Engage Pickleball Paddles Reviews [2023 Update – Top 7 Comparison With Our Ultimate Top Pick]

Engage Pickleball is a renowned manufacturer of some of the best pickleball paddles out there. One of their celebrated brands is Encore. They are made with all the high-grade materials you can think of. People love Encore paddles because of the build quality they offer and how comfortable it is to play with.

In this encore engage pickleball paddle reviews, we will talk about 7 pickleball paddles along with their features, pros, and cons.

There are multiple reasons to choose to Engage pickleball paddles, one of them being they test new things on their paddles to improve on a regular basis (it is rare, trust us). They make those tests for tournament paddles but when these tests are perfected, they are applied on the affordable range of paddles too.

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engage poach advantage review

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Engage Poach Advantage

  • 6 Layered surface
  • Absorbs extra shock
  • Variable release technology

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Engage Poach Advantage

Engage Poach Extreme

Engage Encore Pro

Engage Pickleball Elite Pro

Engage Encore Blade

Engage Encore Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Encore Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Engage Poach Advantage Review

If you’re asking for more layers on the surface of your pickleball paddle, this is the one you’re looking for. The Engage Poach advantage is a one of a kind pickleball paddle that has 6 layers on its pad surface to give better playing experience. This paddle has been incarcerated with Variable release technology which is patented from Engage pickleball paddles.

So when you buy it, you know that you’re buying a piece of technological advantage. More layers add an option of the paddle surface to absorb more shock and reduce the chance of the paddle shaking in your hand after each shot. So, you get a better grip and play a better game. The 6 layered surface is USAPA approved so feel free to use it for professional play.

Engage Poach Features:

  • Core Technology: It uses the Control Pro black core. That’s why some refer it to be a black edition paddles. Black edition paddles from Engage are thought to be the best inline paddles. So, when you’re buying it, be sure to know that you’re buying a great paddle to play your game.
  • Weight: The best part is that you can choose your preferable weight among 5 different options. All options are between the standard weights measures suitable for tournament play. You can have your very own customized weight paddle for your pleasure.
  • Recommendation: This paddle is recommended by professional players like Corrine Carr and Ben Johns. They are sponsored by Engage and they have chosen this paddle for their tournament play. Oh, for your information, they are gold medalist pickleball players.


  • 6 layered surface
  • Absorbs extra shock
  • Variable Release technology
  • Different weight options
  • Played by professional players


  • No grip size variation

Engage Poach Extreme Review

This next paddle is considered as the improved edition of the previous paddle. The Engage poach extreme is built for extreme gameplay. It’s built with the same technology. It has 6 layers of fiberglass and the core is made with control pro-black poly.

If you’re a person who plays with narrow style paddle, then this one is for you. It has a size that is for narrow paddle lovers. You’ll understand the size style when you read about the features below. It has an extra half-inch width that gives a bit of an advantage. You’ll not miss shots by an inch with this paddle.

Features of Engage Poach Extreme

  • Size: its 17 inches long and 7 inches wide. The extra area size gives you better chances of hitting every shot precisely. It has a handle size of 5 inches.
  • Better looks: The best thing about this paddle is that it looks very smart when you’re holding it in your hands. It has a better skin color and style that makes it look attractive even to your competitors.
  • Construction: Its layers are made of fiberglass. It consists of Control Pro Black Core. It’s made with the same technology as the previous one, the variable release technology.
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  • Stylish design
  • Half inch wider than usual paddles.
  • Narrow style
  • Fiberglass layers
  • Control pro-black core
  • Variable release technology


  • One type of handle size, no variation

Engage Encore Pro Review

The sweet spot is a very important area on a pickleball paddle and the Encore Pro has the largest sweet spot in all encore line paddles. The paddle and ball contact is a theory established by Engage. This theory is applied and it has added extra spin to the paddles.

With this paddle, you can maximize your spins. Thus giving yourself better-skilled gameplay. Sometimes, your skill can be killed due to bad paddles. But with this paddle, it’ll help you to increase your skills drastically.


  • Construction & Core: The polymer honeycomb core and fiberglass layers give it extra toughness that you need to make each shot perfect. The skin layers are constructed in such a way that the ball may stay on the paddle surface for longer to give it time to make the perfect spin happen. Don’t take it literally that the ball will stick to your paddle. It’s impossible to see by the naked eye, but when tested, it was proven to provide better spin and the ball contact time was actually longer.
  • Weight & Grip Size: It has a medium grip size. 4 1/4 inches is the actual medium size suitable for tournament play. It has a weight option between 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz. You can choose your preferred weights.
  • Recommendation: This paddle is recommended and used by three of the national champions of pickleball.  Brian Staub, Marcin Rozpedski and Phil Bagley, they play with the Encore pro occasionally on important national tournaments.


  • Honeycomb polymer core
  • 6 layers of fiberglass
  • Several weight options
  • Used by professionals
  • Better spin


  • Only one grip size option

Engage Pickleball Elite Pro Review

If vibration control is what you want then you should buy this one, because, with Control pro 2 core, this one has achieved the highest stability in pickleball paddles. The Engage pickleball elite pro is actually a one of kind paddle. It has a cutting edge chemical bond skin.

Professional players were asked how companies can improve their paddles. A lot of professionals had given pieces of advice on how to improve and engage listed all the things they asked for and came up with this beast. They talked about vibration control and spin on the same paddle.

If you want your paddle to add spins, you have to accept that your paddle will vibrate a lot more. But they have achieved a new core technology with what they have ensured minimum vibration with maximum spin. That’s why this is an optional paddle for most of the national players that are sponsored by Engage. Also, some non-sponsored players also practice with this one. So, be sure that you’re buying the best.


  • Construction: The paddle has the newest core technology introduced by Engage. That’s the Control Pro 2. The best core designed for less vibration on spin shots.
  • Size & Weight: The size of the paddle goes like this, length: 16 inches, width 8 inches, & grip size 41/4. The weight is standard, it’s between 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz. that’s the regulated tournament weight for paddles.
  • Recommendation: You don’t have to take recommendations into thinking because it was constructed to fulfill professional demands and a lot of professional players play with this paddles.


  • Reduced Vibration
  • Increased spin
  • Control Pro 2 Core
  • Standard tournament-grade weight


  • One type of grip size

Engage Encore Blade Review

Probably the most famous encore line paddle. People think that the Engage Encore blade is famous because of its catchy name. But actually, that’s not true at all. It has features that will actually make you want to buy it right away rather than taking the time to read the whole article.

Let’s start, shall we? The one thing you can be sure of is that no other paddle can crank up your game the way it can. It has a Specialized Polypropylene core that gives it immense strength and also a sense of spin which help you to have a stiff exterior with better gameplay.

The saddest part is that due to its popularity, it’s often out of stock. So, to make sure you get it before other, order right away.

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  • Construction: The core is made with Specialized Polypropylene and the surface layers are made of proprietary Fiberglass. The materials are combined to create one of the best paddles engage has to offer.
  • Size & Weight:  It weighs between 7.9 oz to 8.3 oz. It’s 17 inches tall and its width is 6 and a half inches. Because of lesser width, it’s called the blade. Don’t get confused that the width would be an obstruction between better gameplay. No, Sir. The gameplay is somewhat better with this at hand.
  • USAPA Roughness Test: Think of it like an all-terrain SUV that can go over anything. This paddle has actually passed the USAPA roughness test in one shot.


  • Tough paddles
  • Specialized Polypropylene core
  • Proprietary Fiberglass layers
  • Variety in weight selection
  • Stylish white color
  • Roughness test passed


  • Out of stock often due to over popularity

Engage Pickleball Paddle Raven Review

Thinking about getting yourself something rough and tough? How about something with an aluminum core? The Engage Pickleball Paddle Raven has an Aluminum Honeycomb core. This core has made the paddle very strong. It has less vibration than most of the paddles of its class.

The surface material is as usual fiberglass. But it has raven scratches in between to create an uneven surface. Raven has been popular among the intermediate players. Because it’s believed by all that the base spin from the paddle comes from the raven scratches part. Believing that, the novice players don’t try to buy it because they think they can’t hit the raven scratch section and create perfect spins.

It’s somewhat true. But you don’t always have to hit all balls with the raven scratch. The whole surface is actually good for spins.


  • Construction: Surface built with fiberglass and the core made of Aluminum Honeycomb technology has made this paddle quite indestructible. It’s actually one of the toughest paddles there is. Because of the name raven, the company decided to apply its Aluminum Honeycomb core.
  • Size & Weight: It’s 15 and a half inches long, 8 and a half inches wide and the grip size is 4 and a quarter inches. It weighs between 7.4 oz to 8 oz. It’s actually a lighter line among the tournament paddles.
  • Raven Scratches: The surface allows you to hit the paddles from anywhere. But the raven scratches add the extra spin to the balls. Thus, providing you an extra edge over your competitors. Trust me, it’s not an intermediate paddle. You can try it.


  • Aluminum Honeycomb core
  • Fiberglass and raven scratch surface
  • Lighter paddle
  • Different weight options
  • Better spin


  • Famous to be an intermediate paddle which is not actually true

Encore X-Series Pickleball Paddle Review

The chemical bond skins are now seen on many paddles but they were introduced to the market by Engage with their Encore X-Series Pickleball Paddles. Many people think that only metal cores are better for vibration control. But the truth is that polymer cores are better. So, to make the X-Series better with shot vibrations, engage have inserted polymer cores to X-series paddles to make them vibrate less in every shot.

If you think that graphite paddles are for you then you should get yourself an X-Series paddle because they are made using a new technology called the Liquid Graphite. It has made the paddle softer and smoother but increased the playability.


  • Construction: The core of the X-Series paddles are made of polymer and the surface is made of fiberglass. It’s constructed with liquid graphite technology thus it’s more playable but softer and easier to handle.
  • Size & Weight: There are several paddles with different sizes but all have the same grip size that is 4 and a quarter inches. They weigh between 7.9 oz to 8.3 oz. You can choose between the weight options.
  • Color Editions: Most paddles don’t have color options, So, you may see two players playing with the same paddle. But with X-Series, you can keep your paddle different. You can choose from 6 different colors including blue, red and pink.


  • Polymer Core
  • Fiberglass surface
  • Liquid Graphite technology for better playability
  • Different Color options
  • Different weight options


  • Only one grip size

engage pickleball paddles

Comparison at a Glance

Paddle Model Materials Core Weight Gameplay Type
Engage Poach Advantage Fiberglass Control Pro black core 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz Any Type of Gameplay
Engage Poach Extreme Fiberglass Control Pro Black Core 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz Any Type of Gameplay
Engage Encore Pro Fiberglass polymer honeycomb 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz Any Type of Gameplay
Engage Pickleball Elite Pro Fiberglass  Control Pro 2 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz Any Type of Gameplay
Engage Encore Blade Fiberglass Specialized Polypropylene 7.4 oz to 8 oz Any Type of Gameplay
Engage Pickleball Paddle Raven Fiberglass Aluminum Honeycomb 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz Any Type of Gameplay
Encore X-Series Pickleball Paddle Fiberglass Polymer Core 7.8 oz to 8.3 oz Any Type of Gameplay
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Engage Pickleball: The Company 

The company not only deals in paddles but also they sell pickleball, nets, and various accessories. But they are vastly known for their tournament and affordable paddles.

With a team full of engineers who have a background in Applied Physics for producing paddles with maximum performance level, they have achieved a new dimension of paddle development. The best part about their product is that they are very sincere about their quality control. That’s why all of their products have high quality in terms of any type of gameplay.

Another achievement from their end is that all of their paddles are USAPA approved for tournament use. So, you can get tournament performance even from an affordable range of paddles. Not to mention the paddles listed here are best of those paddles. So, you can buy any of these without hesitation.

Moreover, they have a research and development section where they only work to develop their designs and paddle quality. They make all the experiments there.

They believe, players of any skill, if given a proper paddle can cease to amaze. That’s why they are trying to develop paddles suitable for even the most beginner player. They let professionals, as well as beginners, to test their paddles and take their feedback. According to their feedback, the research and development team then starts to find ways of improving the paddles.

Engage is not a company that’s only engaged in profits over sports. Pickleball is not a very celebrated game. But it’s one of the most enjoyable games that I’ve played personally. Those who have tried playing it will agree with me. That’s why companies like Engage are spending a lot of profit money to promote this game.

So, when you’re buying a product from Engage, be sure of two things. One, that you’re buying world-class tournament-grade pickleball paddles, two, that you’re doing good for the pickleball community. So, don’t hesitate to buy products from them if you’re a true fan of the sport.

Wrapping up

The Engage Pickleball has engaged its concentration in improving the community of the pickleball. Usually, we don’t see an international company promoting national sports unless it’s played internationally. But Engage has true affection for the game and they have been sponsoring a lot of local and national level professional pickleball players and trying heart and soul to improve their paddles to give a better experience to the newer player to encourage them.

If you’re new to this community, we would strongly insist you get yourself an Engage paddle. It’s not because we are writing this Encore pickleball paddle reviews. You have visited this page because you love the sport. If you want to do something that effects the community in a positive way, you can always do it through someone who is directly connected. That is Engage.

And just for the sake of the encore pickleball paddle reviews, you can buy any of the listed paddles no matter on what level you are in. Because each and every paddle is meant to give the best experience to the players of different skillset. So, get yourself an engage Pickleball paddle.

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