Killerspin JET 800 Review (2023 Update): Outstanding Power, Control & Spin?

Table tennis is one of the most exciting and fun game these days. It's gaining more popularity day by day as you can play it both indoors and outdoors. This game has easy rules and on top of that, there's no age limit as well. So, if you want to spend some quality time with your Dad, table tennis would be a great choice indeed.

If you’re already familiar with the game and been playing for a substantial time yet you’re falling behind then it’s high time you consider getting a better paddle. A good paddle can help you take your game to the next level. Generally, players tend to overlook this aspect they think that it doesn't have any significant effect on your performance. However, having the best ping pong paddle will increase the winning ratio to a great extent.

There are countless paddles available in the market and choosing the perfect match is definitely an intimidating task. In this article, we will review the JET800 SPEED N1 Ping Pong Paddle which is one the best in the market. This paddle is an excellent choice for advanced level players or mid-level players who are willing to take a step forward in the game.

Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle

Review of Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 Ping Pong Paddle: The Features

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The Killerspin JET800 N1 is an outstanding paddle that will enable you to have superb speed as well as power. Let’s have a look at its awesome features.


The blade is a major plus for the JET800 N1. There are in total seven layers out of which five are made of light wood and the rest are made of carbon. This unique blend makes the blade substantially rigid and prone to resilience. It also has Wooden Side Tape Technology that protects the internal parts of the blade.

While adding strength, the carbon layers help to decrease the weight as well giving the blade a solid sturdy build. The carbon not only strengthens the blade but also provides a larger “sweet spot” letting you easily return the massive hits from your opponent.


Killerspin JET 800 Review

The rubber of Killerspin paddles need no introduction, they are one of the best in the industry. The JET800 N1 comes with Killerspin’s signature rubber that has the capability to give some massive spin with explosive hits. The ITTF approved Nitrix-4z rubber has a high tension rate and the grip is absolutely out of the world. Overall, the rubber of this paddle will leave you no room for regret and will provide the ultimate accuracy that you’ll enjoy throughout the game.


If you have a sweaty palm and you have trouble holding on to the paddle during the game then this paddle is an absolute godsend for you. The JET800 N1 has a flared ergonomic handle that provides excellent grip and fits all hand sizes.


Performance-wise, the JET800 N1 is at the top of the line. It’s a tournament-grade paddle that great Olympic champions like Chen Qi swear by. Out of 10, the JET800 N1 has a controlled rate of 8, a spin of 9 and a power of 9.5.

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You would adore this paddle if you prefer playing from further away as it great for the defensive style of play. It has insane speed with a superb spin that will surely shake your opponent.


Well, the Killerspin is named for a reason and the JET800 N1 surely lives up to the name. It has extraordinary spins that will blow your mind.

Personalized Memory Books

The box of JET800 N1 has this unique feature that lets you keep track of the people you played with, keep signatures of your best opponents etc. This feature will help you go down the memory lane and cherish every awesome game you had with this paddle.


  • Solid blade construction
  • Tournament grade paddle
  • ITTF approved Nitrix-4z rubber
  • Intense speed and power
  • Superb performance


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Expensive

Video Review of Killerspin JET 800 N1 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET 800 vs STIGA Pro Carbon: The Comparison

If you made a list of top 3 paddles, the chances are very high that Killerspin JET800 and STIGA Pro Carbon both will secure a spot in that list. So which one is better? Well, we have compared them in terms of features, control, speed, and spin but at the end of the day, it is you who need to decide which one is perfect for you. Both are great rackets and ITTF approved. No doubt about that. 

Killerspin JET 800 Frequently Asked Questions  

Does the JET800 N1 come with a warranty? 

Yes, it comes with 30 days of warranty against factory defective products.

Which style of players it is most recommended for?

As the JET800 N1 generate intense speed as it is on the heavier side. Hence, it’s more suitable for defensive style players rather than the attackers.

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Also, it is suitable for the players who prefer playing further away from the table.

How much does this paddle weigh?

It weighs 9.4 ounces.

What is the country of origin of the product?

The JET800 N1 is made in China.

Wrapping Up

The Killerspin JET Speed N1 is a superb paddle for the professionals and the players who want to up their game a few notches. Indeed, it’s a pricey paddle but who bought gold with a nickel?

We have provided the features in detail along with the pros and cons to help you make the ultimate decision. The FAQs will also guide you along the way if you have any queries about the product.

To conclude, if you're serious about the game and more into the defensive style, then it's a match made in heaven for you.

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