Best Indoor Shuffleboard Tables 2023: Our Ultimate Review With Buying Guide

You might want to add such a game to your playroom that not everyone knows of or plays. Really want a bit of classy exclusivity when it comes to your game room or home, don’t you? Keep reading our best shuffleboard tables reviews. 

The shape and size of your room might not allow you to have other game tables like a pool or air hockey. In fact, it might ask something narrower and longer in shape like a shuffleboard table. Whatever the reason might be, a shuffleboard table is a great addition to any house, game room, office or pub.

Apparently, it is not the most common or famous of the table games but it is as fun just a bit more expensive than others. You can play it with anyone and people of any age can play it as long as the height of the table allows them to move the pucks comfortably.

As it is a table and a game, there are a number of things you have to check and consider when you buy one. In fact, buying the best shuffleboard table that matches all your requirements perfectly is a challenge itself. Therefore, we have made this buying guide to make the things of consideration clear and easier to understand for the beginners looking for a suitable shuffleboard table. Apart from that, the reviews of the best available tables will also help you track your soul shuffleboard table sooner.

Playcraft Telluride Shuffleboard Table

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Playcraft Telluride Shuffleboard Table

  • A well-built smooth playable tabletop surface
  • Classy and traditional looking
  • Durable, strong and sturdy construction

Our 10 Best Shuffleboard Tables Reviews

We have selected top 10 shuffleboard tables to review for this article. Let's get started. 


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Playcraft Telluride Shuffleboard Table With Electronic Scorer

Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

Blue Wave Shuffleboard

Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard

Fairview Game Rooms 12 Foot Shuffleboard

Playcraft Telluride Shuffleboard Table with Electronic Scorer

What is the most important thing to consider when you are playing shuffleboard? It is definitely the surface you will be playing on. 

Fortunately, the Playcraft Telluride provides you with more or less the best surface you can ask for. Firstly, it is made from maple wood giving you the sturdy tabletop you need to have an abuse-handling warrior. Furthermore, it has a great quality furniture rich finish which definitely makes the surface easier to glide on for the pucks. In fact, it will definitely increase the durability of the table despite the fact that it is not polymer that coats it since the wood is quite solid nonetheless. As for the looks, if you are buying online, the color of the pictures might seem misleading as the color of the table you will be receiving will be different but will definitely be better. However, it is better to have the correct picture of what you will actually be buying.

The table itself with its hardwood frame and legs is super solid and sturdy. Apparently, you can be sure that this level of the quality build will definitely serve you for years. The leg levelers are very convenient to use too. In fact, you will not find assembling this table a very easy task. Firstly, you have the weight to consider. Even two people might not be enough for lifting this table, you may need four. Apart from that, there are many parts and you will need to use your brain really hard to figure out what goes whereas the instructions that come with it are not very helpful.

The other features of this table are quite convenient to use. Firstly there is the climate adjuster that does a pretty good job. Then, while the scorer works quite well, it weighs a lot too. As a result of which, you will need to attach it really strongly to the table and the same goes for the climate adjuster. You might need to dig deeper drills to keep them well attached. Apart from that, the package includes everything you will need to play the game. However, the powder included with it is not the most suitable for it so you should buy another one preferably rated two.

Overall, the Playcraft Telluride table is a high-end table that provides what you need most-playability. But, it also comes at the cost of hard and thoughtful assembly and a good price. So, if you want playability at a good cost and are alright with a few little imperfections in the additional features then this a really good table on your list.


  • A well-built smooth playable tabletop surface.
  • Classy and traditional looking.
  • Durable, strong and sturdy construction with the best materials.
  • The strong base that will stand plane on the uneven surface too.
  • Convenient features like climate adjuster and scorer make things easier.
  • Included everything necessary.


  • Very heavy to move.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Difficult to assemble and may require many hands.
  • The scorer is heavy and hard to attach

If you want more or less the best of every feature at a very reasonable price then the Playcraft Georgetown is something you can check-up. The first thing that I will mention is that its’ looks and playability will leave people wondering about how expensive this table must have been. And, they will surely be surprised when they hear the price as it will be really much lower than what they expect it to be. So, you will get great value by buying this table.

The hardwood veneer cabinet build will obviously satisfy you with its solid and sturdy build. In fact, you can play really hard on this table and you won’t have to worry much about its durability. Furthermore, a ten layer of polyurethane finish should keep you more relaxed about the quality and durability of the surface as well. However, although the materials used in the build is noticeably the best, the manufacturing quality might not be. Because a few customers noticed dents on the surface and some saw defects on the laminated top as well. Therefore, you cannot be too sure about the quality or durability and keep the table unattended in the hands of children. Apparently, you will have to be a bit careful about how you use it and not be too rough.

The legs and the rails are hardwood as well and will hold the table together really well. You will enjoy a sturdy game during which the table does not move or tilt even a bit despite the pressure you put on it. Apparently, you can even lean on it because the table is so heavy, such small pressure will never be able to move it. Moreover, the six-leg levelers are very useful as they let you set this table easily on the uneven surface.

The weight of the table is both an advantage and a disadvantage in this case. Apparently, the weight is so much that you will need around four to six people to carry this table to its destination. Furthermore, the assembly is a tough task for the same reason as well. But, yes, the assembly could be easier with better instructions.

As added features, you get the climate adjuster and the traditional scorer. Luckily, there were no complaints regarding any of these two as they seem to be of good quality and are placed well too. However, the included game pucks may not be in the right proportion of two colors.

In conclusion, this table is not at all perfect and has some quality and manufacturing issues but it is the best when you consider the price.


  • Best overall for the price.
  • Provides a good playable surface.
  • A very sturdy and strong build that is durable.
  • Can be placed on the uneven surface easily.
  • All convenient features are very efficient.


  • The laminate surface may not be flawless.
  • The table gets scratched easily.
  • Very difficult to assemble.
  • Extremely heavy for easy portability.

This is yet another shuffleboard that you get at a price that you do not expect! The Blue Wave Shuffleboard is like other low-cost products that sometimes satisfy the customers a lot and at other times disappoint them manifold with one of their lackings. Now, for the price, you might not mind what this shuffleboard lacks at all. If you are not a very serious player and only play he game for fun but do not have much to spend for the table then you can compromise some of the required quality to buy this shuffleboard at its price.

Remember what the most important part of shuffleboard is? The surface! And, the surface that this shuffleboard is certainly not of the best quality but it does offer great playability. Apparently, you do not expect such playability from such a price. The laminated tabletop may have some dents though as one customer specifically complained about that. But, the vast majority were super happy with the tabletop so what I would ask you to do is to check carefully when you receive it and contact the supplier immediately if you notice anything fishy.

Now, what you will not like are the materials used in the leg and many other parts. Apparently, the wood used is cheap (just what you would expect from a product priced at the point). However, although that does affect the durability of the table unless you play really carefully on it, it does not affect the playability much. This is because the table is really heavy and it won’t tilt or anything when you are playing aggressively on it.

Similar to the other tables we reviewed, this table despite being only 12 feet weighs really heavy and it will require two to four people to carry it to the place where you want to keep it. However, after you are done with that, the assembly process is quite easy.

The table includes the pucks you need to play with and also the powder. However, the powder makes the table surface way too fast for its length therefore, it’s better if you buy a powder with a rating of 7.

Overall, the table has a number of shortcomings in case of quality and materials used but it provides great playability at an affordable price.


  • The surface offers great playability.
  • A very affordable price for shuffleboard.
  • Great for amateurs who just play for fun.
  • A very stable table.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Appealing looks.
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  • The materials used are cheap.
  • There might be dents on the surface.
  • Very heavy.

Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard 

Looking for a table that will be able to handle all the aggressive games you and your partners want to play on it? Then, the Hataway Challenger is the shuffleboard table that let you play your devils out. Firstly, it is somewhat reasonably priced and you will definitely enjoy the high-quality materials used in its build and how durable they make the table. Firstly, you have the solid hardwood constructing the tabletop to provide you a solid ground to land the pucks on. You won’t have to worry about damaging the surface by dropping a puck because it is not that easy to damage. Furthermore, the surface offers great playability with its laminated glossy finish. In fact, you get the option to choose from three kinds of finishes. However, whatever finish you are choosing, you will surely enjoy high playability from the surface. But, a customer did complain about the finish being too easy to peel off.

The legs are strong and sturdy and of a good shape to keep the whole table in place and stable. However, the whole table is really heavy like any other shuffleboard table and will require four people to be easily moved from one place to another. The Challenger is kind of easy to assemble when you figure out some of the tricks so you don’t have to worry about the assembly process that much. Apart from that, you might not like the rail rubber as there were a few complaints that the railing rubbers are not glued on properly. Therefore, you may have to personally glue them on for better durability.

The table deals with weather changes and humidity well with the climate adjuster it has on it. While the adjuster itself performs really well, it is a bit inconvenient to install. Apparently, although the table has a climate adjuster, the designers probably forgot to include drilled holes for it.  So, you will have to take on the delicate task of drilling holes for installing the adjuster. Once you do that you will enjoy a weatherproof wood surface.

Overall, the Challenger is a great table for purchase without a few defective issues that mainly occurs from manufacturing errors. You do not really expect such errors from such a price but then again, you might be lucky enough to not receive such affected products. Even if you do, the 180-day warranty to have your back. So, this is a great table for people looking for some tough fun.


  • High-quality materials used in the build.
  • Quite durable.
  • A good playable surface.
  • Sturdy hardwood builds with a nice finish.
  • Strong legs with leg levelers make it easy for the table to stand stable on uneven ground.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Includes warranty and everything necessary to play and maintain the table.


  • No pre-drilled holes for climate adjuster.
  • The adjuster might be a bit difficult to use.
  • There may be some dents or warps on the surface.
  • The railing rubber is not properly glued.

Before we get on to the part where we talk about how this shuffleboard table will actually serve you and each of its parts, let us talk about something different. Apparently, this is one table that has stood out from all the others in case of customer service. You won’t be kept in the dark about anything you might face from the very moment you order this table. In fact, each of the customers who bought this table sang high praises of the people who delivered and contacted them throughout the process. As a matter of fact, the customer service even warns and advises the customers of the difficulties they might face and suggests how they should be ready.

Now, when you finally receive the product through the amazing service, you will notice that the table like any other shuffleboard table is really heavy. Therefore, you will need helping hands to get the task of placing it done. Then, the assembly is not a piece of cake but it will not be difficult thanks to all the instructions and advice you will receive from the people who deliver it.

As for the build, it is everything you expect a high-quality shuffleboard to be even at this price point. Firstly, being made of maple veneer it provides you with a sturdy and strong surface to play on. Furthermore, the polymer coating also makes it durable and the surface more playable. You will really enjoy the speed and feel you get when you play with the included pucks. However, the ones that were included with the table might not provide the best results so you can add some other powder that suits the surface.

While the legs themselves are sturdy and strong enough to hold the table stable, there is one more feature that I, particularly, find amazing. Apparently, one of the legs comes with a hidden chamber for the puck and other accessories. The chamber of secrets only gets as real as this when it comes to tables! So, you see the table has a brilliant design and it does not fall back in case of looks either. In fact, a few customers commented that when they play on it, it acts like the shuffleboard it is and when they don’t, it is like a showpiece.

Lastly, you do not have to break the bank for it either!


  • Excellent customer service.
  • High-quality materials used in the build.
  • Package and delivery are flawless.
  • It provides a strong, sturdy and playable surface for the matches.
  • Legs have a hidden chamber for storage.
  • Adorns the room.
  • Durable in every way.
  • Simple to assemble.


  • Very heavy so will require a number of people for moving it.
  • Might require different wax to provide better speed.

If you are looking for affordable 14-feet shuffleboard then this is one you can check out. First of all, this has a decent quality build although not the best. However, you will definitely enjoy playing on it thanks to the nice playable surface of it. The shuffleboard is heavy like any other shuffleboard but you will actually require four to six people to help you get it inside your house or for other movements. When you are done with that, there will be another frustrating and time-consuming task waiting for you. Apparently, with pictures as instructions and no clear directions to assemble, this table will roast your brain while you try to figure out which of the many screws go where. So, yes, the assembly is really difficult and many people even avoid buying this spending a few extra bucks just to get something that is easier to assemble.

When you are done with the assembly, you will see that the table does have a somewhat sturdy and durable build but not the most satisfying. The surface is made of solid hardwood in butcher block bed style. This actually provides you with great service and a good surface to play on. Apart from that, the ten layer coating on it is of lacquer which you already know does not make the surface most durable. However, it does provide a good surface for the pucks to glide on.

After that, you will see that the cradle under the tabletop is made of hardwood too and it is quite strong and capable of holding the weight of the table. So, you do not have any fear about the legs giving away and the table falling. You might find that the table is a bit wobbly. But, this is quite easy to solve and all you have to do is just put some additional support underneath the table. Although you do not expect to make such adjustments at such a price point.

The table features a traditional scorer. Plus, the walls and the gutter are carpeted so even if you hit the puck against the wall, it will prevent any major damage.

Therefore, the Coventry 14-feet shuffleboard is by no means the best one available out there. However, with just a few fixable shortcomings, it comes at a good price and is durable enough for amateur players looking for fun.


  • Affordable 14-feet shuffleboard.
  • The table surface offers good playability.
  • The table cradle or the base is quite sturdy and strong.
  • A great option for amateur players looking for fun.
  • Quite durable.
  • Decent-quality material used for building it.


  • Very heavy to move.
  • Assembly instructions are insufficient and unclear making the process very difficult.
  • Legs can get wobbly but are easy to fix.
  • Not the most durable.
  • The material used is not the best.

You might be super interested in playing shuffleboard at your home but your home just does not have enough space to house the standard size of it. Since shuffleboards are quite hard to find as many do not play it, smaller size of it is even harder to find. However, among the few small-sized shuffleboards available, the Ricochet Bounce-back shuffleboard is one of the best. First of all, its 7-feet compact body will fit into the narrow spaces of your house effortlessly and look good nevertheless. The whole table has a compact and organized vibe about it which will just not make the room feel empty or too crowded no matter how small it is.

You might be thinking that the smaller table will provide you with less playability and fun too. But, you are wrong there. Apparently, you will enjoy as much as you will enjoy with a longer and broader table. In fact, the surface of this table is amazing using just the right materials in its build (Hint: solid maple). Furthermore, it has a polyester finish on it which definitely makes it stronger against abrasion and other kinds of damages form the pucks. The combination of the build material and the coating actually makes this surface provide you with accuracy when you hit and also provides the pucks a good speed. Therefore, this table not only fits perfectly but lets you have full fun in a smaller area as well.

The cabinet is made from high-quality MDF material and is strong enough to take on the pressure you put on it. Moreover, you can also keep your room free from smaller shuffleboard materials on display making it look messy by just putting them in the chambers inside the cabinet. Yes, the table is so compact and well designed that it does not let any of its accessories run wild either. So, this feature is my personal favorite as it is quite consistent with the main purpose of this table.

Now, you get all that you need to be included in the package with the table starting from pucks to wax. Furthermore, you also have an abacus scorer with the table so you do not have to struggle to keep score. You will receive no complaints about anyone getting disturbed when you are playing because this table reduces game noise with its padded walls and gutters.

So, you see, this table has maintained its compact nature in every way possible including being noise-free. Therefore, if space is a concern and you want to enjoy the best game in the least space available, this table is a great choice.

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  • Very compact shuffleboard fitting anywhere and looking good.
  • An excellent playing surface that offers accuracy and speed.
  • Quite durable with the build materials.
  • The storage cabinet keeps smaller accessories out of view.
  • Very sturdy and strong.
  • Does not make much noise.


  • Larger people may find the table too small to be comfortable playing on it.

The Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard table is not really the best and flawless shuffleboard of a good length out there. But, for what you pay for it, you can say that this table provides a very good value to you. First of all, it has a good quality build and looks great with it as well. The finish is flawless and you will love the finish alongside the maple accents and hardwood applique detailing on the cradle. In fact, the cradle and the legs are not just strong and tough but also detailed enough to look really good. Apparently, the lower cradle design is quite unique from others and has legs with horseshoe design underneath it. Therefore, if you looking for shuffleboard that will stand out among all the traditional ones and earn praises then this is a good one.

Now, the playing surface is great too or else this table would not have earned so much name as a shuffleboard table. You will enjoy a good speed and playability on it. Although the package includes the pucks, you might enjoy playing with different pucks more. Furthermore, the wax included with the table does not seem to be very suitable for it either so you can consider buying a 1 rated powder alongside silicone spray for better performance.

Like all the other shuffleboards we reviewed, you can expect the same struggle when moving this shuffleboard to where you want to place it. The 16-feet table will be best transported by four strong men to avoid any damage or injury on both the able and carrier’s part. You definitely do not want to break a bone just to carry the shuffleboard, who will play then? After that, although the assembly is not that hard, the absence of pre-drilled holes does piss a lot of people off. Furthermore. The line up is not always straightforward. Apart from all that, the table includes climate adjusters and they are quite easy to attach and use.

Once you set it up, you will realize that the table does have a sturdy and stable base but it also needs to be stabilized. After that, all you will have to do is enjoy the matches you play and improve with each game.


  • A very detailed and appealing look overall.
  • The unique cradle design makes it stand out from other traditional shuffleboards.
  • The playing surface has a quality build and helps playability.
  • Good quality and suitable materials used in building it.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Affordable price point.


  • No pre-drilled holes.
  • Very heavy to move.
  • Needs stabilizing.
  • Accessories work better if replaced.

If you are just a beginner and want to just learn and enjoy casual play then you do not need something very expensive but something very basic. And, the Atomic Platinum shuffleboard is the perfect table for your skill level. Firstly, it does not cost much compared to the other tables we reviewed but then again it just provides the basic things really well and excludes any extra feature a high-level player would have paid extra for.

The table is 9 feet in length and you can guess from it that it is just a moderate length for a player who is buying the table just for the sake of having it there when they want to have fun. Now, the table surface has a nice poly coating which makes the surface quite resistant to damage by the pucks. As a beginner, you and others will often mishandle the pucks and the pucks will fall in such a way that the surface may get damaged. The finish and the material used on the surface will take good care of that.

Apart from that, the whole table stays quite stable and tough during matches as well. This is because of the pedestal legs that do not wobble and hold the table surface really well. Furthermore, an uneven surface will not be a problem either thanks to the leg levelers.

You get an abacus scorer with the table to make keeping track of scorer easier for you. Apart from that, the included pucks are not the best and you will be better off buying better pucks. Moreover, the table surface itself is quite small and fast, and the inclusion of a fast wax does not really help it. Therefore, the pucks will fly off too easily when you use the included powder. So, buy a slow powder for the table.

Although the main parts of the table are built well and provide a great service, it features a few cheap parts that tend to come off too. For example, the glued parts on the wall come out loose after a few months of usage. You can fix it by gluing it again but such maintenance is not something every one of you will like.

Overall, this is a beginner level shuffleboard available at a beginner level price which offers a good-enough quality but which is neither the best nor the most durable. But, it is still a good choice for the price and level.


  • A great affordable option for beginners.
  • Provides the basic features really well.
  • Smooth, damage-resistant and fast surface for the game.
  • Stable and strong table cradle.
  • More or less easy to assemble with clear instructions.


  • The pucks and powder included are better if replaced.
  • There are many cheap quality parts in the table.
  • Damage during shipping occurs quite often.

Playcraft Woodbridge: Best Shuffleboard Table For The Money

The number of times Playcraft shuffleboards made it to our list should give you an idea about the quality and finesse of the tables they make. And, the Woodbridge is another shuffleboard by them that does not disappoint. Apparently, it will offer you the best value for the money! It is one of the best entry-level shuffleboard tables out there. If you want to start this game and play it seriously to develop your skills then this table will definitely help you grow through the process.

First of all, you will need help to move this table as it is quite heavy. The instructions for assembling it are super clear and you will be able to assemble it easily despite your noob level. However, leveling the table might pose to be a challenge as the instructions for it are not clear and the task is kind of hard itself.

Once you are done assembling and setting it, you will find that the table surface is a great one to play on. It is fast and smooth except that a few tables come with small bubble-like bumps that do not really affect gameplay but might stop the pucks at times. So, check for these and contact customer service if you find any such bumps. Apart from that, the multi-layer coating of satin poly-urethane makes the surface playable, smooth, fast and also durable. The hardwood build is quite sturdy and useful as well and will not disappoint in giving you are a strong and sturdy table to play on.

You will not have to worry about damage made by amateur handling of the pucks much as well because the interior walls and gutter are carpeted to reduce both damage and noise.

Although many customers loved the quality of this table despite the low price, a few others had different things to say about it. A few customers apparently received a table with parts that did not work. Furthermore, a number of customers also received tables that had the finish coming off and parts warping too. Therefore, although the price is not that much, the quality is not the best either. Not all the products have a consistent quality and which kind you receive depends a lot on situational factors.


  • A great entry-level shuffleboard at an affordable price.
  • Good size with a moderate quality build.
  • The playing surface is fast and durable.
  • The legs support the table very sturdily and also deal with uneven surfaces easily.
  • Mishandling the pucks will not damage the walls or surface easily.
  • Quite easy to assemble.


  • Leveling the legs won’t be easy.
  • Not all the tables arrive with the same quality or durability.
  • Cheap parts come off.

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Our Shuffleboard Table Buying Guide

It’s not just the table you are buying but you are buying a game that should entertain you for years. Therefore, consider each of the following to have satisfying and smooth rounds of games for as long as you want to play.

Consider the size of the room

When you are buying a shuffleboard table, the size of the room matters more than the size of the table. Apparently, the shuffleboard table is narrow and long. Therefore, the room should have enough space to support the long shape and also have at least two feet space around the table for the players to move around freely. You do not just want to shove in the table and keep it idle in a room. If you want players to play on it, make sure there is enough space for them. You can buy shorter tables for smaller rooms to provide comfortable space for the players.

Shuffleboard Table Dimensions

Depending on the room you are keeping the table in, you can choose shuffleboards with lengths ranging from 9 feet to 22 feet. Apparently, the shuffleboard table’s width is normally between 16 to 20 inches. The nine feet length is definitely the smallest which is suitable for smaller rooms of a home and the twenty-two-feet ones are for bigger places like the pub or other public places.

Apparently, the length of the table plays an important role in determining how fast or how much control you should have over the pucks. Apart from that, many may find it more fun and challenging to play on longer shuffleboard tables. Consider each of these aspects that matter to choose the size and consider a space that has 2 feet in excess of the area of the table in all sides.

The Type of Shuffleboard Table you are Looking for

You can play shuffleboard indoors regardless of what weather exists outside. Again, you can play the game outdoors amid nature with many different people. What mainly determines where you play is the type of shuffleboard you are buying. There are actually three kinds of shuffleboard games:

  1. Floor shuffleboard: If you are playing indoors on the floor, then you are definitely not looking for a table with legs. It is played on the floor and thus it gets its name.
  2. Deck Shuffleboard: This is another one that can be played both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Table Shuffleboards: Now, this is the one we are looking in-depth into. The ones that look like a table and require you to keep standing while playing.

So, figure out if it is actually the table shuffleboards you are looking for.

The Material and Thickness of the Playing Surface

This is actually the most important consideration for shuffleboard tables among many others. It is, in fact, the surface that you will play with the pucks on. Therefore, the quality, durability and playability, all of them come into consideration when you are choosing the playing surface. Firstly, the thickness is quite standard and the table is three inches thick with its laminated top if there is any.

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Secondly, what you have to keep in mind is how durable and capable the table is in handling abuse. Because you and other players will not always handle the surface with the same delicacy or strength. The pucks may fall and some players might be very aggressive. If the pucks harm the surface then the playability of the surface will decrease over time robbing a smooth game from you slowly.

Therefore, the first choice for the tabletop should be hardwood, preferably North American maple wood. However, any other durable and quality wood will do. Apparently, nowadays softwoods do a good job when it makes the table with a suitable long-lasting finish.

The Finish the table Should have

The table should definitely have a good finish to provide you with a smooth and durable surface to play on. Your first option should be to have a polymer finish on your table. This is because it rules out the air bubbles when it is poured. Thus, the table or the pucks themselves won’t be damaged because of the friction. Apparently, the polymer finishes can make your table last for over half a century even if it is made of softwood.

You also have other options like shellacs, lacquers, etc but the polymer is hands down the best and most durable finish on a shuffleboard table. However, you should also check the thickness of the finishes as often a very thin layer is applied which creates the need for more frequent re-coating.

The Legs that Hold up the Table

Now, a very sturdy, durable and playable tabletop will be useless if it falls and breaks when you play on it because the legs were too weak, won’t it? Therefore, you should check that there is an ample number of legs to support the overall weight including the pressure aggressive players will put on the table. Apparently, tables measuring 9 to  18 feet usually have two legs underneath to support them while the 20-22 feet ones have four. However, you may also find a center leg for added support and a scoring unit. Whatever the number of legs is, it should have a stable design to keep the table stable. Furthermore, the material should be something really strong like hardwood and also something that is durable and won’t react much to the weather.

Climate Adjusters

The biggest problem with wood being used in the construction is that wood reacts to moisture and a few other climatic conditions. In fact, it expands or shrinks according to weather and this will definitely impact the uniformity or smoothness of the surface you are playing on.

Therefore, many shuffleboard tables have an additional part in them called climate adjusters. This helps you to deal with the changes on the wood due to the climate. Apparently, you can adjust how concave or convex the surface of the table is with this climate adjuster. So, when you buy a table with a climate adjuster, make sure that it is easy to work with, won’t fall apart when you use it and will last for as long as the table lasts.

Scoring Unit

You have the option to have a scoring unit that is handled manually or if you are unwilling to be distracted while playing, a digital scoring unit. Now, what you have to consider in this case is the type of scoring the unit does. While some scoring units have 1, 2 and 3 lines, others have a bonus 5 square. Moreover, you can also choose one that uses a triangular grid. Lastly, there are the ones that automatically count the score for you- the digital counters.

Apart from the type of scoring they do, you have to also consider their placement and design. The scoring unit should not cause any trouble when you play. Moreover, it should be attached conveniently and should be easy to understand and use.

Lighting system

This is definitely an optional feature that many shuffleboard tables have. Apparently. The corners or other parts may have inbuilt LED lights in them to provide you a more festive platform. It just helps the overall looks and to bring the fell of the game in it. The colors might even change and blink when someone scores or wins. If you do go for such a feature, choose a light that’s soothing to the eyes and that works.

The Pucks

The pucks will more or less be included with the table as a set. Now, you do not want pucks that just break once you hit it hard. Pucks will hit other pucks as they are meant to do so. Therefore, the build and material in the build should be such that will help them stay strong while they do what they are meant to do.

Apparently, the best pucks are those with plastic topped caps and are made of heavy chrome-plated steel. Furthermore, the weight of the puck should be such that it provides a good balance alongside speed.

The Shuffleboard Powder or Wax

Well, this is something that might be included with the table for the maintenance of playability. If not, you will need to buy it separately. Apparently, you have to apply this powder on the surface of the table so that the pucks can glide over the rough wood surface easily and smoothly. The smoother the surface, the faster the puck will move. The less smooth the surface, the more control you will have.

Now, there are various ratings of these powders that you will need to consider and we will explain it briefly. You will usually find powders with ratings from 1 to 7. Now, the number 1 rating means that the powder will make the surface extremely smooth. So, you will get the faster puck speed when you use it. As the number increases, the speed of the surface will keep decreasing.

Now, you might think that faster and smoother the surface the better. Apparently, that’s not how you choose the right powder for the table. A powder that it too fast for a table will make the puck fly off the table. For example, you cannot use a powder with a number 1 rating on a table with a length of 9 feet. Because this length is too small for the puck to go so fast. You need more control in this case, thus a lower-rated powder will do a better job. Apparently, the lower rated powders will cut down on your speed. However, they will increase the control you have over the direction of the pucks. And, having control is more crucial when you are playing on smaller tables.

The Price

The bad news is that shuffleboard tables usually cost more than any other table games like pool, air hockey, etc. Apparently, the reason is that they are harder to find and use stronger materials. However, the good news is that the greater rice is worth it. A good shuffleboard table will, in fact, last for decades serving generations of your friends and family. You should never settle for the cheapest shuffleboard tables as they will only increase the overall cost. The mid-range ones will do good for casual and professional practice purposes. While the most expensive ones will be able to stand the abuse of usage by hundreds of players in public places.


You should definitely look for a table that offers a good warranty for defected parts, workmanship, playfield, or cradle. Sometimes even the best brands send tables that do not have conformance quality. Therefore, a warranty will definitely back you up in such cases. Usually, brands offer a warranty of one to two years depending on the table you are buying.

Benefits of buying a Shuffleboard Table

Each and every sport has its benefits and a shuffleboard table will provide you with many asking very less in return. So, what you get from it are:

  • An easy escape from stress: You do not have to work your brain too hard to play shuffleboard. Apparently, you just have to casually act on the go keeping your movements fluid. Therefore, it reduces the pressure on your brain and makes you move and do things swiftly.
  • A mental and physical exercise: Shuffleboard does not just make you move your hands in a coordinated way but provides a mild exercise to your brain. In fact, it provides the kind of exercise you need to make your brain attentive. Apparently, it makes you active before doing something that requires a lot of work and concentration.
  • A great and easy way to build bonds: You might not know a lot about your colleagues but this game will definitely bring you guys together. When you are both drowning in the ocean of work and need a break, this will be your escape. Bad and challenging times make great friends. Therefore, in this game, you challenge each other during bad times. What better way to form great bonds?

If you would like to improve your shuffleboard game, be sure to see our guide to shuffleboard terminology and our how to play shuffleboard guide - both of these will help you learn more about the game so you can enjoy it more and improve your skills.

Shuffleboard Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone play this game?

Answer: Anyone of any age can actually play this game as long as they themselves do not face any problem while playing it. For example, children might not be able to play comfortably on a larger table. However, they can do so on a smaller table. So, a suitable table will make it possible for them to play. Apart from that, it does not require a lot of physical hard work. Therefore, it is a great game for senior people to play too. It seems it actually helps to keep the heart in good shape.

What are the restrictions during playing?

Answer: There is mainly one great restriction and that is the players are not allowed to touch the pucks at any time of the game other than the time they are on their turn to make a shot. You cannot even touch a puck in the gutter during the game. Apart from that, you should move very carefully around the table Also, make sure that nothing you do will knock it over.

Final Words

Shuffleboard is an old and rare game that is not played by many. But, still played by a significant number of people. Any game equipment has crucial parts in it. And, these parts determine the quality of the game that it will provide to the players. In fact, the shuffleboard tables are capable of improving the skills of players making them play better and also capable of ruining skills and making people play worse.

Therefore, the quality, design, and compatibility matter a lot when choosing shuffleboard. In order to find the best shuffleboard table for yourself, you have to consider each of these and be a careful buyer to become a better player.

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