Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball Review (2023 Update)

Combining vibrant colors with pinpoint precision, the Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball is suitable for all levels of bowlers, especially those who like to strike using a straight shot!

Thanks to its ability to handle dry lane conditions, you’ll often see a professional bowler keeping a TZone as a useful spare, while beginners often make it their bowling ball of choice due to its symmetric core designed to help you throw the ball in a straight trajectory, regardless of experience. 

It’s affordable, lightweight, and long-lasting, but is it the right ball for you? Below, you’ll find a detailed review that will help you decide if it’s worthy of being added to your bowling arsenal.

The main features of the Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball:

Polyester coverstock

The Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball contains a polyester coverstock. If you’re not too sure what that is or would like reminding, it essentially means that it’s core has been wrapped in plastic.  

A polyester coverstock is one of the most common types that you’ll find on the market, and they are suited for bowlers who want the ball to go straight down the lane. This makes a polyester coverstock ball suitable for spare shooting (especially the corner pin spares) as well as being able to resist friction while traveling down very dry lanes.

When it comes to the Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball, the polyester coverstock used is lightweight, stable, and impact-resistant, so you can be confident that this ball will last hundreds of games before needing to be replaced. 

Its weight block design has also been strategically positioned closer to the outer shell to maintain the overall structural integrity and to prevent any wobbling.

Symmetric core

The TZone Bowling Ball features a symmetric core (carefully wrapped within the polyester coverstock). A bowling ball with a symmetric core is able to ensure a straight and powerful trajectory. This is all down to the symmetric design that is able to increase the weight density of the bowling ball, allowing for equal mass distribution to enhance your performance and help you prevent the ball from veering off-center. 

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With that being said, this is why the TZone Bowling Ball’s symmetric core is an ideal choice for someone who is still getting the hang of the game, as it will give you greater control over where the ball ends up. 

Lightweight design

The TZone Bowling Ball is also very lightweight and easy to swing. If you’re a novice or looking to purchase your very first bowling ball, a lighter ball is an ideal choice because you won’t over-exert yourself. 

The TZone is fun to use and allows you to work on your swing technique without risking injury or strain. It also travels at a pretty quick speed when thrown correctly, making it a useful weapon for more advanced players who want to go for a strike.

Low hooking potential

The Tzone Bowling Ball has a low hooking potential, which is why it’s such a popular spare ball for use across dry lanes! When in use, its low hook potential allows it to travel in more of a straight line, just like we’ve mentioned above.

Many novice bowlers tend to use balls with a low hook potential because they are easier to handle and don’t require any experience in handling angles. They’re also ideal as a spare when a bowler wants to target spare pins with accuracy and, in turn, complete each round with a higher score.

Why should you use the Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball?

It will graduate with you:

Regardless of your ability and experience, the Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball can be used by any and all!  Not only is it an ideal option for helping a beginner to work on their technique, but as you progress, you’ll find that it has enough speed and friction-resistance to be able to travel in a straight trajectory with curving, making it a popular spare ball to reach for when you want to target specific pins. 

It’s long-lasting and durable:

Thanks to the polyester cover stock (which is the durable material that sits between the core and the outer shell)  the TZone won’t crack during use. You can use this bowling ball for a very long time before you’ll need to start thinking about a replacement - it’s incredible value for money.

It gives you control:

As the Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball has been made with beginner to intermediate players in mind, it grants the user a leg up and ensures that they have a high level of control from the swing, all the way to the trajectory it follows down the lane. 

Thanks to this stability, the TZone is able to prevent wobbling and allow for easier scoring.

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It has a stylish appearance:

It’s always nice to look the part, right? The Brunswick TZone features a beautiful glossy finish that repels dirt and dust, all the while resisting chipping and other types of damage. 

It is available in multiple different colors and even glows in the dark. If you’re looking to put a bit of fun into your games and make a statement, the TZone is eye-catching and will stand out. 

Pros & Cons

To help you make an informed decision, keep reading to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of this ball: 


  • It is ideal for using across dry lanes, as well as lanes with a low amount of oil
  • Known for its ability to consistently travel in straight trajectories, it’s suitable for a player of all levels
  • Its polyester coverstock helps to prevent wobbling, is impact-resistant and helps to power the ball down the lane
  • The symmetric core ensures a greater level of control compared to asymmetric balls and is able to evenly distribute weight for more accurate shots that go where you intend them to 
  • Helps to raise your score average 
  • The vibrant colorways not only look striking but the glossy coating they are protected within help to repel dirt, lower the chances of cracking and ensure that no color is left on the alley lane floor


  • The TZone Bowling Ball may not be a suitable choice for those who are looking for an advanced ball that gives more freedom to try out hook shots due to its low-hooking potential
  • The Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball is sold without any fingers holes pre-drilled into the design, which means that you will have to go to your local bowling store to get them done

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it include predetermined finger holes?

If you’re buying it brand new, no. You’ll have to take it to a bowling shop (sometimes bowling alleys offer the service) where you will be able to get your hands measured correctly and then the holes drilled accordingly.  

Can the TZone Bowling Ball be used on dry lanes?

Yes it can! The TZone Ball performs exceptionally well in dry lane conditions thanks to the combination of polyester coverstock and symmetrical core. Its lightweight design resists the effect of friction and is able to power down the bowling lane with speed and precision. 

Does the TZone Bowling Ball have hooking potential?

No, the TZone has a low hooking potential. This means that it has been specifically designed by Brunswick to travel in a straight line, rather than ‘hooking’ to the left or right. If you’re on the lookout for a ball that offers a higher hooking potential, we suggest looking for a ball made with an asymmetric core, as the TZone Bowling Ball is not made to serve this purpose. 

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Can anyone use the TZone Bowling Ball?

Yes! Players of all levels can use this bowling ball. It’s super versatile and useful, so you’ll quite often find it part of a beginner and expert player’s bowling collection. However, though it is a popular spare ball of more experienced bowlers, the TZone Bowling Ball is suited to a novice player due to its simplicity. It’s not overly advanced, nor does it require experience or bowling know-how to use. Rather, it is designed to focus on one thing: traveling in a straight, powerful trajectory, which is why it has a low hook potential. 

Our Final Verdict:

Brunswick is a well-respected brand in the bowling world, and the Tzone Bowling Ball is a shining example of their craftsmanship!

Sure, it’s not the most advanced ball out there. In fact, just about anyone can get a feel on how to use the Brunswick T-Zone Bowling Ball after just a few bowling sessions, but that’s exactly what has made the TZone a long-standing favorite of bowlers across the world. 

The TZone Bowling Ball is reliable. Just like the way it benefits the beginner’s game and helps them to gain confidence, it also comes in handy to the expert bowler whenever they need to make a shot that is straight, powerful and direct. It’s affordable, can withstand hundreds upon hundreds of games without cracking and handles dry lane conditions better than most. Who wouldn’t want to have the Brunswick TZone Bowling Ball at their disposal? 

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