerful shots as well as technical spin shots.


  • Construction: The basic surface material is the patent Spintac Fiberglass specially created for this paddle only. The core is, as usual, their patent Quadcore polymer honeycomb core. With the large sweet spot, you can slice the most powerful shots towards your opponents.
  • Size & Weight: It weighs between 7.4 oz to 7.8 oz. It's 15 and a half inches long, 7 7/8 inches wide and has a grip size of 4.125 inches. That's considered a small grip but to cover that up its handle is 5 and a half inches long.
  • Edge Guard: It has a low profile microfiber edge guard. This keeps the sides of the paddle together so you can have a larger sweet spot and hit with any part of the head.


  • Microfiber edge guard
  • Large sweet spot
  • Spintac fiberglass
  • Approved for noise restricted communities
  • USAPA approved


  • Only suitable for Aggressive play

ProLite Rebel PowerSpin Composite Pickleball Paddle Review

As the first makers of composite paddles, their composite paddles are top of the line and best in the market. Among these composite paddles, the undeniable best one is the Rebel PowerSpin. The name is suitable for a player with a mindset full of surprises. The paddle is also full of a lot of surprises. That's why it's named Rebel.

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The original Rebel was reinvented to reduce the sound factors. The specifications were kept the same but it became mellow on the sound area and now it's one of the best paddles to use in noise-free areas.

The name suggests that it's a paddle suitable for playing powerful spin shots, right? The specifications are set in a way to make that true. On the other hand, the name was set by the company because the performances were pointing that the paddle is actually for players who are 100% unpredictable and don't have a specific style of gameplay.


  • Construction: The surface of the paddle is layered with fiberglass and it has the same patent quadcore polymer honeycomb core like other Pro-lite paddles. It's designed to maximize the power of the spins inflicting from the paddle.
  • Size and Weight: its 16 inches long and 7 13/16 inches wide. The grip size is usual like other paddles, 4 and a quarter inch. It weighs between 7.8 oz to 8.2 oz. You can call it a bit heavier but to put some extra power to the spin you'll need some weight.
  • Approved for Noise Free Zones: If you live in a locality where there's a restriction of making noise, then you're golden with this paddle. You can hit shots hard but it has a muted texture that helps to minimize the sound to the lowest level. That's why it's approved for noise restricted areas.


  • Fiberglass layers
  • Quadcore polymer Honeycomb core
  • Variable weight selection
  • Longer than other paddles
  • Maximized spins
  • Noise Free


  • Not suitable for beginners

Pro-Lite Groove Review

Titled as the best pickleball paddle for women, the Pro-lite groove is actually the only paddle made by Pro-lite that they claim to be especially for women. But the real question should do women need a different type of paddle to play with?

The only difference that women look for in paddles is that they require a smaller grip size, lesser weight, and girly color. Honestly, to have all that, all you can do is buy a men's' paddle that says small on every specification. Because the regular paddles are so full of new and state of the art technological advances. But still, a paddle for women exist. So, why was there a paddle for women introduced in the first place?

Actually, Pro-lite came up with a campaign of breast cancer in 2018 a launched this paddle. After providing much to the pickleball community, Pro-lite wanted to put some effort into the medical community as well. As a matter of fact, breast cancer is a very common disease often seen among women racket sports players. That's why Pro-lite wanted to invest in this campaign.

They decided to donate a part of the profit money to a non-profit organization working for breast cancer. If you buy this paddle, $30.00 from its price is directly donated to Dr. Susan Love research foundation. It's a non-profit research facility that works to prevent breast cancer in women.

Nevertheless, being a part of the awareness campaign is something else. But why would you buy a paddle for women instead of a paddle for men? Let's see the features to find out.


  • Construction: It's made with fiberglass and the core is Quadcore Polymer honeycomb. It's just the same as the regular pickleball paddles. Nothing is different.
  • Size & Weight:  As I've mentioned the main difference would be in size and weight. The grip size is actually of the small category of men. Its 4 3/16 inches. The paddle weighs about 7.4 oz which is lightweight.
  • Color and Design: Another factor why women bough this paddle, is that the color of this paddle is actually quite appealing for women. It's pink and also has a girly design on the surface with a pink grip. Usually, we don't see such girly color combination on regular paddles. For some reason, they are coated with rough and tough colors like black, Royal blue, Deep red, etc.


  • Fiberglass surface
  • Quadcore polymer honeycomb core
  • lightweight
  • smaller grip size suitable or women
  • Girly color and design
  • Better experience for women.
  • Works for a breast cancer awareness campaign


  • No extra-ordinary advantages for women

A Little About The ProLite History

The company came into light with a different name. It was named Ultra-Lite Paddle Co. They were the inventors of the first composite pickleball paddles. That means the composite pickleball paddles patent belongs to this company.

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prolite pickleball paddle reviews

The company was founded by a father of a local pickleball professional player named Steve. His father Paranto, who was an engineer at Boeing, wanted to make his son's dream of being a professional player of the national level, starting using the same honeycomb technology used in aerospace engineering in paddles. His idea was to make the paddles lighter.

So, to establish that he bought honeycomb core materials as cheap scrap metal from Boeing store. He wanted to make lightweight and balanced paddles for his son with metal because back then pickleball was played with a much heavier paddle made of wood. Wood pickleball paddles weren't actually very effective. Due to the overweight, many professional players found it very hard to play with. Thus many professionals stopped playing.

But his son who was a professional pickleball player and an enthusiast since 1974, was determined and his father paid heed to his son's affection and created a new technological advance for this game. We now know that company as Pro-lite sports. Paranto has passed away and the company is now run by his son Steve paranto.

Think about it, it was just a little dream seen by a father to make his son's game better. Now it has become one of the best pickleball sports companies and fulfilling dreams of a lot of people.

Pro-Lite Pickleball Paddles Compared

If you don't have the time to read through the whole review, then you can just simply take a look at these major features of the paddles along with the type they are preferred for. Surely you'll be able to decide which paddle is the most likely for your use.

Paddle Model
Paddle Type
Pro-lite Titan Black Diamond
Quadcore Polymer Honeycomb Core
7.5 to 8.3 oz
Advance or intermediate
Pro-lite Chrome N-R-G
Quadcore Polymer Honeycomb Core
8.2 oz
Racquetball to pickleball migration/ Single play
Pro-Lite SuperNova Black Diamond
Quadcore Polymer Honeycomb Core
7.7 to 8 oz
Tennis to pickleball migration
Pro-lite Crush Powerpsin
Spintac Fiberglass
Quadcore Polymer Honeycomb Core
7.4 to 7.8 oz
Power & spin/ Aggressive
Pro-Lite Rebel PowerSpin Composite
Spintac Fiberglass
Quadcore Polymer Honeycomb Core
7.8 to 8.2 oz
Pro-Lite Groove
Quadcore Polymer Honeycomb Core
7.4 oz
For women

Wrapping Up

We haven't mentioned the prices but to be honest, these paddles are quite on the expensive side. But if you think of the paddle expense as an investment for the future, it will be great for you.

Pro-lite makes paddles for actually pickleball lovers who want to create a name for themselves in this game. Think about their company history. It was created out of enthusiasm and love for this game right? So, they want to spend that love among people. And they have devoted their skills to improve the game for those who actually take the game pretty seriously.

Moreover, you wouldn't be wasting your time reading this article for so long if you weren't an enthusiast. So, taking you as a person who owns the spirit of pickleball on his soul, we are recommending this company for pickleball paddles. All the Pro-lite paddles come with 5 years of warranty for dead spots. That means what they are selling is actually going to last for quite a long time.

If you have taken your time to read the pro lite pickleball paddle reviews, you might have already decided which paddle you're buying. If you haven't we would like you to request you to check the comparison table above and you will surely get a hold of which paddle you want to own.

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