How to Spin a Bowling Ball in order to Hook

How to Spin a Bowling Ball

Bowling may look easy when someone else is playing but when you’re doing it yourself you’ll notice that there are a lot more things to do than just throwing the ball. Hook refers to the curving of the ball on the lane. Well, even though you might have a hard time doing it at first … Read more

Different Types of Bowling Balls

Different types of bowling balls

Bowling is a game with many fans, but you can’t bowl without a decent bowling ball.When you walk into a bowling arena for the very first time you see lots of very similar looking balls, that to look at, may seem to only differ in their color.  And then, when you try to pick them … Read more

Best Urethane Bowling Ball

Best Urethane Bowling Ball

During the 1970’s, urethane bowling balls launched themselves onto the bowling scene, with bowlers preferring their increased resistance on the lanes, giving them that much-needed hook to demolish those pins.However, since their 70’s heyday, the popularity of urethane coverstocks has dwindled, outmatched in ferocity and accuracy by the advanced reactive resin coverstocks that now dominate … Read more

What are Bowling Balls Made of


At some point, anyone who’s been bowling may be sitting aside and waiting for their turn, and while doing so a thought pops into their head: what exactly is a bowling ball made of?These tools for victory may seem simple on the outside, but they are actually quite a bit more complex than you may … Read more

How to Clean and Take Care of a Bowling Ball

How to clean bowling ball

The satisfaction you get from knocking all the target pins down with your ball is unparallel. That instant sense of pride and delight makes you look around to see if your friends or others there have noticed your big victory. Likewise, just one good bowling game can remove all your miseries for a day or … Read more

How to Hold a Bowling ball

How to Hold a Bowling Ball

Learning how to properly hold a bowling ball can be a small change that can really help you to get more strikes under your belt. The thing is though, if you’ve never been properly shown how to hold a bowling ball, the chances are that you’ve taught yourself.While this is not necessarily a bad thing, … Read more

The A-Z of Bowling Lingo and Terminology

Bowling Terminology

Bowling, or ten-pin bowling as it is often referred to, is a highly competitive and popular sport. A game of bowling consists of ten frames, also called turns. As part of each frame, every bowler gets two chances to have a go at the pins and knock them over. The turn is passed on to … Read more

Bowling Lane Dimensions

Bowling Lane Dimensions

While bowling can be a great casual activity, if you want to master your local bowling alley it may be in your best interest to learn about the playing field, or lane, in this case. The pros in other games and sports learn the space in which they’re operating to better their performance so, whether … Read more

5 Most Expensive Bowling Balls

Most Expensive Bowling Balls

Scoring strikes is one thing, but how about waltzing into the bowling alley and scoring some kudos points with one or two of the most expensive bowling balls in the country!  You’ll be sure to turn some heads.And you’re in luck.  We’ve identified the 5 most expensive bowling balls that are available in the US … Read more

Bowling Ball Weight Guide

Bowling Ball Weight Guide

IntroductionAre you in the market for a new bowling ball? Are you an utter bowling newbie worried about dislocating their shoulder with a ball that’s far too heavy? Or are you a pro bowler looking to upgrade to a pin-smashing buster ball?Well, it’s always tempting to buy a heavy bowling ball because someone in the … Read more

Bowling Ball Costs

Bowling Ball Costs

So, you’ve watched the film The Big Lebowski and you’ve picked up the bowling bug. But before shoes and shirt, there’s one important piece of equipment that every bowler needs – a bowling ball.For your average Saturday afternoon or birthday party bowler, you just show up at your local lane and use the balls they … Read more

Best Bowling Ball Cleaner

Best Bowling Ball Cleaner

Bowling ball cleaners don’t tend to be something that we pay a lot of attention to. In fact, you often find that instead of giving their bowling balls a deeper clean, players often give them a quick wipe over before continuing with the game. However, bowling ball cleaners can be influential in your playing performance. … Read more