Must-Know Dart Terms & Terminology

Darts is a popular sport that consists of several players who throw sharp missile-like objects at a dartboard or target. Those who play darts are oftentimes referred to as (dartists) and seek to achieve the highest possible score. You score points according to the place where your land. While there isn’t a specific core principle to follow, your main goal is to hit the center bullseye!

If you want to have more fun and playing this game, we have found that it’s really important to understand the terminology used. You will feel more comfortable and have more fun.

So the next time you and your buddies get together for a game of darts you will be well prepared! Whether you’re an expert or a dart novice, there are certain terminology dart players should know. I have chosen those which to me are the most helpful and some with quirky names for your entertainment. The below common dart terminology and terms are easy to learn and store in your memory bank.

A to Z Dart Terminology & Terms

Aces: When player’s score a double 1 during a ’01 dart game.

Archer: A smooth style of throwing that is similar to actual archery.

Arrows: A word often used in place of darts, especially throughout the United Kingdom.

Bail Out: When the 3rd dart achieves a high triple after 2 previous low-score darts.

Barrel: Gripping point of dart held by a player.

Black Eye: The exact center point in a bulls-eye that is worth 50 total points.

Black Hat: When a player gets 3 consecutive double bullseyes in one round.

Bullseye: Center area of a dartboard aka bullseyes separated by 2 circles. The first being the outer circle that is usually a greenish color (otherwise known as a single bull. The inner circle is reddish in color, otherwise referred to as a double bull. Players often use the term (cork) instead of a bullseye.

Busted/Bust: When a dart player has scored an overabundance of points upon trying to complete his/her ’01 game.

Check-Out: The point in the dart game which you get the set amount of points needed to prevail as winner.

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Choke: When you miss the winning shot that will win you the game.

Chucker: A term used for a dart player who is careless with their toss and does not aim towards any particular spot.

Convertible: Interchangeable plastic and steel-tipped darts.Cracked — When you’re trying to get a double hit and wind up with a single hit instead

Cracked: When you’re trying to get a double hit and wind up with a single hit instead

Dead Eye: The center location of a bullseye found on a soft-tipped dartboard.

Devil: In the case of a devil score 666 is not evil but when player’s get a triple 6.

Diddle: The first throw in a dart game to see which player will go first.

Double: Is a term for the furthest outer dartboard ring which scores you twice the amount of points.

Double Bull: A double bull is a reference used for the centermost point in the bullseye that’s reddish in color.

Downstairs: The bottom-most part of a dartboard is often referred to as downstairs.

Dust: When a player’s dart ends up landing outside of the scoring zone of a dartboard.

Easy-In: When an 01′ darts game does not involve the players needing to land their dart in a double region of a number first.

Easy-Out: The end of a 01′ darts game that does not need any players to reach the double region of a said number on the dartboard.

Eights: A simpler term for the number 18.

Fat: The biggest region of a dartboard number found in between the double and triple.

Fives: A simpler term for the number 15.

Flight: Feathered part of a dart made from various materials to assist in ints aerodynamics.

Game-On: A term used for total silence before starting a darts game.

Good Group: A term for an accurate dart throw in which is tight.

Grand Slam: When a player scores a triple 20, 5, and 1.

Hail Mary: This Is when you score a triple on your 3rd try upon striking out on the 1st two.

Happy Meal: The term used when a dart player scores a total of 69 points.

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Hat Trick: become a magician with this nifty dart maneuver after you land 3 darts onto the bullseye in one round.

Hockey: The starting point (throw-line) in which dart players stand.

Island: Common darts term that refers to a scoring region on a dartboard.

Knurl: The barreled part of a dart with grooves or patterns which some players prefer to grip.

Leg: Dart term for a darts match involving a single game.

Little: Part of the dartboard that’s located in between the bullseye area and triple region.

Madhouse: Term used in darts for a double 1 in your 01′ dart game.

Mark: A scoring darts term to keep track of dart game player’s progress.

Match: A dart session that lasts about two to three games.

Maximum: When you score a triple 20 in the darts game.

Nickel: A term used for the denser metal utilized in the construction of a dart barrel.

Nines: A simpler term for the number 19.

Oche: You’re Okey Dokey with the Oche for it is the simple United Kingdom dart term for a throw line.

Over Achiever: When you score an overabundance of points during your finishing 01′ darts game.

Paddling: A darts terminology for when you are about to throw your dart with one or both feet over the throw line.

Perfect Score: When you achieve a perfect triple 20 score.

Pie: As its name suggests, pie refers to the numbered slices on a dartboard surface.

Rail: The wiring aka (Spiders Web) is located on steel-tipped dartboards or plastic as those of electronic boards.

Round: The simple darts game term for a 3 dart throw round.

Shanghai: When you hit a single, double, and triple all in one single round.

Single-In: Beginning your dart game of 01′ without the need to first land in the double zone.

Single-Out: Finishing your dart game of 01′ without the need to land in a double zone.

Splash: When a player throws 2 darts in one toss usually at the beginning of a darts game to see who goes first.

Steady: The dart term steady is when you score a total of 60 points in one round.

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Ton: When a player lands a score of 100 points totals in a single round.

Tops: Scoring a double twenty or forty.

Triple: Otherwise known as a treble, the term triple refers to the inner side ring on the dartboard that’s worth 3 x’s point number.

Trombones: The darts term when a player scores seventy-six points during a single game round.

Upstairs: A common term referring to the upper part of a dartboard.

Wet Feet: A simple darts term for when a player is not standing behind the throw line.

Wiring: A darts term for bouncing the dart off of the wire.

Darts Terminology Summary

Our above Darts Terminology & Terms should give you a better understanding of the game of darts.

Write down the terms you need to remember or print out this page for future reference to get yourself familiar so you can hone your darting skills.

Plus, you’ll go into a darts game competition knowing which catchphrases and dart terminology lingo to listen for. We hope that our list comes in handy and helps you become a more successful darts player!

If you want to learn more about darts and buy some supplies for your house, be sure to read our review of the best dart boards, the best darts, or fun dart games to play with your friends!

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