Best Foosball Table Reviews for 2023: (Top 10 Foosball Table With Our Buying Guide)

Have you ever been in those situations where you invite your friends over and you all want to do something but have no clue what? It’s not just your place that this thing happens at but at most people’s houses. In this kind of situations, various kinds of games come to the rescue. But, Truth and Dare and other games get boring when you know the people too well. You need something that creates excitement, passion, and drives away boredom and awkwardness! And, ladies and gentlemen, Foosball is the game that will definitely not just do all that but also improve your skills and make your room look better.

You can keep the kids engaged and be sure that they are up to nothing evil for a while either. So, you want a Foosball table for your home to make parties and leisures better for you and everyone who visits. But, there are so many different kinds of foosball tables depending on a number of factors that you will definitely be confused which one is suitable for you. When you finally get a grip over the type, size, and specifications of the table you want to buy, you will get confused about the quality and service of the myriads available. We plan to ease or if possible completely solve these two problems for you with our buying guide and the best Foosball table reviews!

Reviews of the Top Rated Foosball Tables

In this guide we have compiled and reviewed top 15 foosball tables, but they don’t fall under the same category. So we have categorized them accordingly for the ease of your selection and decision making.

Best Foosball Table for the Money 

This is the category that you should primarily focus on. You don’t need to compromise with the quality and at the same time, it’s not gonna hurt your pocket that much. Before jumping into the details of the reviews let’s take a glance at your options –

KICK Foosball Table Splendor

There are many Foosball tables available out there but if you are looking for a large (standard) sized one, this one is more or less the best. Apparently, Kick has a good reputation with its Foosball tables and this is one is one of the most popular. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an intermediary, you will enjoy playing on this table equally. However, it might not be the best for professionals and children. Now, let us talk about the build. It is basically made of hardwood like we all want it to be and has steel-filled rods. There are levelers with rubber ends that will keep the table sturdy even when you break all havoc loose on it. Besides, there are 26 men, each set of 13 with different colors, that have a counterbalanced weight. Therefore, you will definitely enjoy moving them as they are quite stable and responsive.

The table has a dimension of 55” L x 30” W x 34” H. You will also find it quite comfortable to use because it comes with eight handles (four on both sides). Furthermore, setting it up is super easy. The square and strong legs keep the table steady as well. Moreover, the surface is of high quality and you will find no trace of anything that will resist a smooth game. Lastly, you get two good-quality soccer balls with it.


  • Good size with an attractive design.
  • Very strong and quality build.
  • Stays sturdy through intense fights.
  • Counterbalanced men and the rods are fun and easy to play with.
  • Good for beginners and intermediaries.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Adequate thickness.
  • Convertible three goalie configuration.
  • Easy score track.


  • Lighter than others with the same composition or size.

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 Warrior Professional Foosball Table

This table will be perfect for your home if you are a professional player with a child. In fact, it will provide you with the platform to practice your skills intensely and also safety when your child gets too curious about it and decides to play. Apparently, this table has a very strong build quality and a user-friendly design. Firstly, it comes with levelers and legs with rubber feet. The rubber feet keep it from being wobbly when you are having an intense match. Furthermore, the solid chrome rods that are quite lightweight yet efficient come with a rod guard system. This prevents players and clueless children from getting injured when they are distracted and too close. Furthermore, the handles will provide you with a good grip and smooth control.

You will love the surface of this table as well as it is laminated and smooth. There are 11 players for each team with counter-balanced weights. These players have slightly larger feet than other tables offer for better control. The foosball it comes with has a good grip to it but many people did not like it. Although this is an amazing foosball table that has the quality and delicacy to improve the skills of professionals, it is a bit hard to assemble. Apart from all that, you will enjoy a year warranty with this table and all the maintenance materials are included with it.


  • An affordable high-quality and capable foosball table for professionals.
  • Safe for everyone.
  • Comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Very sturdy in design.
  • Good quality builds.
  • Better control and accuracy because of the player’s feet.
  • Durable.


  • The ball and the ball return system are not very functional or efficient.
  • Assembly is difficult.

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KICK Foosball Table Royalton

If you are looking for a foosball table that assures you of durability and quality throughout your intense love affair with Foosball then this is the one! In fact, this is a great choice for passionate intermediate players who want to keep improving their skills. This table has a sturdy build which makes it able enough to bear all the strain and pressure. Apparently, it has solid legs with levelers and a rubber bottom. Therefore, you have no worries about the table moving when you play! The chrome-plated rods are great to play with too but you might or might not face a bit of an issue while balancing it. You also have the option to attach cup holders to the table to take sips while you play! Apart from that, what wins it all is the unlimited lifetime warranty that comes with a great customer service. Any problems you are facing? Contact them right away!

As for the playability, it is quite easy and convenient for all levels of players. It is a full-sized table so the kids might not be comfortable playing on it. The 26 counter-balanced men make the game more fun to play. Moreover, the surface and the four balls get along quite well too. In fact, the package includes balls that offer you both fast and slow speeds. You also have the choice to convert it into three goalies or one goalie configuration as per your wish. However, you might have wanted all the parts (even the not so important ones) to be made of high-quality materials for the price but they are not.


  • A great table for intermediate serious players.
  • Very sturdy and strong in the build.
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty.
  • The important parts are made of high-quality materials.
  • It is very easy and comfortable to control.
  • The counter-balanced men are very efficient.
  • Keeping track of the score is easy.
  • Very durable.


  • Difficult to assemble.
  • All the parts could be of better quality for the price.

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KICK Foosball Table Ambassador

Keeping Kick’s reputation is another amazing Foosball table and it’s the ambassador. While each of the Kick’s tables are similar, there are some minor differences that matter a lot as well. Firstly, this table is much heavier than the others. This is because it has really thick cabinets and a mahogany finish. Apparently, the heavier weight backed by the levelers and the rubber bottom provides you with the stability you need to play. The materials used and the design makes this table quite durable. Furthermore, the chrome-plated rods are not hollow and thus a bit heavier than preferred. However, they come with wooden handles making it easier for you to control. The counter-balanced men will also perform as expected and provide no problems. They are made of good-quality materials and are very durable and efficient. Furthermore, they feature sleek toes which provide you with better accuracy.

Kids, casual and intermediate players can play on this table for as long and as roughly they want. There is no fear of harming the table in any way. However, the rods may feel a bit too heavy when you are playing for too long. The goalposts may bounce back the balls at times as a customer mentioned. Apart from that, it features ball slides that are convenient but maybe a bit difficult to reach at times. The table surface provides a good control and grip on the foosball. Although it is both one and three goalies configured, it works best in the three goalie setup.


  • Heavy and stable.
  • High quality builds with a mahogany finish.
  • Wooden handles provide a better grip.
  • Sleek toes help with accuracy.
  • Suitable for almost all levels of players.
  • Very durable.
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  • The rods are semi-steel and hollow.
  • The ball slider may be a bit too far.
  • The goal post can bounce the ball back.

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Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review

Want a casual Foosball table for your family to play on? The Carrom’s Signature Foosball table would be a great choice. First of all, it is a very durable table to have even though it is not made of hardwood. The brand claims that it the table will arrive with most of the hard parts assembled. But, you will surely need to do some assembling and many complained that the instructions for those parts were not clear enough. Apart from that, you get chrome-plated hollow rods with wooden handles to play with. Apparently, this will provide you with good control over the players. You get two sets of counter-balanced men as players definitely, however, not everyone was happy with their weight. There must have been some flaws while counter-balancing. Fortunately, it does not matter which goalie configuration you prefer because this table has both.

The table has a dimension of 50.3 x 36 x 55 inches and weighs 162 pounds. In fact, this weight helps it to stay stable when you are playing intensely without caring what happens to the table. The surface is water-resistant and screen printed but does have a few flaws. Apparently, it is not uniform everywhere which will make the ball move differently at some places and some people complained about scratches too. You also get cup holders with this table so you can drink while you play.


  • Stable with its legs and weight.
  • Good quality builds.
  • Rods are very efficient and can be maneuvered easily.
  • Both three and one goalies configured.
  • Great for casual but frequent plays.


  • The men do not have the perfect weight balance.
  • The surface is not the best.

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Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

You may want to play foosball outside to feel like you are actually playing foosball. That was a joke. Whether it is because you want to enjoy nature or you have no place inside, like you, many people want to keep their foosball table outside. Why not anyway? It certainly increases the beauty of your lawn or backyard. And, Kettler’s weatherproof foosball table is exactly what it sounds like-weatherproof (except there are a few lacking). So, it has a strong build with high-quality laminates which keep it weatherproof. The telescopic steel rods with chromium plating also makes sure you can keep it outside for as long as you want to. However, there were complaints about the rods rusting over time. Apart from that, the handles may not provide you with the best grip either. According to a few customers, the handles were too thin and a bit difficult to install.

The players/men are of good quality and very durable as they are molded into the rods so there is no chance of them coming off. You will enjoy a smooth and fast match on the table’s surface. Furthermore, the ball drop system is quite accurate. You will find keeping score really easy with this table’s scoring method. However, the scoring blocks are not numbered. Lastly, while the table stays well outside, the cover is not the best for its protection.


  • Weatherproof with its laminated build.
  • Stable and durable.
  • The men are molded and durable.
  • The ball drop system and scoring system are accurate.
  • Fast and smooth surface for playing.
  • Drink holders included.


  • The rods tend to rust.
  • The cover could be better for protection.
  • The handles of the rods are too thin.

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American Heritage Carlyle

If you know that you are not a professional but do not know exactly at what level you are in, this is a foosball table that may be suitable for you. Apparently, this table has a dimension of 34.5″ H x 62″ W x 30.5″ D with a weight of 177 pounds. This weight is what contributes to keeping it stable when you unleash your inner passion and dedication on it. The adjustable leg levelers help too so you will have no issue with stability. Furthermore, the classic Parquet surface is a smooth and fast surface to play on too with a few dead spots. The dead spots should not bother you much though. You will enjoy good control with the handles, however, screwing the rods it might not feel the easiest. Apart from that, you get two sets of striped rugby players who are very good looking and also have counter-balanced weight. Therefore, playing on it will be fun and easy.

Now, you get four balls from this set and two ball returns. According to a few customers, the ball returns do not really work that well. Overall, it is a good regulation-sized table with a good-quality build and good looks for the price.


  • Good-quality regulation-sized durable table.
  • Stable and sturdy.
  • Good looking.
  • Nice playing surface with a few dead spots though.
  • Easy to assemble and maneuver.
  • Players are of good quality and balance.


  • Not an efficient ball return system.
  • A few dead spots on the surface.

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Best Professional Foosball Tables Reviews

If you are looking for a professional grade foosball table with a luxurious outlook and willing to spend over a thousand bucks then these are your best options –

Let’s go into their details.

Tornado Sports Foosball Table

This is definitely one of the pricier tables on our list and if you want to spend a bit more for the quality then this is the one to go with. Apparently, one thing you can be sure of is that this Tornado Foosball Table may be so durable that it will serve generations of your family. It has a nice and strong build with a mahogany melamine finish. The legs come with height adjustable levelers. So, you cannot just adjust the height but keep the table stable while playing as well.

The rods are very maneuverable with plastic handles on them. Moreover, the players are also quite accurate in what they do but you might not find them as counter-balanced as you want them to be. You will have a good grip and control over the ball when you play because of these two components of the table. However, you might find attaching the players to the rod a bit difficult.

The surface of the table is nothing you will have any complaint about. Furthermore, the end ball return will efficiently return the ball to you. It has a three-goalie configuration of which you can remove one only if you want to play like that.


  • Extremely durable builds.
  • High-quality materials used in the build.
  • Stable and level.
  • Provides players with much accuracy and control.


  • Bit expensive.
  • A bit difficult to install (though expert assembly is available with a price tag)
  • Players not counterbalanced.

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Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table

If you were concerned about kids playing this game and hurting themselves then you can relax by letting them play on this Garlando Foosball table. Apparently, it is great for both kids and professionals. This is for you if you want to sway away from the traditional looking tables and want a more modern looking one as this does not look like it is made from wood. However, it is beautiful in its own unique way with really nice color combinations and touches.

The whole table is quite well-protected against the weather. Firstly, all the surfaces are coated with materials that make it water-proof. So, you will be able to clean it with water easily. Furthermore, all other parts are rust-resistant as well. The players are molded into the chrome-plated telescopic rods which make assembling as easy as a breeze for you. Actually, even kids can assemble it if they have the patience.

The table is quite stable and won’t fall over with kids pushing on both sides. Although the players offer enough accuracy and control, not all of them are counter-balanced. The handles too offer a good grip unless you have big hands. That is why it is best for kids as even the handles are quite small.


  • Great for kids, casual family games and professionals.
  • Very protective against the weather.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Unique and beautiful appearance.
  • Durable.
  • Stable.


  • Handles may seem too small.
  • Expensive.
  • Not all players are counter-balanced.

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Garlando Open Air Weatherproof Foosball Folding Table

Not sure where you want to play foosball? Do you feel like playing in different places at different times? Then, this quite a portable model for you. Apparently, it has foldable legs that you can fold for storage. Since it has foldable legs you can imagine how easy carrying it from place to place will be. And, when you want to play outside, there is always weather as a concern. But, this table allows you to play outdoors without any worry with its weatherproof design. It has a tough plastic build that keeps it very sturdy. Moreover, it features telescopic bars with anti-rust chromium coating for more resistance to the weather. While these features are great, you will not get the traditional look or feel while playing on this table.

This table is a great table to play on in leisure times with friends and family and also for intermediate or professional players. Apparently, it features moplen players which are directly molded onto the rods. This saves assembling time and the overall assembling process is easy too. Players will enjoy playing on it because it does not apply much pressure on the players. Steel roller bearings make all the actions very smooth and the ball return recovery system is very convenient too. But, for a plastic and portable non-traditional table, the price does seem a bit high.


  • Stable and sturdy plastic combined with fiberglass build.
  • Foldable legs make storing it easier.
  • Smooth playing.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great for having fun with.
  • Laminated surface.
  • Weather-resistant and anti-rust.


  • Not capable of providing the traditional feel or appearance.
  • Expensive.
  • Questionable durability.
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Tornado Elite Foosball Table

Looking for a Foosball table that will stand tough through hours of rough playing by players of various ages and skills? You found the one! In fact, this Tornado elite Foosball table has a solid wood build which allows it to stay tough through the tornado of matches you and your friends or even kids will put it through. Furthermore, it looks good throughout it all with its beautiful Victorian Cherry-laminate finish. Yes, this finish will protect it from a lot of harm as well. There are leg levelers to keep the table sturdy and stable through the tornado as well.

You will love the wooden handles not only because they are wooden but their overall design. In fact, they have such a design with bearings that they provide you with the smoothest control you can ask for. The surface of the table is great too with no dead spots. It is, in fact, great for fast play. The players also provide you with ample accuracy and control over the balls. Apart from that, you get two ball return systems that will make recovering the ball very convenient for you. However, for you to enjoy all these, you have to first assemble it and assembling it is no easy task according to most customers.


  • Extremely durable and sturdy.
  • Suitable for kids and professionals and multiple matches per day.
  • Provides a smooth and fast play.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Great appearance.
  • Handles are very convenient and comfortable to use as well.


  • Assembling it is quite difficult.
  • Assembling instructions are not clear.

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Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Finally, it is time for the more expensive tournament level foosball tables to enter our list. If you are a professional and need intense, accurate practices then this Tornado Tournament 3000 is a table that can take it all an provide you with all. Firstly, you might get a shock seeing its price but for what it offers the price is quite fair. Apparently, it has a really (like really) sturdy build that will definitely last for years. Moreover, the heat-treated chrome plated steel rods are totally worth the price. They will offer you greater control and also a great grip. You will not get tired easily either as these rods are hollow. The players attached to it are also counter-balanced. So, they will move the way you want them to.

With its sharper corners, this table offers better accuracy and shot-blocking. The stainless steel laminating also helps to keep it durable. Overall, it has an appealing look of a good size and weight. In fact, it weighs so much that you will find it hard to assemble by yourself. But, the weight also makes it stable. Apart from that, customers do not have many complaints but you should always check the specifications because it is easy to get confused with others. This is available in both one and three goalie configurations so choose carefully.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Tournament-grade.
  • More accurate and maneuverable.
  • Good for professionals.
  • Heavy and stable.
  • Handles are comfortable and convenient.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Might be a bit hard to assemble as it is very heavy.

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Best Foosball Table Under $500

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table

If you want to spend less but enjoy every bit like anyone else then this is the best foosball table you will find under 500 dollars. First of all, it has very sturdy and strong wood construction with espresso finish. You can definitely expect durability from this piece. Furthermore, the integrated leg levelers make it even better. You have no worries about the table becoming wobbly due to intense and long playing sessions. Apart from that, the table provides a decent gaming experience. Solid steel rods with solid wood handles are comfortable to deal with and also are very easy to control. Apparently, they move very smoothly due to the bearings installed in the builds. However, it is a bit hard to install the players on the rod. Furthermore, even though the players are supposed to be counter-balanced, they are not according to a few customers.

Despite these troubles, the table has other features that still satisfied people. It has a really good cross-supported surface that provides an even ground to play on. Apart from that, the scoring units, foosballs and the drink holders are of good quality as well.


  • Good value for money.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Good quality build.
  • Clever design that gives a better surface for playing.
  • Fast and smooth rod mechanism.


  • Men are not perfectly counter-balanced.
  • Installation and assembly are difficult.

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Best Budget Foosball Table

Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table

If you are on a tight budget but still want a foosball table that might not be the best available but will do for you then the Hathaway Playoff Foosball table offers great value for money. It is the price that is mainly your concern but the table offers much more than you expect at its price. Apparently, it has a solid build which might not be the most durable or sturdiest but it is great for kids and other casual players of any age. Moreover, it features steel rods which are great but a bit thin. So, the durability of it, in the long run, is questionable.

Apart from that, the table is quite loud and appealing visually. It depicts a stadium full of people and molded players in two sets. You will enjoy the control and accuracy with which you will be able to play. Apparently, this is the most amazing part of this table. The players and the surface along with the nice handles will enable you to use all your skills to play as better as you can. However, the goal post does seem to have issues. One customer claimed it was too small for adults to retrieve the ball and another complained about the balls going outside the table through the goal post. Except for the minor issues which are inevitable at this price point, you will definitely enjoy playing on this table.


  • Best value for money and great for people on a budget.
  • Good quality build.
  • Great playing surface with interesting visuals.
  • The molded players and the handles are very accurate and responsive.


  • Neither the sturdiest nor very durable.
  • The rods may be too thin.
  • The goal post issues.

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Cheapest Foosball Table

Playcraft Sport Foosball Table

This is the cheapest Foosball table you will ever find for the quality and experience it offers you. Firstly, you will probably find the manual to be too short and the parts to assemble too many. So, yes, assembling it is quite easy but will require some calm brain work. However, once the assembly is done you will love what you see and get- a solid and sturdy foosball table. Moreover, it has a very nice size that is suitable for the family room, kids and anyone who wants to play. Furthermore, the legs can be adjusted to fit your needs. The chromium-plated steel rods are great and fun to control as well. Apart from that, the surface is well built and meant for fast-paced playing.

Now, once you score a goal you may realize that the goal post may be a bit small for standard-sized balls. While the balls do go in, there is still the risk of one getting stuck someday. Apart from that, the place from which you have to retrieve the ball seems to be made for kid’s hands as well. Except for this, this table is great in every other way. In fact, it features a stadium crowd graphics to get you more in the aura of the game.


  • The cheapest table offering great quality.
  • The fast playing surface is more or less flawless.
  • Suitable size for family rooms.
  • Great for kids and casual family play.
  • It provides good control and accuracy while playing.
  • Sturdy and solid.


  • The goal post may be a bit small.
  • Lengthy assembly.

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Buying Guide for the Best Foosball Table

While you can or cannot consider a lot of things when buying other things when you are buying something that needs space and your hands so much like a Foosball table, you must consider the following factors:

How do you plan to play and what do you want from the game?

The first step is basically tracking your needs and demands down. What do you want from the game? Pleasure or skill? Yes, the answer might be both but the specific requirements are not always the same. You might want to gain the skills but not spend a lot of money on it. So, choose your priority.

Are you a beginner or are you on some higher level of playing? You also have to consider things like how many people will be playing, if the players will be kids and how often you all will be playing as well.

All these will help to determine the specifications of the perfect Foosball table for you.

The Type of Foosball table you need

As we already mentioned, there are different types of Foosball tables and not all of them are suitable for everyone. So, here are descriptions so that you know which one you need:

1. Standard Foosball Table:

You have probably seen or used this kind of table as you can see it is the standard version of the table. These tables weigh a lot and as a result, they are not portable. They are also quite big in size (standard size) and are usually constructed with solid wood. Some are made with lighter and other materials but they still weigh a lot. However, they are very heavy-duty and are capable of being passed down through generations.

So, if you have a fixed space for keeping your Foosball table and do not want to move it too often then this is a good choice for you. Furthermore, if you want one for serious playing and to stand tough through years of rough use, standard foosball tables are the ones for you. But, they will cost a bit more too.

2. Tabletop Foosball Table:

If you are buying for a beginner or a kid, this is a type that will be quite handy. The first reason as you can guess from the name is that it is quite portable. You can keep it elsewhere when you are not playing. It needs another surface like of a coffee table or any other uniform surface to be played on. Furthermore, they are cheaper so if the beginners find out they don’t like the game, they can always just leave it there. It is great for those who want to continue as well because they can buy a more expensive and high-quality one later on. These tables, however, are usually made of plastic so you cannot expect to last too long. But, the short durability still fulfills its purpose.

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3. Combination Foosball Table:

When you play for fun, playing just one game gets boring over time. So, you might be reluctant to spend all your money on just one board game and that is Foosball. When you do not want to choose between two games, the combination Foosball table solves the dilemma for you! These boards include materials and surfaces for playing more than one games. It can be a combination of two games or more. Like, one of them may be foosball and the other might be chess. These tables are usually high quality and full-sized tables but you will find a few tabletop ones as well. Apparently, they are a good choice if you are on a budget and do not want to spend on two games.

4. Coin-operated Foosball Table:

If you are using your foosball table to earn money then this is a good choice. You will find this kind of foosball tables in arcades and other social places. These tables are expensive, heavy-duty and heavy. In fact, these qualities make it suitable for attending several customers. It can take on the abuse of uncountable players playing on it daily while the coin accepting system makes it costly.

The Size you Need

Best Foosball TableYou may fall in love with a Foosball table and buy it only to realize it does not fit in your room. Worse, you can fit it somehow but there is barely any space left for the players to stand in. Therefore, the size of the room you plan to keep the table in and the size of the table is a crucial matter for consideration.

The first step to solve this problem is to know your room. The rectangular area is best to keep the table in but you may find a suitable place of any shape. Then, measure its length and width. Usually, Foosball tables require a space of 7 feet by 8 feet.

Make sure that you check the dimensions of the table you want to buy. However, do not buy a table with dimensions that totally match the dimensions of the allotted space. Because you have to consider the rods and space for the players to play comfortably too, remember? So, add the extra inches so that the players can play comfortably without knocking themselves against a wall or breaking something. In fact, it is best if you keep an extra 1.5 feet space for the players and twice the length of the rods more than the table’s dimensions.

The Material you Should Choose

In general, the best and traditional foosball tables are made of solid wood. They are heavy, strong and cost more too. This is on the upper end and on the lower end are particle boards which we suggest you not buy unless you are buying it for your kids or as a showpiece. Because the particle boards, although cheap, wear out way too fast. However, they are quite lightweight hence portable.

If you want something good within the budget then you can try composite tables as well. These tables have a quality that falls between wood and particle tables. Furthermore, it does not react to humidity and wears out as solid wood ones do.

So, it is completely up to you which of the material you want to build your table.

  • The Surface

You do want the ball of the foosball to move according to your wishes, don’t you? The only material thing that can prevent you from doing so is the surface. Apparently, a rough and uneven surface will provide more than necessary resistance to the ball and slow down your game. If you want to play fast then you need a surface that is smooth and is laminated. You do not want ones with stick-on designs as they will come off and provide an even rougher surface for the ball to move on.

The same goes for the field markings, look for laminated ones and avoid the stick-on designs,

  • The Rods

You do not want rods that are too heavy to handle neither rods that you cannot handle. Therefore, you have to choose these rods carefully. First of all, choose rods that are made from steel. Secondly, it is best to choose the hollow ones as they are more convenient to play with. If you are alright with the weight you can choose the filled slid ones too.

Apart from that, consider the safety too. You should look for rods that have nice, safe ends or bear handles. This reduces the risk of someone getting injured while walking by or playing.

  • The weight of the players/men.

If the weight of the men is not equal in both sides then one player will probably enjoy advantages and one won’t. Imagine that your opponent is winning just because the players you are playing with do not have enough weight and your opponent’s ones do. So, check to see if these good men are counterweighted men. How? Just move the men horizontally and see if they stay in that position or sway towards a side. If they sway then they are not weighted correctly. But, if they don’t, you are good to go with it!

  • Three Goalies or One?

The main difference you will notice between American and European Foosball tables is the number of goalies on the table. In fact, the Americans usually construct the tables with three goalies (three men in the rod close to the goal) and the Europeans construct the tables with one goalie. Now, which one do you need?

If you want to develop your skills then most people go with the one goalie tables. This is because you need to be extra fast and aware to be able to defend with one goalie. Furthermore, the crown on the board gets reduced and asks for an intense battle.

On the other hand, three goalie tables are great for beginners. They are easier to play with and are suitable for lower skill levels.

However, you may not have to choose between the two as there are many great three goalie tables that have removable men to be converted into a one-goalie one.

  • The ball.

The foosball table set will definitely come with a ball for you to play with. And, this is, by no means, a negligible accessory. The ball has to be responsive enough and also should have enough resistance. In fact, look for textured balls because they are the best. Moreover, the balls should be durable and move swiftly and fast on the table surface.

  • The Price.

As you already know, even the build material will vary the price of the Foosball tables. So, you can find tables as cheap as below 100 dollars and as expensive as thousands. However, if you are planning to be dedicated to the game and want a good quality one, you should not go for the super cheap ones. Keep your budget somewhere around 500 dollars to get a good-quality Foosball table that is worth playing on.

Besides, portability, size, features, etc impacts the price.

  • Warranties and Guarantees.

When you are sending so much on something, you should have the assurance that it does not perform as promised or malfunctions or wears out too soon, you should get some free help. So, most brands offer warranties and guarantees on the Foosball tables.

Usually, you will get a one-year warranty with the standard tables but the decorative ones come with less as they are mainly for decoration.

The Benefits of buying the Best Foosball Table

 There are many other things you could buy but why a foosball table? Here’s why:

  • A fun way to spend time: When you find that you have a lot of leisure time and you call your friends over to find nothing to do, this table will come to your rescue. Your boring leisure will turn into an intense skill-building fun one.
  • Improves health: Unlike, computer games that may build skills but harms overall health, foosball tables drag your eyes away from the computer and makes you move in a focused way. This definitely improves coordination among your body parts and eventually your health.
  • Improves mind: You have to respond super quickly when you are playing foosball. Therefore, your mind gets active. Furthermore, you also have to plan quickly and strategically. So, it gives you a platform to exercise both your body and mind.
  • Builds Bonds: Conversations tend to get very awkward between people of different ages. A game like foosball is what is capable of bringing people to a family or society closer.

Foosball Table – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the regulation size of a Foosball table?

Answer: A foosball table should apparently measure 30 inches wide, 56 inches in length, and 36 inches tall to be regulation-sized. Its thickness should be 2 1/2 feet with a 5-inch length.

  1. How many people can play foosball at a time on one table?

Answer: Most tables can support two players at a time.

Final Words

Foosball is a sport that demands less from your body and more from your mind. A foosball table requires the same when you are buying it- A lot of attention! Because they are mostly made of wood, you have to be sure that the quality of the construction is good and long-lasting. Apart from that, the measurement, features of each of the parts matter as they will play a significant role in how players play. So, in order to find the perfect foosball table for yourself, you have a lot to consider, most of which we already discussed. Now, go out there and find the best one for you.

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