Best Combination Game Table

Combination game tables can provide endless hours of fun for all of the family. Featuring a range of games from air hockey, foosball, pool, table tennis, and many more, they are extremely versatile and allow you to choose between multiple games at once, all coming compactly designed into one game table. 

Best Combination Game Table

Some will feature more games than others but the most important factors to consider are quality and durability.

With the market for these combination games tables becoming broader, we have done the hard work for you and browsed the market selecting our top five picks for the best combination games tables. Below, you will also find a handy buyer's guide with all of our top tips for choosing the best product.

If you are in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below.


Best Choice Products 2x4ft 10-in-1 Combo Game Room Table Set for Home, Friends & Family w/Hockey, Foosball, Pool, Shuffleboard, Ping Pong, Chess, Checkers, Bowling, and Backgammon - Natural

For our top pick, we have selected the Best Choice Products 10-in-1 combination games table. Impressively, the interchangeable tabletop lets you choose from a range of games including slide hockey, foosball, pool, table tennis, cards, checkers, and bowling just to name a few.

With a classic game room design, this combination table has a natural wood-like exterior with four stable legs, each resting on non-slip footings, creating a stable game table that isn’t going to slip on its surface. 

You needn't worry about this games table consuming a lot of space. Each game surface can be stacked between the billiard base and the football table, so it can be easily stored even in confined spaces.

It is fair to say that this combination game table includes everything to satisfy each player, providing endless amounts of fun for all of the family.


  • This is an affordable games table retailing at a budget friendly price.
  • It is versatile with the choice of 10 games to choose from.
  • Courtesy of its compact design, it is easy to store away when not in use.
  • Built with non-slip footings, it is unlikely to slip and cause disruptions when in use.
  • An excellent quality games table with a sturdy build.


  • This is a relatively small games table which may not be ideal for those hoping to invest in one of a more substantial size.


MD Sports Table Tennis, Slide Hockey, Foosball, Billiards, 54” 4-in-1 Combination Game Set with Side Lock Clips - Quick Set-Up, Interchangeable, Fully Equipped, Model Number: CBF054_058M

Next up we have selected the MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table. This converter table means that you have a choice of games available without needing to invest in each individually. Choose from pool, table tennis, slide hockey, and foosball.

Conveniently designed each of the game table tops can be stacked for easy portability and compact storage. Each tabletop also has a reinforced base that can usefully be locked into place to prevent them from moving around. 

Made using solid materials, this table and its surfaces have been made to great quality and are durable too. You can be assured that you can enjoy this table and it is going to withstand lots of wear and tear.

When you purchase this games table you will also receive all of the essential kit that you need. Of course, this includes the table itself, hockey pushers, pucks, a billiard ball set, cues, a ball rack, and much more.

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Impressively, this game table also features a built-in manual scorer, making it much easier to keep track of each player's progress throughout the game.


  • Made with steel rods and solid wood handles, this table can withstand even the most intense playing without getting damaged.
  • The oversized leg levelers account for stability and the inclusion of rubber protects your floors from any scratches.
  • This game table comes with everything that you need to begin playing.
  • Thanks to the manual scorer, keeping track of scores is much easier.
  • It is easy to transition between each of the interchangeable game surfaces.


  • Assembling this game table can take a while.


Lancaster 3 in 1 Pool Billiard, Slide Hockey, Foosball Combo Arcade Game Table with Pool Cues, Billiard Balls, Hockey Mallets, and Pucks

Our next choice is the Lancaster 3 in 1 combo game table. Featuring three different games you can choose from; pool, slide hockey, and foosball, and easily switch between each game in seconds thanks to the interchangeable game surfaces.

Once you have changed between each of the games, there are side locks that help to keep the game table stable and in place so that you can continue to enjoy your next game.

Along the sides of the table, you will also find a manual scorekeeper providing an easy way for each player to keep track of their score and progress throughout the game. 

With built-in tabletop storage, this multi-purpose table measuring 48 inches, is going to take up less space, allowing for easy portability and convenience in storing especially in confined spaces.


  • The convenient tabletop design makes it easy to switch between each game surface in seconds.
  • Designed with side locks either side, the table is kept securely in place.
  • Sturdily designed, it is likely to withstand daily wear and tear without becoming damaged. 
  • There are three popular arcade games to choose from. 
  • The size of this pool table makes it a great choice for children.


  • Assembly can be a little tricky and time-consuming.


Funmall 48' 4-in-1 Combo Game Table with Pool Billiard Slide Hockey Foosball and Table Tennis

The Funmall Combo Game Table is our next choice for you. With four different game options you can choose between pool billiards, slide hockey, foosball and tennis and this is sure to provide hours of endless fun. 

Made using high quality, non - toxic MDF, this is a reliable pool table that is likely to see you through many years. With four stable legs, you are guaranteed to have a stable and secure playing surface that isn't going to move as you play.

When it comes to assembly, impressively, this table can be put together easily, and converting between the different game's surfaces can be done in a matter of seconds.

As an all in one gaming table, storage needn't be an issue, as each playing tabletop can be stored within the other making it easy and convenient to store away, even when you have limited space available. 

When you purchase this game table, you will receive all of the accessories that you need to start playing. This includes the billiard balls, cue sticks, pool table brush, cue stick chalk, soccer bars, table tennis and rackets along with much more.


  • This games table comes with a 180 day manufacturer warranty, if it should get damaged then you can be assured that there is help available.
  • The four gaming choices give variety in what you can play.
  • This is a durably made combination game table that is going to last for a long time.
  • Courtesy of its smaller size, this games table is easy to store in between uses.
  • Assembling this game table is easy.


  • It is a little smaller so may not be suitable for those looking for a larger games table.


Fat Cat by GLD PRODUCTS Original 3-in-1, 6-Foot Flip Game Table (Air Hockey, Billiards and Table Tennis)

Finally, we have selected the Fat Cat Original 3 - in-1, 6 foot game table. With 3 games available in one table, this is a convenient product that gives you the choice between billiards, air hockey, and table tennis.

Featuring tri-fold tabletop technology, you can change between the games within seconds. Simply unlock the latches that secure each playing surface in place and then flip it over. For convenient storage, this table can be locked sideways too, this way meaning that it is going to consume less room.

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Measuring 6 feet, this is a great option for fitting into tighter spaces, giving you the flexibility to store this product in any room layout.

The pool table features a smooth playing surface closely resembling that of a professional standard pool table. The air hockey surface features a powerful CFM electric motor, creating a realistic gaming experience and with a manual scorer, each player can easily keep track of their scores. The table tennis gaming surface can conveniently be used on either side.


  • When you purchase this game table you receive all of the accessories that are needed to begin playing.
  • In regards to storage, this gaming table can be locked on its side for convenience when storing it in smaller spaces.
  • This is great for adults and children alike, all players are likely to enjoy hours of fun.
  • Sturdily built, this is a durable table that is likely to see you through many uses.
  • It is easy to flip the table to swap between games.


  • This game table retails at a significantly higher price than our previous product mentions, therefore it may be unsuitable for those on a budget.

Best Combination Game Table Buying Guide

Combination games tables can differ significantly between the brands and this refers to the game choices, the quality, the price, and much more. Narrowing it down to the best product can seem like an overwhelming process. 

Below we have listed some factors that will help you select the best combination gaming table.

The Games

The amount of games supported by a combination games table can vary, therefore it is important to choose the table that has all of the games that you are looking for. Opting for a games table without paying attention to the games that it includes poses the risk of purchasing one with games that you don't enjoy and as a result, this games table is then useless to you. It is also important to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality just for a specific amount of games.

There are some tables available that come with around 10 different game choices and others that come with a more minimal choice giving you the option to choose from 3 or 4 games. The most popular games tend to include pool, air hockey, table tennis, and foosball. However, others may have a more expansive selection offering chess, checkers, and bowling.

The Quality

As with any product that you purchase, the quality is of major importance. You don't want to invest in a games table only to find it deteriorating after a few uses. Tables made from materials such as MDF are likely to be the most long-lasting, as they are strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear without becoming damaged easily. The legs on the games table are also an indicator of its quality, ideally, you should opt for one that has rubber grips along the bottom as this helps to keep the table secure as you play. 

The quality of the turn knobs and each of the accessories is also important in allowing you to get a good grip and therefore play to the best of your ability.

The durability of your games table is closely linked to how well it is built. Those made from poor quality materials are likely to deteriorate at a much faster rate than those made from high-quality materials. Your games table is also likely to be subject to regular use so it is important to select a product with a strong material construction.

The Size

The size of gaming tables can differ between brands although most tend to be around the 4-8" size range. It is very important to pay close attention to the size of the table before you invest in it. You often find individuals purchasing a pool table only to receive one that is significantly smaller than they were expecting. 

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Many pool tables are around the 4" size range which makes them an ideal choice for children but may not be big enough for adults looking for a more substantial sized product. If you are quite serious about your playing too, you want to invest in one that is going to be appropriate in relation to your height so that you aren’t stuck playing on a games table that is far too small. 

The size is also important when it comes to storing the pool table. The good thing about these products is that they come with the benefit of being able to store each tabletop inside the other. Taking up significantly less room, they are easily portable if needed to move between rooms and they can also be stored easily. A large pool table is also going to be easier to store courtesy of this design. While the build volume is going to be larger than a small games table, they still have the benefit of being able to store each playing surface inside the other. 

The Price

For many, the price is the most important factor to consider and this can vary depending on the size, style, and quality of the combination games table. You are likely to find that smaller games tables retail at lower prices than those that are larger.

It is important to remember that price often equates to quality and whilst it is important to work with a budget in mind, it is necessary to ensure that you don't sacrifice the build quality as a result. Many games tables of this kind are intended for light use by children and therefore it is important to consider this. If you are purchasing a games table intending to use it amongst adults it may be worth spending a little more on one that is sturdy with excellent build quality. 

Do not be put off if you have a lower budget in mind. In our guide, we have aimed to include products from all different price ranges to show what is available to you. 

Additional accessories

When you purchase your games table, most offer all of the additional accessories that you are likely to need too. This includes the pool cues, billiard balls, hockey pucks and pushers, table tennis pushers, and bats along with much more. This is ideal as you are equipped with everything that you need to begin playing without needing to make any additional purchases. 

The Intended User

Whilst combination games tables can be a great source of family fun, the majority are catered towards an audience of children and it is important to consider this before making your purchase. The intended audience is likely to have a significant influence on the build quality and size. Having an awareness of this before making your purchase is going to ensure that you select the right product for your needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are combination games tables good?

Yes, combination games tables are good, however, they are unlikely to be to the standard of a table supporting each of these games individually. For example, an air hockey game table is likely to be slightly better as it is solely dedicated to this game, whereas a combination games table supports that game along with others.

However, there is no doubting their versatility and practicality for those looking for a source of fun for adults and kids alike. Converting between each game can be done in seconds and they tend to be practical for storing too. 


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