Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review (W/ Our Buying Guide)

Ready for our Carrom foosball table review? You've come to the right place. 

Now that the World Cup has ended for another year, you may need to capture that excitement in your own home. We get that. The best way to achieve all of the screaming, thrills, and yelling "gooooal" is with a quality foosball table.

Modern machining and manufacturing techniques have lowered prices on this kind of entertainment. What was once a luxury item has become more obtainable for the average household.

Customization options and quality materials also provide years of enjoyment for the investment.

To understand more about which foosball table is right for you, we've compiled some reviews. Let's get started. 

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Carrom Foosball Table Review

Carrom has been producing quality gaming tables out of their shop in Ludington, MI for over 125 years. The company started out building pool tables. They have since expanded to other popular gaming tables like bubble hockey and wood foosball tables.

This review will focus on the Signature table, the top of the line endeavor.


Carrom Signature Foosball Table

The table comes in a variety of different finishes depending on where you shop. They have three premium wood finishes wild cherry, Moroccan, and burr oak. These finishes are an inch thick and adorn the sides and headers of the table.

The fifty-five-inch table weighs over 170 pounds. This provides a stable playing surface for even the most aggressive play.

The materials can handle rough use and wear for years, and the table comes with a one year warranty. The wood panels and play surfaces are thick enough to be warp-resistant.

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The unit comes partially assembled from most sellers. This will leave the legs off as well as the player rods and the cup holder accessories. The final construction of the unit can be tricky.

Carrom supplies instructions for the final assembly as well as a video tutorial to guide you through the process.

Player Configuration

Players have two options. Both options include the cross-hatch toe players the difference is in the counterbalancing. One set is counterbalanced and a second set that is not counterbalanced.

Professional players know the importance of counterbalanced players. Essentially, these provide more feedback on spin while also staying where they are put. Players that tilt back down can easily interrupt shots.

You can set the goalies to 1 or 3 man configurations. Players also have access to corner ramps when using a single goalie setup to prevent dead ball zones.

Play Surface

The playing surface is 3/8" thick. It is screen printed and resistant to the most wear. We say most because using a dirty or damaged ball can significantly decrease longevity.

This isn't the manufacturer's issue but a common issue with players not replacing worn balls.

The side walls are high enough that this shouldn't be an issue. The ball returns also hold the balls adequately, even from a sharp angle impact shot. These features keep the balls from hitting the floor and picking up debris that can mar the play surface.


Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review

Chrome-plated steel rods with stay-true bearings. The action on the rods is smooth and feels sturdy. A standard issue with grades below that of a professional foosball table comes from the rod action. The rods need to be heavy enough to deliver power but not so heavy they can't be used quickly.

The bearings come preinstalled with the body fo the table and the rods fit through. It is recommended to store the unused goalie configure rods properly to prevent gunking up the bearings.

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You'll enjoy the balance in functionality, weight, and durability on this table.


Wooden handles finish off the playing mechanism of the rods. These provide an adequate grip for most styles of play. The lack of contour can lead to slipping from sweaty hands or aggressive methods of play.

Some players disagree with the crafted wooden handles. Rubber is a stronger substance for aggressive play and wood can lose its finish over time. Once the finish wears, splinters and breaks can follow.

What these players fail to notice is that refinishing wood is easier for a home table than trying to maintain a rubber. Rubber handles can crack from temperature and time. Once the rubber starts to go the only avenue is replacing them.


The legs have 2-inch leveling levers on each side. This allows you to level the table across significant differences in terrain.

Adjusting the legs is best done with two people. The weight of the table is too much to hope to hold up and adjust the legs at the same time.

The levers lock strong and presented no issues with slipping during use or over time.

Ball Returns

The ball returns can be a bit tough to get into. They place the ball deeper into the table than some might prefer. While this allows the ball-return to stay flush with the table and not have a jutting area that players can nock into, it can slow downplay.

The plastic material stands up to wear and doesn't scuff or chafe balls, which keeps the set fresh and scratch-free longer.

Other Notes

Given the size and weight of the table, it is not suitable for players under 13. The height also can be a problem for smaller children to see and interact with the playing surface properly.

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This is only an issue if you are looking for a toy and not a professional gaming table. The Carrom Signature is sold as a table for league-style play.

After the initial issues with getting the unit assembled and ready to go, most players will find this table excellent in all areas.

The players are colorful without being distracting, and the corner ramp installation and removal is intuitive.

Game On

Carrom brings a lot of heart and dedication to building family gaming tables. The Carrom Signature foosball table shows this dedication off at a price that is obtainable.

If you are looking for more gaming know-how and reviews of popular table games such as air hockey, pool, or ping-pong give us a shout and ask some questions.

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