Gearbox Pickleball Paddles Reviewed (Comparison & Buyer’s Guide)

Racquetball games are getting rather diversified. People have been playing racquetball for a long time now. But back then only tennis and Table tennis were the heart of the game. There is more diversity now in the game. One of them is pickleball. If you are a pickleball player, you would know that the name of one of the best pickleball paddle makers now in the market is Gearbox and this article is all about "Gearbox Pickleball paddle reviews".

In this article, we are going to review some of the best Gearbox Pickleball paddles and provide a thorough comparison between them so that you can buy the best one for yourself.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Gearbox pickleball paddles reviews

Gearbox Mother Paddles: Seven, Eight, & Nine

Nothing to repeat here, but just so you remember, these three paddles are identical triplets. The only difference is that they weigh according to their model number. Other than that they are actually the same. So, it makes a very thin line between choosing these three.

The difference in weight actually depends on your personal preference and different playing style. More weight adds more power to the short. Also, it's about how it feels in your hand. As they have taken consideration of the weight you prefer, they have also created two versions of each of these paddles to make sure you are buying the perfect one for your grip size.

The two available grip sizes of these two paddles are 3 5/8 and 3 15/16. You can buy these according to your preferred grip size. That makes these paddles even more comfortable to hold at hand.

Features of Gearbox Mother Paddles

  • Size and Weight: We'll try to be as specific as possible in the area of size and weight. As you know, they have the exact same size just difference in weight. You already know about the weights, I'll just describe the measurements. The handle is 5½ inches, paddle length is 15⅞ inches, paddle head width is 8 inches and paddle head length is 10⅜ inches.
  • Material and Core: The basic material that keeps the balance in weight is Carbon Fiber. The core that Gearbox has used is their very own technology they have invented to use on these types of paddles. That is the solid span technology. It's still pending its patent. But very soon it'll receive the patents and will be the newest and one of the best core technologies for pickleball paddles.
  • The ideal type of Gameplay: The best part about these paddles is you don't have to look at the specifications to choose the type of gameplay. They have the same specs for different weights. The heavy paddles are usually for aggressive gameplay and the light paddles are for defensive games. So, you don't need to worry about your gameplay selection. Because you can choose your type of gameplay and then stick to the weights yourself. The most bought paddle, in this case, is the G8 being the medium gameplay one.


  • Ideal weights for all type of gameplay
  • Carbon fiber body
  • Unibody design
  • Two types of grip size


  • No variation in specifications

Gearbox G2 Paddle

Two things are enough to make you crave this paddle. One is that it's made to outlast the spin from other paddles and all that happens just by the perfect touch. It's actually a great performance paddle for you to play with. The designs are great and eye-soothing.

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The weight is very standard. It also comes with two types of grip sizes. This is something mandatory if you're buying a Gearbox paddle. The idea is to ensure your highest comfort while playing. Let's go through the further features.

Features of Gearbox G2 Paddle

  • Material and Core: The whole paddle is Single-piece, just like its brothers. It's made of three basic elements, Carbon fiber, glass, and epoxy. Honeycomb poly core is what's inside this bad boy. This core was the basic core design for every paddle until they came up with a better design.
  • Size and Weight: The measurements go like this: handle length is 5 inches, paddle length is 15 15/16 inches, paddle head width is 8 inches and paddle head length is 10 15/16 inches. It weighs about 8.5 oz.
  • Sweet Spot: This paddle has a huge sweet spot so you can grab it in very different ways but still maintain the same type of shots.


  • Made with three good materials
  • Uses the Honeycomb Poly core
  • Better spin than newer paddles of the same class
  • Two types of grip size


  • Mostly suitable for non-defensive type gameplay

Gearbox GX5 Paddle

GX5 is mostly known to be the upgraded version of G2 because they directly upgraded from honeycomb poly core to solid span core on this version. The material choice is a bit different than G2. It also weighs less. So, it's now suitable for medium defensive gameplay where G2 was designed for aggressive gameplay.

It uses Carbon Fiber. So, it's lighter than the same class other company paddles. The grip is smoother than other paddles. So, you'll get extra comfort while defending shots.

Features of Gearbox GX5:

  • Size and Weight: Here goes the measurement: the only available info about this paddle is its length and width. So, we found its dimensions. Its 16 inches in length and 8 inches in width. It weighs about 7.8 ounces. It has a grip size of two types: 3 5/8 inches or 3 15/16 inches.
  • Materials and Core: The basic material of this paddle is Carbon fiber. The core is the main attraction. It was the introductory product of the solid span tech.
  • Head Shape: Another thing that makes it different from other paddles in the shape of its head. It's actually has a perfectly traditional Quadra form. Many paddles are applying different designs but they have maintained the same traditional design.


  • Traditional Quadra form design
  • Solid span technology core
  • Two types of grip size
  • Ideal weight and size


  • Smaller sweet spot

 Gearbox G7 Paddle

G7 has the exact same specifications as the G2 except for the core. The G2 had the Honeycomb poly core and the G7 has the new improved solid Span technology core. The solid span code is made of handmade layers using rib and chamber structure. This structure is proven to give better strength.

Due to the single-piece construction, there's absolutely no chance of any part to lose and break off. That's why this paddle has created acceptance among a lot of people.

Features of Gearbox G7 Paddle:

  • Size and Weight: It weighs 7.8 ounces and the measurement is handle length is 5 inches, paddle length is 1515/16 inches, paddle head width is 8 inches and paddle head length is 10 15/16 inches.
  • Material and Core: The core is made with solid span technology and the paddle is made of three materials, Carbon, Glass and Epoxy.
  • Sweet Spot: It has a maximized sweet spot for shot accuracy. Sweet spot helps to be accurate in a way that you might not be holding the paddle in the exact spot during every single shot. So, the maximized sweet spot lets your shots to be accurate and similar every time.
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  • Single-piece composite construction
  • Solid span technology core
  • USAPA Approved
  • Maximized Sweet spot


  • Only one type of gift size

Gearbox G11 Paddle

This one here is the sweetheart of the market. When gearbox came up with the idea of single-piece construction design, people thought it would be vibrating way more than the existing joint paddles. But astonishingly, due to the solid span technology, it doesn't vibrate.

The paddles feel really soft but solid at hand with a maximized sweet spot. It's a very standard paddle for any type of gameplay. Because of its design and construction, people find it very comfortable to play with.

Features of Gearbox G11:

  • Size and Weight: It weighs about 7.8oz. That's the standard weight of Gearbox paddles which is acceptable. The handle length is 5 inch, paddle length: 1515/16 inches, paddle head width is 8 inch, paddle head length is 1015/16 inch.
  • Core and Material: The core is made using solid span technology. It is made of two materials, glass fiber, and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is the best material to use if you want to make something light but solid.
  • Price: Before buying anything, one thing is a must to consider that is "value to usage ratio". G11 is actually one of the cheapest gearbox paddles but with good specifications. That's why this has created a fuss among people.


  • Price is less than other paddles
  • The core is made using Solid span technology
  • Body material contains glass fiber and carbon fiber
  • The weight is standard according to tournament play


  • Might face some cosmetic damage which will affect gameplay

Gearbox pickleball paddles reviews

What Is Gearbox?

Gearbox is a company launched by the great racquetball player Rafael Filippini. As an expert of racquetball paddles, he has been serving the industry for the past 25 years. Filippini has several patents on racquetball tech and from 2015 his company has concentrated its expertise in creating the best pickleball paddles in the market. And trust me they have because one of their paddles the G11 gearbox is the current market sweetheart.

These edgeless paddles are significantly different and improved than its competitors. Because of those technological advances in racquetball, Gearbox has managed to put all its efforts into making the best pickleball paddles in the industry.

Gearbox Paddle Specification

The genre of gearbox paddles has a list of specifications that are different from its competitors, making them one of a kind.

Edgeless Designs:

Gearbox paddle has a significant difference in design. All the paddles are edgeless. Some other companies are trying to create this similar design in some of their paddles but every Gearbox paddle has an edgeless design. Making each and every single one of them feel very premium.

USAPA Approval: 

Most of the companies create a very distinctive difference between their paddles that some of their paddles are only usable for regular home gaming. But every Gearbox paddle is suitable for tournament play. The best part is that these paddles don't cost much.

Unibody Construction Method:

The unibody construction method is that the whole paddle is one piece of material. That means there are no joints in the paddle whatsoever. Paddles have been reported to break off the joints and be destroyed. Surprisingly gearbox paddles have no such obligations. They just don't come off or crack during very serious gameplay.

Carbon Fiber Surface: 

Now carbon fiber is a very solid but thin and lightweight material that gives solidity to anything that it's added to. The gearbox paddles have its surface made of carbon fiber. So, these paddles are very solid by nature and there are absolutely no dead spots on its surface.

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These are the general specifications you can find in a Gearbox paddles. To be honest, you don't need any other reason to get yourself a gearbox paddle because it's tournament grade. Tournament grade paddles are created with the highest precision rates. So, be sure of buying one and be satisfied.

Gearbox Paddle Product Line

Gearbox paddles are created in such a way that you would remember the specification by its model name. So, let's check out what they have to offer.

The G7 G8 & G9:

These three are the mother models of gearbox products. The best part about these three is that these have the exact same specification except for one. That's their weight. The G7 weighs 7 oz, the 8 oz, and 9 oz respectively so, you can buy the exact same specified paddle with your preferable weight. This distinction was made due to the different weight acceptance of different people and to make sure they get the same performance from their paddle. Sometimes people have to sacrifice very important features due to their weight acceptance. So, this was a very effective solution from Gearbox.

The G2 Paddle:

This paddle construction is done under high heat and high-pressure situations. Thus the mold is very fine and ecstatic. It's a single piece paddle designed with a molded poly honeycomb core, carbon fiber, and glass fiber. This is a very solid paddle because of the high heat molding.

The G7 Paddle:

This one has the same specifications as the G2 one. But the only major difference is in the core. The core is rather upgraded than the honeycomb core of the G2.

The G11 Paddle:

The best seller of the Gearbox line. This one is proving its potential among the people who are pickleball enthusiasts. It has a solid span construction built for touch and 7.8 ounces weight.

Comparison at a Glance

Paddle Model
Gameplay Type
Gearbox Original Seven, Eight and Nine
Carbon Fiber
Solid Span Technology
7 oz, 8 oz, 9


Any Type of Gameplay
Gearbox G2
Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber and Epoxy

Poly Core

8.5 oz
Aggressive Gameplay
Gearbox GX5
Carbon Fiber
Solid Span Technology
7.8 oz
Mild Defensive Gameplay
Gearbox G7
Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber and Epoxy
Solid Span Technology
7.8 oz
Mild Defensive Gameplay
Gearbox G11
Carbon Fiber & Glass Fiber
Solid Span Technology
7.8 oz
Any Type of Gameplay

Wrapping Up

Gearbox is in the industry for 12 years and they have already achieved 100% client satisfaction because they have applied all the state of the art technologies they can to create great Pickleball paddles. Rafael Filippini, the man behind this company has made the impossible possible on account of his experience in the field.

So, after going through this Gearbox Pickleball paddle reviews, I hope you can find a suitable paddle for yourself. You can undeniably buy any of these babies and feel great about yourself because every single one has an advantage.

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