Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Who doesn’t love a game of foosball? You can break out the table pretty much whenever the occasion calls for it - at parties, game nights, or even just when you’re bored. Be inspired by Joey and Chandler and treat yourself to a foosball table.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

We’ve all played a game of foosball, but have you ever noticed those annoying details about the table that you wish weren’t there? Perhaps the table was slightly leaning to one side so the ball was always favoring one person, or the players were too lightweight to actually kick the ball properly. 

You’ve noticed these features simply because you were playing with a low-quality table. What you need is the Warrior Professional Foosball Table, a high-quality table designed by a reputable brand, Warrior. 

Warrior has been known to run their own tournaments using their foosball tables, and it’s so refreshing to use a product from a manufacturer who feels as passionately about their products as Warrior does. 

Let’s take a look into what makes the Warrior Professional Foosball Table so great, as well as a few of the not so great aspects.  


  • Weight: 195 pounds
  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Assembly time: 15 to 25 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 year extended limited warranty, can be increased to 3 years for an additional price.
  • Additional pieces: two extra balls, one extra team member from each side, one bearing wrench, one pin punch, and lubricant.
  • Leg levelers
  • Rod Guard System to prevent injuries to your hands.


Easy Setup

Warrior ensures that the foosball table can be set up and ready to play within under 25 minutes, and while only using one tool to do so. This leaves you with more time stressing over instructions and more time playing all your friends and family members at foosball. 


The quality of the Warrior Professional Foosball Table is something to be admired, as every part of the table has been cleverly designed and created to ensure the best gaming experience for the users.

There is no need for tipping the table up to try and retrieve the ball anymore, the new returning system works without a hitch every time. 

The players are all counter-balanced, meaning that they’ll glide across the table effortlessly. Their feet are sturdy and can grip onto the ball before kicking it away so that your gameplay is enjoyable rather than frustrating. 

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The tabletop itself is smooth and doesn’t interfere with the players while you turn the rods, so their feet won’t get caught and cost you that vital shot. The split bearings attached to the rods ensure that your game runs so smoothly that you’ll forget all the bad experiences you’ve had with foosball tables in the past. 

Classic Design

Warrior has taken the classic look of a traditional foosball table and altered the components to make the game run smoother. However, there is very little changed about the design itself.

This allows you to play with your table and be immersed in the nostalgia of your childhood while benefitting from the high-quality modern mechanisms.  

Adjustable Legs

You can determine how long or short the legs of your foosball table are with this table, and to make matters even better, there are included levelers to ensure that you’ve adjusted all of the legs to the same height. 

If you were hoping to get one up on your opponent by adding a little tilt to the table in your favor, sorry! The levelers make this impossible. The adjustable legs also allow you to play foosball anywhere, even on uneven surfaces. 

What’s more is that, along with every other aspect of the foosball table, the legs are incredibly stable and high-quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to break this table in a fit of rage after a losing streak, that’s for sure. 

Rods and Grips

The solid steel rods are incredibly strong and durable, with 14mm of length to promote power and fast movements. The grips are much more comfortable to hold than cold metal and they won’t slip from your hands easily. 

Where the grip meets the table itself, there are flanges in place to prevent any damage occurring to the table. This is helpful for beginners or children who are playing with the table and don’t necessarily understand the damage that could be caused. 

Durable Construction

The purchase of this table comes with the peace of mind that it is made to be heirloom-quality. All of the materials are highly reliable, from the steel rods to the MDF table.

This table will be available for you to play with for years to come. The one year warranty, and optional purchase for three years, will ensure that your money is covered should something go wrong. 

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Safety Features

The rod guard system prevents the opposing side rods from quickly pushing out of the table and potentially injuring the player. This is a great benefit that sets the Warrior Professional Foosball Table apart from other alternatives. Transparent casing surrounds the incoming rod so that any player or watcher is protected from the unexpected rod. 

Three Things We Love

It’s been a challenging task to narrow down what we love about the Warrior Professional Foosball Table to only three points, but we’ve given it a good go. Reading through the features, you’ll be able to find all the excellent aspects of this table, but let’s focus on our three favorites for now

The inclusivity of beginners:

All too many foosball tables are made for advanced players only, giving them a major disadvantage over beginners. This can take away front the enjoyment of the less skilled players and deter them from wanting to play again.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table features many different aspects for the beginner to learn and hone their skill, such as better controllable balls, the flanges to prevent beginners from damaging the table, and the counterbalanced players. 

We love these features to get everyone involved, not just the well-practiced players in the family. 

The overall quality:

How annoying is it when you’re really excited about an item you’ve purchased to be delivered, but when it does the quality is not at all what you were expecting? The quality of some high price tags is astonishing when you think about it. 

Luckily, that is not the case for the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. Every part of the table is made with high-quality materials, and you can tell that a lot of effort and time went into designing such an innovative product. 

We said earlier that we’d expect this product to be heirloom-quality, which is a factor that we love. Moreover, the generous warranty (as well as the fact that you can purchase more for a small fee) is another benefit in our eyes. 

The classic design:

Who doesn’t get nostalgic when they see a foosball table with the peg-shaped men and the strikingly bright colors? We know that we do! Newer foosball tables adopt more of a modern look with realistic-looking players and football kits, but we think that you can’t beat the original.

The players of the Warrior Professional Foosball Table are bright red and black and are equipped with a large surface area for maximum impact when hitting the ball, making it easier for even beginners to hit on-target shots. 

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While this doesn’t add to the gameplay, we also love how the players are all wearing cool shades!

What We Don’t Like

There’s not much we can say in the way of disadvantages when it comes to the Warrior Professional Foosball Table, but we have to make this a fair review. For that reason, we’ll be looking at the not so great features of the foosball table to ensure that you have a well-rounded knowledge of the product before committing to the purchase. 

First off, we have to address the elephant in the room - the price. High-quality foosball tables are going to be an expensive investment to ensure that you’re not left with a cheap, easily breakable foosball table, however, the Warrior Professional Foosball Table is one of the more expensive models on the market. 

Moreover, you also have to pay for shipping and, because the table is rather heavy, the rates are not exactly cheap either. That being said, the quality and mechanisms included within the Warrior Professional Foosball Table make the price worthwhile, in our eyes. 

The second issue that some players have had with their foosball table is the balls that come with it. These balls have been designed to roll across the surface slower than normal balls, and some advanced players prefer a faster-moving ball rather than a slower, more controllable option. 

These balls are included so that beginners can get a grasp on controlling the ball rather than hitting it as hard as possible and hoping for the best. While some people think this adds more fun and realism to the game, some people want faster shots. The good news is that you can simply switch out the balls for normal ones, so this can be rectified should you want to.

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