Sportcraft Air Hockey Table Reviews (The Best Sportcraft Tables in 2023)

Looking to complete your man cave? What about adding some pizazz to your finished basement? Or a great present the entire family can enjoy? Or even better: How about a Sportcraft Air Hockey Table

If this sounds like you, an air hockey table is a great option. It can provide great fun for the whole family and make you feel like you have your own personal arcade.

But not all air hockey tables are created equal. The Sportcraft brand is a trusted and high-quality option that won't let you down.

But which Sportcraft air hockey table is right for you? How are the models different from each other?

We're kind of experts on the topic, so we're going to go over 4 of the best Sportcraft air hockey table models with each other their pros and cons. These reviews will help you as you decide which one you want.

Top Sportcraft Air Hockey Tables Reviewed!

Here in this section I am just going to list the 4 Sportcraft Air Hockey Tables that I am going to talk about in details later on. Note: Clicking on any of these will take you to Amazon so that you can check today’s price!

  1. Sportcraft Silver Line Turbo Air Hockey Table
  2. Sportcraft 27" Table Top Air Hockey Table
  3. Sportcraft 6' (Table Tennis Top)
  4. Sportcraft 66" Electronic Air Hockey Table
sportcraft air hockey table reviews

Sportcraft Silver Line Turbo Air Hockey Table

The Sportcraft Silver Turbo air hockey table screams a "game room" aesthetic. If you're looking to get that arcade feel at home, then this model is for you.

The full table is sleek and modern looking while also keeping the more classic look of an arcade hair hockey table.

It has 84" of playable space, making it one of the larger options that we're going over in these reviews. The "field" itself is glossy, smooth, and designed like a normal hockey "rink." It even has a scoreboard attached.

Along with the overall look of this model, the Sportcraft Silver Line Turbo table is one of the easiest to assemble. The legs of this table can be easily and individually adjusted.

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This makes it perfect for placement in any room on any surface: you can adjust each of the legs so you won't even have to play on an uneven hockey table (that means there are no excuses if you lose!).

Now for the "air" part of the air hockey table. The Turbo table has one of the best air boxes out of any air hockey table. It provides even and consistent pressure that prevents the puck from sticking or stuttering across the playing field.

The only downside to this is that it's somewhat large, which means it can't fit in all spaces. It also can get less glossy over time, which is to be expected from any table you use consistently.

Sportcraft 27" Table Top Air Hockey Table

If you're looking for something that's easier to store or that takes up a little less space compared to the Turbo, this could be the option for you. At just 27", you'll get explosive and fast-paced gameplay without the hassle of a huge table.

It's a bit simpler than the Turbo, but it still has the same quality and great air pressure that you can expect from a Sportcraft product.

This option can be played on any table, the ground, or even held in your lap. It's portable and easy to use with minimal set-up. It does run on batteries, though, so you have to be sure to have extras stashed away so it doesn't die on you in the middle of an epic air hockey tournament.

Sportcraft 6' (Table Tennis Top)

Going back to a more "classic" sized table, the Sportcraft 6' air hockey table combines the fun of air hockey and table tennis. This table can easily transition between the two games for double the fun.

It's a little smaller than the Turbo air hockey table, but it still has an ample playing field with plenty of space for awesome gameplay. It also has great air pressure for smooth gameplay along with an LED scoreboard to make it feel even more like a legitimate arcade table.

The simple design also allows it to fit in with almost any aesthetic. Whether you want to put it in your office break room, your game room, or your teenager's bedroom, it will fit.

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You also won't have to worry about paddles, pucks, or sliders: it comes with all of that.

The only downside is that some people find it can be a bit difficult to put together. But once you figure that out, you should be good to go to play ping pong and air hockey to your heart's content.

Sportcraft 66" Electronic Air Hockey Table

Here we have another table tennis and air hockey combo. But this air hockey table is unique from the others on this list because of its fully electronic scoring system.

The scoreboard will keep score for you up to 10 and display it on the LED scoreboard. This way there won't be any debates over the score at the end of the game: no excuses if you lose!

The design of this Sportcraft air hockey table is sporty, colorful, and true to classic air hockey tables. With red, white, and blue designs on the playing field and simple black legs, it combines the fun look of arcade games with a modern aesthetic.

Assembly is quick and easy; it comes with paddles and pushers so you can build it and start a family tournament right away.

The frame and make of the table itself is high-quality and sturdy, so you know that it will last for years to come. The size is slightly smaller than both the Turbo and the 6' option, but it still has plenty of space for fun, fast-paced, and even difficult gameplay.

Different Types of Air Hockey Tables

It is overwhelming when you see your options of Air Hockey Tables available in the market.Generally, these are the types you are most likely to come across -

Tabletop Air Hockey Tables

Tabletop air hockey tables are ideal for your kids to play around. You can also consider them for yourself as well if there is space constrain as these tables are smaller than normal air hockey tables. They provide quite a good playing experience.

Standard Air Hockey Tables

Tight on budget? Still want to enjoy the air hockey experience? Then standard air hockey tables should be the right choice. Construction wise these tables are a bit different and they provide minimal features but ensure great gaming experience. Think twice if it's going to be used all over the winter to be hammered continuously. These tables are more suitable as an occasional instrument.

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Arcade-Style Air Hockey Tables

With 8 feet length, these tables are classified as the full-sized table. This should be the first choice if you are considering a competition-grade table with the perfect air force and play surface. Arcade-style air hockey tables feature powerful motors that enhance the experience during gameplay. Though these tables are costly but that is justified due to their immense durability. Thanks to the quality materials, they can withstand a winter long assault.

Multi-game Air Hockey Tables

As the name suggests, these multi-game or 3 in 1 tables can serve you for air hockey as well as snooker or tennis table. This could be a perfect choice if you have limited space and still want to accommodate multiple awesome exciting games.

Wrapping Up

The Sportcraft brand is well-known for making quality and fun air hockey tables. These are just 4 of the best Sportcraft air hockey table options; there are many more models you can choose from as well.

Each table will have pros and cons depending on what you're looking for. Are you already pressed for space in your home? Or do you have plenty of room for a large table option? How important is being able to play table tennis with you?

Hopefully going over the details of these 4 models can help you choose which is best for you. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.

For more options in different brands please check our detail reviews and buyer's guide for the best air hockey tables.

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