Foosball Table Dimensions

There are many foosball tables available on the market each varying in size with noticeably different dimensions. For anyone considering investing in a foosball table, understanding the dimensions is crucial in ensuring that you select the right one for your room layout.

Foosball Table Dimensions

A Regulation Foosball Table

A regulation foosball table measures 56” x 30” x 36”, while this may not be the exact size of every regulation table, the dimensions aren’t going to differ drastically. These typically tend to be tournament size tables so if you are going to be participating in a tournament, it is important to select a foosball table with these dimensions to ensure that they conform to the regulation standards. 

Many individuals purchase a foosball table, without considering the space of the room that they intend to keep it in and this poses the risk of purchasing a table that is too large for the space that you have available. This is likely to be an issue when it comes to regulation foosball tables in particular.

It is necessary to remember that you don’t only need space for the foosball table itself but also plenty of room surrounding the table for all players to move freely. Widthwise there needs to be plenty of space for each player to be able to move and take their shot comfortably. Lengthwise you also require additional space if the players should need to move to retrieve balls or if you are playing with a group of friends spectating each game as this ensures you aren’t tight on space. 

With the largest dimensions out of all foosball tables, the room that you intend to keep it in should measure 9 X 9 feet or more. Although this may seem like a lot of space, this will ensure that you have enough space for the foosball table itself and each participating player to be able to move around and play comfortably. 

A Foldable Foosball Table

When opened and assembled, a foldable foosball table typically has dimensions of 51.57" x 33.86" x 27.95” and is significantly smaller when folded. As the name suggests, this table can be folded away in between uses and is the best option for those looking for convenience when it comes to storage. Perfect for those living in apartments or individuals who simply do not want to have an assembled foosball table consuming their space. Although this type of table is foldable you aren’t sacrificing the quality as a foldable foosball table still boasts a sturdy design with dimensions that are slightly smaller than that of a regulation foosball table.

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With the benefit of being able to fold this table away when not in use, it can be stored conveniently in between games. However, it is important to remember the dimensions of the pool table when it is assembled to ensure that you have the space available.

The 52" Foosball Table

Some manufacturers will offer a 52” Foosball table with dimensions measuring approximately 52" X 20" X 28". Slightly smaller than a regulation table but of course larger than the 48” table, this option is a great midway alternative. Although this may seem like a minimally noticeable difference when compared to the dimensions of a regulation foosball table, the little bit of extra room gives you some leeway if you have limited space available.

You are still going to need a decent sized room for a 52” inch foosball table as it is only slightly smaller than a regulation table. Each player needs to be able to move around freely to take their shot without being restricted to the space that they have available to them. The room that is intended to house this table should measure at least 8.5 X 5.5 feet. 

The 48" Foosball Table

Ideal for small living spaces and apartments, in particular, the 48” foosball table is significantly smaller than our previous mentions. With dimensions of 48" X 24" X 31 ", this sturdily built table allows you to enjoy the same quality game that you would on a larger foosball table, without consuming lots of space. The 48” foosball table is actually considered to be a favorite amongst foosball enthusiasts, an ideal size that allows you to play the game to the same standard as you would on any other table, without the need for lots of space.

As this foosball table is significantly smaller than the regulation table and the 52” table, it fits comfortably into smaller houses and apartments in particular. In fact, a room measuring approximately 6" is likely to be suitable for this size table, giving each player plenty of space to move around easily. 

Tabletop Foosball Table

The tabletop foosball table is great for use by children in particular. You will often find that the dimension of a tabletop foosball table can vary slightly, however, there doesn’t tend to be a hugely noticeable difference. The dimensions typically tend to measure around 40” x 20” x 10”. Intended for use on tabletops they are not built like the tables we have mentioned previously but they still provide a great quality foosball experience. Large foosball tables can take up a lot of space and for some people, this isn’t an option so a tabletop foosball table is a great solution. They are also great for individuals who are looking for a good quality table but don’t have the budget to be spending a lot of money on one. 

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Thanks to the portable design of this tabletop foosball table, you aren’t restricted to playing in one room, it can easily be carried between houses or taken on vacations and you aren’t faced with the stressful process of assembling all of the different parts as you would with a traditionally built foosball table.

Other factors to consider regarding the dimensions of a foosball table

The Rods

Of course, when considering the dimensions of a foosball table, it is important to remember the rods, as these are an extension to the table itself. The dimensions of the rods can vary between manufacturers so it is worth double checking this before choosing your foosball table.

As the dimensions mentioned above refer to the size of the foosball table itself it is necessary to account for the additional space that is going to be consumed by the rods. They can measure 12” or more in some cases. Failing to account for the rods may leave each player with a restricted amount of space to move. 

Ideally, when the foosball table is assembled and set up in your chosen room, each player should have plenty of space surrounding the table to move freely and take their shots using the rods. 

Assembling the foosball table

Most foosball tables, those of a larger build, in particular, don’t come assembled and require you to do this yourself. If you assemble the foosball in one room and then attempt to take it to another remember that most large foosball tables won’t fit through the doorways due to their wide dimensions. As they are heavier too, you are likely to require help when moving and setting up the table.


As you can see, the dimensions of foosball tables can vary rather significantly with a variety on offer to suit the space that you have available. Before choosing your foosball table you will need to measure the dimensions of the room that you intend to keep it in, measuring the width and length accurately and also the height of the room if you intend to keep it in an attic etc. In the case of a large pool table, it is better to have too much room than not enough room, as each player needs to be able to move around freely as they play the game. 

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If you aren't restricted with the space that you have available, you may opt for a regulation foosball table as this is the largest available and requires a spacious room for the table to fit comfortably and each player to move around freely. 

Impressively multiple options are ideal for those living in apartments or smaller homes that aren’t restricted in space. Although the dimensions of a foldable foosball table are relatively large when it has been assembled, when it comes to storage this is a great option. A tabletop foosball table is another great option that combines convenience and portability. Without the need for assembly, you can use this table on smaller surfaces and it can also be taken on vacations with you. Without a tabletop foosball table, you aren’t restricted to playing in one specific room, like the others once they are set up. 

The rods of the foosball table aren’t accounted for in the original dimensions so it is important to give yourself some leeway of a few inches to ensure that you aren’t tight on space.  

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