Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball (2023 Update)

Looking to learn all about Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball? You’re in the right place. 

This popular bowling ball has gotten itself a name in the bowling community for its fun design, unparalleled power, and forgiveness to errors thanks to its beginner-friendly asymmetrical design and vertical-cavity technology. 

No matter what lane condition this ball faces, it will consistently travel in a straight trajectory down the mid lane, all the while storing energy to hit those pins! That’s not all, though. The Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball has plenty of interesting features to benefit both the newbie and veteran bowling player. 

Whether you’ve heard about the Storm Cruz Prime’s hook potential and want to know if it will benefit your game, or you want to learn all about this bowling ball’s new and improved coverstock, our review is going to take an unbiased look at this groundbreaking bowling ball, providing you with a complete review so you can decide if this is the right bowling ball for you. Let’s dive in!


Storm Crux Prime 15lbs


To help you make the most informed decision, here are the main specifications of the Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball:

  • The color: Red/White/Purple

  • The core: Catalyst (Asymmetrical)

  • The cover stock: SPEC Solid Reactive

  • The finish: 2000-grit Abalone

  • The fragrance: Pomegranate Cider

Storm Crux Prime Buying Guide

Storm Crux Prime Overview:

There’s plenty to love about the Storm Crux Prime. It pairs an asymmetrical core design with a powerful coverstock that has been carefully built to navigate through all types of oil-lane patterns. 

The Storm Cruz Prime Bowling Ball has been carefully designed to contain an all-new, aggressive coverstock for the Storm Crux Prime that offers a whole lot of hook potential across even the deepest oil conditions. This huge hook potential is designed to burn up oil and use it as fuel to allow you to achieve more effective angles, as well as being able to take more creative shots. 

Not just that, the Storm Crux Prime’s coverstock is paired with the same asymmetrical core design you’ll find in the older Crux models. Due to this improved combination, this means that you’ll be able to enjoy a clear boost when it comes to hitting power, as well as an increase in angle possibilities. 

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It even features a delicious fragrance! The Pomegranate Cider fragrance is refreshing and revitalizing. It will add a touch of fun to your game, as well as offering a contrast to the speed, power, and killer hook the Storm Crux Prime is known for. 

What really gives the Storm Crux Prime our seal of approval is how well it is able to travel down the middle-lane while saving energy for the backend in order to hit those pins and raise your score.

Storm Crux Prime is also unparalleled in its ability to create angles at the back end of the lane. This makes it particularly ideal for bowlers with a powerful swing that is able to create friction as they will be able to get creative and create those advanced angles. No matter your skill level, there’s plenty of fun to be had with this bowling ball.

Storm Crux Prime’s Standout Features:

The SPEC coverstock used to coat the Storm Crux Prime stands for Storm Performance Enhanced Coverstock. To break that name down, this special coverstock is specifically designed to be able to handle friction to open up possibilities for the bowler to utilize its major hook potential. The SPEC Solid Reactive coverstock used on the Crux Prime is designed specifically for heavier oil conditions, as well as for lanes with a deep oil pattern with dry areas. 

This coverstock is able to navigate through this oil without absorbing too much of it (like some porous bowling bowls would). Due to this, it is able to travel across these lanes conditions, following a powerful trajectory throughout the middle lane, all the while retaining energy as it travels towards the bowling pins. 

Due to this, the Storm Crux Prime’s SPEC Solid Reactive coverstock makes it a powerful bowling choice for competitive, tactile bowling. Not only is it able to race down lanes that have deep and complex oil patterns, but it does so with a coverstock that is built to burn up the oil it encounters, rather than absorb it. This ensures a fantastic amount of durability and consistent integrity of its performance, which we’re sure would be appreciated by competitive players who need a ball that they can reach for when faced with those trickier shots. 

Plus, thanks to the asymmetrical core design, the ball’s angling capabilities, and mid-lane traction power are given a massive dose of speed, while its low center of gravity allows for more successful shots to the pins and a better overall average, time and time again.

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What really gives the ball an extra edge is the unique shape of the asymmetrical core. This core is super thick and tough to deliver a more powerful hit and better leverage to reach pins. Whether you’re looking for a spare ball for deep lane conditions or you’re searching for a ball to try out some angled shots with, the Storm Crux Prime is a true power player and will make a useful addition to anyone’s bowling collection.

The cherry on top, the Storm Crux Prime also features a rough 2000 Abralon box finish which is able to speed through the freshest of oil fronts with impressive control and unparalleled power. 

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Pros & Cons:


There aren’t too many bowling balls out there that are able to maintain its performance and durability across the deepest oil patterns, but the Storm Crux Prime makes it look easy. 

Rather than absorbing the oil and causing the coverstock to lose integrity throughout the entirety of the game, the Storm Crux Prime is has been specifically designed to navigate through deeper oil conditions across the lane surface thanks to the aggressive coverstock that utilizes friction to achieve maximum lane length and the most successful angle shots.

Unlike older models of the Crux, the Crux Prime features a new and improved SPEC Solid Reactive coverstock that is able to deliver a better friction response than older models. The Crux Prime is a heavier older bowling ball and, while the majority of heavier oil bowling balls tend to lose energy towards the middle of the lane due to friction, the Crux Prime is able to maintain a powerful trajectory from start to finish, keeping its energy for hooks and angles.

In addition to this, the Storm Crux Prime is able to grant the bowler control while also being aggressive and able to spin out some excellent hooks. This makes it ideal for bowlers of all levels, particularly those who are at a competition level due to the versatility that it offers. Not only will it dominate the dry parts of the lane just as well as the wet areas, but it can handle different oil patterns with ease. No matter your personal preference or playing style, we think that you will love the way this bowling ball is able to navigate through oil without jutting to the sides, veering off-course, or losing control.

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The Storm Crux Prime does come with a few drawbacks, which we’re going to go through next.

While the Storm Crux Prime is particularly gifted at handling those tricker dry spots found nestled within those more complex, deep oil patterns, it’s performance lessens when used across dry-medium oil patterns

This is because the Crux Prime relies heavily on having enough oil to work with across the lane surface to create friction, allowing it to utilize its fantastic hook potential and let the user get creative with their angles and shots. Therefore, when the Storm Crux Prime is used in an alley that has a light oil pattern or medium oil pattern, unfortunately, the Crux Prime’s reactivity is almost non-existent, and it is unable to really power through the middle of the lane and harness the power that it’s become so popular for towards the back end.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Storm Crux Prime and all that it offers. To summarise, this impressive bowling offers unparalleled durability, striking speed, and a consistent high-performance across deeper oil patterns. 

On top of this, this bowling ball comes with added bonuses of being able to provide a high hook potential and fantastic friction control for creative angularity towards the end of the lane. Though it does come with a few drawbacks, it’s certainly safe to say that the good outweighs the bad! It can handle deeper oil conditions with impressive ease, especially since heavier bowling balls can often struggle with this type of oil pattern. Oh, and how could we forget its delicious fragrance? In the right hands, this bowling ball will prove to be a dangerous weapon when playing against competitors. 


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